I pray and you are prayed
We are prayed
We are prayed together
at the Speed of Love

Ancient spiritual traditions have long spoken of the beauty, transformation, and joy that happen when a community comes together to pray.

Modern quantum science can now demonstrate how that energy of love magnifies not only throughout the community that is praying, but also across time and space transforming lives known and unknown.

It really is true: when two or more are gathered, the grace of love is squared.

That’s my formula for prayer: prayer = vibration of Love squared. p = vL²

Prayer Intensives are typically held on 3 consecutive Saturdays from 2:00-4:00 pm Eastern, a time that spans the globe from Hawaii to Europe.

I love and you are loved
in the same moment

I move and you are moved
I can’t tell who moved first

I forgive and you are forgiven
before either of us can take a new breath

I change and you are transformed
you change and I am transformed

I pray and you are prayed
We are prayed
We are prayed together
at the Speed of Love

All gatherings are recorded in video and audio formats and posted on a private password protected resource page along with multiple bonuses, PDF HandBooks, and other gifts.

Members are also invited to a private online discussion group. Click on the program links below for more information on these upcoming intensives.

Live Intensives

Mother Moon Yoga

Mother Moon Yoga is a re-remembering, a re-birthing, a re-aligning with the original mystical essence of yoga. Yoga as we know it in the West has become very masculinized with an emphasis on strength and physical performance. But at its origin, yoga was and is a sacred communion with The Goddess, The Mother.

Yoga at its heart is simply prayer. It is breath. It is gentle organic dance. Original yoga is a hymn your body sings in response to the sacred rhythms of life, of Mother Earth, and of our sweet Mother Moon.

We will do yoga together on the even of the dark moon and full moon through September, October, November, and December.

Investment: $144

Exhale Prayer Intensive

In the dark, short days of December, let’s cross the threshold of 2020 in good company! Together we will re-kindle our connection to the sacred, bless all that has fallen away, restore ourselves with prayer and laughter, and re-invigorate our hearts for a new chapter.

Drawing on ancient teachings to help us move through darkness and fear into the light and courage, we will engage our dreams, our ancestors, and our unconscious to release 2020 and clarify our sacred intentions for 2021.

Sessions: Wednesday, December 16 and 23 from 7-9 pm eastern, 6 central, 5 mountain, 4 pacific, 2 Hawaii, wee hours in Europe, and Thursday morning in the Pacific Rim.

Investment: $72 | $54 | $36

Finding Home Prayer Intensive

In this intensive, we will access the alchemical power of prayer itself to help us create a beautiful and true home—a home where we feel safe and loved. And our guide? We will step into our true nature as our own guides, walking hand-in-hand with The Feminine Divine Herself expressing in and through and as each one of us. It is She who sees the big picture and She who can guide us home.

Together, in sacred soul community, we will explore what home means to each of us and share how we are finding shelter and home in our bodies, our physical places, and our intimate relationship with Mother Divinity Herself.

October 13, 20, 27 from 7:00-9:15pm eastern daylight time.

Investment: $158 | $122 | $86

The Lotus & The Lily 2020 Prayer Intensive

For 10 years, mystic souls around the world have gathered in November to complete and integrate all that happened in the year coming to a close and then, welcome the year ahead by creating a mystical mandala infused with service, love, and joy.

But 2020 has been, and continues to be, a year unlike any other. And so, this year’s Lotus and Lily intensive will be unlike any other, too with new content, practices, and prayers.

Regular sessions: Monday, November 16, 23, 30 and December 7, 14 from 7-9:15 pm Eastern Standard Time
Special Ho‛oponopono session:  Saturday, December 5, 2-4:15 pm Eastern
Mandala Blessing: Sunday, January 10, 2021, 2-4:15 pm Eastern

Investment: $202 | $166 | $121

On-Demand Intensives

When live intensives are complete, recordings are available On Demand. On Demand offerings include:

2020 Intensives

The Radical Path of the Rosary Intensive

way of the rose on demand

Labyrinth: Your Embodied Pathway to Rebirth


THETA—The Radical Path of LOVE


Ho`oponopono: The Radical Path to Wholeness through Radical Forgiveness


2019 Intensives

Deep Soul Writing in the Mystic

on-demand_Deep Soul Writing

The Moon
& Me


The Numbers in You  

The Numbers In You with Emma Kupu Mitchell

Healing Your Three Wombs


Ho`oponopono Forgiveness Intensives

The Goddess Forgives


The Goddess Forgives Me


The Goddess Forgives Us All


The Goddess Forgives;
My Body Heals


Ho`oponopono for Mother Earth


Mary Magdalene Intensives

Praying with and as Mary Magdalene


Mary Magdalene as the Black Madonna

On demand Imags with text


On-Demand Mini-Intensives

The Dark Moon in You


Janet's Book Courses

All my deep soul explorations have been recorded and are available On Demand at a big discount from the original event. You can move through these deep—and they are deep—mystical explorations at your own pace. Click on these program links to learn more about each course and register.


soul vows on demand course

Plug In for Writers - Part 1

2018 PIW PT 1 ICON

Find Your Soul's Purpose

2018 SP ON DEMAND Icon

Dive into Prayer.

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