I pray and you are prayed
We are prayed
We are prayed together
at the Speed of Love

Ancient spiritual traditions have long spoken of the beauty, transformation, and joy that happen when a community comes together to pray.

Modern quantum science can now demonstrate how that energy of love magnifies not only throughout the community that is praying, but also across time and space transforming lives known and unknown.

It really is true: when two or more are gathered, the grace of love is squared.

That’s my formula for prayer: prayer = vibration of Love squared. p = vL²

Prayer Intensives are typically held on 3 consecutive Saturdays from 2:00-4:00 pm Eastern, a time that spans the globe from Hawaii to Europe.

I love and you are loved
in the same moment

I move and you are moved
I can’t tell who moved first

I forgive and you are forgiven
before either of us can take a new breath

I change and you are transformed
you change and I am transformed

I pray and you are prayed
We are prayed
We are prayed together
at the Speed of Love

All gatherings are recorded in video and audio formats and posted on a private password protected resource page along with multiple bonuses, PDF HandBooks, and other gifts.

Members are also invited to a private online discussion group. Click on the program links below for more information on these upcoming intensives.

Live Intensives

Live Prayer Intensives & Experiences

The Lotus and the Lily Prayer Intensive

For 11 years, mystic souls around the world have gathered in mid-November to complete and integrate all that has happened in the year coming to a close. Without fail, we are stunned by how the mandala we made with our hands, the mandala we thought we understood, sings a song all her own, delivering insights, surprises, and synchronicities throughout the year, guiding us gently but firmly into an expansive version of who we’re here to be.

The Lotus and the Lily process is the diametric opposite of the linear patriarchal drumbeat to set goals and work hard to achieve them. The Lotus and the Lily is a spiral, mystical, magical. It is a powerful but also delight-filled vehicle for alchemical transformation.

7 gatherings from Nov. 15-Jan. 9, 2021.

Investment: $221 | $167 | $122

Abracadabra a Winter Solstice Prayer Experience

Join Rabbi Tirzah, Emma Kupu, and me as we come together in the Theatre of the Miraculous to close another paradoxical year that has been filled with wonder and joy and yet, at the same time, so much strife and suffering and death. 

In sacred ceremony, guided meditations, and astrological teachings about how the celestial powers are influencing and guiding us, we will release the fatigue, disappointments, and inertia of 2021, review the past year and harvest its soul lessons, focus our intentions for the gifts of life coming our way, and attune ourselves to the Shechinah's desires for us and the work ahead.

Sunday, December 19 & 26, 2:00-4:00 pm Eastern

Investment: $56

On-Demand Intensives

2021 On-Demand Prayer Intensives

When live intensives are complete, recordings are available On Demand. On Demand offerings include:

The 15 Mysteries of Joan of Arc Prayer Intensive


Through the Lunar Looking Glass

Through the Lunar Looking Glass in Circle

Take Back the Magic, Take Back the Dead


Writing Down Your Soul 2021 Prayer Intensive

WDYS new cover

Hana I Ka Pono Prayer Intensive

Blessing bowl close up with purple border

2020 On-Demand Prayer Intensives

When live intensives are complete, recordings are available On Demand. On Demand offerings include:

Finding Home Prayer Intensive


THETA—The Radical Path of LOVE


Ho`oponopono: The Radical Path to Wholeness through Radical Forgiveness


The Radical Path of the Rosary Intensive

way of the rose on demand

Labyrinth: Your Embodied Pathway to Rebirth


The Radical Path of Shechinah Revealed in the Tree of Life


2019 Intensives

Deep Soul Writing in the Mystic

on-demand_Deep Soul Writing

The Moon
& Me


The Numbers in You  

The Numbers In You with Emma Kupu Mitchell

Healing Your Three Wombs


Ho`oponopono Forgiveness Intensives

The Goddess Forgives


The Goddess Forgives Me


The Goddess Forgives Us All


The Goddess Forgives;
My Body Heals


Ho`oponopono for Mother Earth


Mary Magdalene Intensives

Praying with and as Mary Magdalene


Mary Magdalene as the Black Madonna

On demand Imags with text

On-Demand Mini-Intensives

On-Demand Mini-Intensives

The Dark Moon in You


Janet's Book Courses

On-Demand Book Courses

Brand New Writing Down Your Soul Course Coming Summer 2021!

Dive into Prayer.

Join our global community, learn "How to Become a Prayer," and deepen your prayer practice with Janet's weekly Notes from the Field.