Labyrinth: Your Embodied Pathway to Rebirth


What is the Labyrinth: Your Embodied Pathway to Rebirth prayer intensive?

Every mystical teacher and astrologer has been saying for years that massive change is coming. That time of transformation has arrived, carried on unforeseen winds of pandemic, quarantine, and social upheaval, fed by relentless waves of anxiety and fear. We cannot help but ask ourselves: what can I do—what is mine to do—to help heal my world, my community, my relationships, and myself? Amidst the chaos, it can be hard to hear the still small voice of your soul. But if we could stop, be still, and learn to trust that we are where we need to be, then we could hear Her soft whispers and follow.

The labyrinth teaches us to trust.

In this prayer intensive, Catherine Anderson, who is a multi-talented goddess of play, Veriditas Labyrinth faculty member, SoulCollage® facilitator trainer, and contemplative photographer, will invite us into the mysterious and magical embrace of the labyrinth. But, you might ask, how can we do that in a time of quarantine! Easy. The labyrinth is such a rich, evocative, archetype that it welcomes you into its mystical depths as you “walk” with one of the most sensitive portals of your body—your fingertips.


What is a Labyrinth?

A labyrinth is an ancient pre-patriarchal pattern and three-dimensional archetype that bypasses your logical linear mind and carries you gently and lovingly through the threshold between worlds. It is full-body experiential prayer without words, thoughts, or rules.

A labyrinth is particularly evocative of the Divine Feminine as it contains both a spiral and a circle. There is nothing linear in a labyrinth. The spiral path is a metaphor for the mysteries of life and death that always culminate in rebirth.

As you walk or trace a labyrinth, you are making a pilgrimage to your true inner self. Along the path, you receive whispers of who you are becoming and what you are being called to create. The labyrinth is a perfect Original Prayer—forever ancient, yet always fresh, alive, and pregnant with possibility.

What will you experience?

  1. a brief history of the ancient mysterious labyrinth
  2. discover the labyrinths on your fingertips
  3. how to prepare, enter, and walk a sacred labyrinth as a pilgrimage into your self
  4. how to trace a finger labyrinth as a present moment liminal space practice
  5. explore three different labyrinth patterns (3, 7, and 11 circuit)
  6. how to bless your labyrinth experience with ritual and prayer of the directions
  7. explore the intricate sacred geometry and Divine Feminine womb in the Notre Dame de Chartres labyrinth
  8. learn how to draw and create your own 3-circuit classical collage finger labyrinth
  9. how oracle and SoulCollage® cards and imagery can be used to enhance and integrate your labyrinth experiences
  10. learn circular and spiral deep soul writing on the labyrinth


Who will benefit? This experiential labyrinth prayer intensive is ideal for you if you wish to:

  • learn about the mysterious history and sacred geometric forms of 3 ancient labyrinth patterns
  • experience inner sanctuary using several labyrinth forms
  • discover how labyrinths can help you connect to your own inner intuition and knowing
  • discover how tracing a labyrinth path can help you release tension in your body, let go of anxiety, and come back into your body
  • learn how to work with the imaginal and symbolic realms
  • awaken and amplify your internal remembrance of your calling and purpose in the world
  • explore possibility in the liminal space of the labyrinth


What will you receive?

Three 2 ¼ hour recorded teaching sessions with prayer artist, Janet Conner and multi-talented goddess of play, Catherine Anderson, who is a Veriditas Labyrinth facilitator and faculty member, SoulCollage® facilitator trainer, and contemplative photographer, capped with a 2-hour mystical closing celebration.

Access to a password-protected resource page with recordings of all sessions in both video and audio formats, PDF handbooks filled with images and information on different forms of labyrinths, multiple bonus videos, and a link to purchase The Garden of Reverence anointing oil. (optional).

Bonus videos will include: 4 teaching videos by Catherine Anderson on Walking a Labyrinth, Collage Labyrinth as Meditation, Creating a 3-Circuit Classical Labyrinth from Paper, and Creating a Deck of SoulCollage® Cards; 2 videos with Emma Kupu Mitchell and Janet Conner on the oils in The Garden of Reverence anointing oil, and how to anoint yourself; and a teaching video on how to deep soul write in the mystical theta brainwave state.

Membership in a private Facebook discussion group (optional).



Goddess Guides

janet headshot

Janet Conner

Janet Conner is a prayer artist, deep soul explorer, field guide in The Mystic, and devoted daughter of the Divine Feminine and the ancient memory of Original Prayer. Janet’s first book, Writing Down Your Soul, became a bestseller, opening a path to The Lotus and The Lily, Soul Vows, Find Your Soul’s Purpose and 3 more. When “Prayer Artist” came calling in 2018, Janet found herself writing a whole new genre of prayer, redefining prayer altogether, and leading radical prayer intensives. She is the host of Praying at the Speed of Love, sharing intimate conversations with authors about their prayer lives. To make all this possible, Janet lives a life filled with silence, solitude, and joy in the tiny town of Ozona, Florida on the Gulf of Mexico.


Catherine on her labyrinth (1)

Catherine Anderson

Catherine Anderson uses the labyrinth, expressive arts, and mindfulness as pathways for self-discovery and as ways of uncovering meaning and purpose. Life has taken her from a career as an attorney in South Africa to Charlotte, North Carolina where she owned a photography franchise, then began to lead retreats using SoulCollage®, the labyrinth, photography, and visual journals. She is the author of several books including The Creative Photographer which won a Silver Nautilus Award in the Creative Process category, Meeting Your Soul on the Labyrinth, and Tracing the Labyrinth Path. As Veriditas Faculty, Catherine trains Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitators. In addition to her work in the US, she leads creative pilgrimages around the world.

Have questions? Contact Janet at or 727-772-1118 between 1pm and 5pm Eastern