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What is The Lotus and The Lily to Complete 2022 and Create 2023 prayer intensive?

For 12 years, mystic souls around the world have gathered in mid-November to explore and integrate all that has happened in the year coming to a close. We are always surprised by the meaning and wisdom that reveals itself as we take the time to look back eleven months. Then, as we enter Solstice, we turn our eyes to the future and create a mystic mandala infused with our commitments to live in service, beauty, love, and joy in the year to come.

Without fail, we are stunned by how the mandala we made with our hands, the mandala we thought we understood, sings a song all her own, delivering insights, surprises, and synchronicities throughout the coming year, guiding us gently but firmly into a beautiful and expansive version of who we’re here to be. For years, I have called that version: the life that wants to be lived, in, and through, and as us.

The Lotus and the Lily process is the diametric opposite of the linear patriarchal drumbeat to set goals and work hard to achieve them. The Lotus and the Lily is spiral, mystical, magical. This mysterious process comes to life without any attempts to manage, control, or predict the outcome. It is a powerful and delight-filled vehicle for alchemical transformation.

The Lotus and the Lily is a perfect example of living and sharing as a community in the Theatre of the Miraculous—a concept that was given to me during The Return of the Witches pilgrimage in the summer of 2021.

What will we explore together?

Gathering 1—Look Back at 2022
We will begin by listening deeply to two surprising and parallel teachings of Buddha and Yeshua on the primacy of creating conditions to create a fertile environment that welcomes the life we want to live. Their teachings are radical and rarely acknowledged in the mainstream.

Fed by these radical teachings, we will begin the deep mystical work of looking back at the 11 months of 2022, listening for each month to sing its song as we notice and recognize how each month formed and fed and changed us, often in ways we didn’t recognize at the time. We will write or symbolize those 11-month songs on a medieval 11-circuit labyrinth, and then, in a shared community experience, listen on the labyrinth for 2022 to reveal her song. This experience is always a revelation and a total surprise. This is the moment each of us realizes what the year coming to a close has really been about.

Gathering 2—Look for Patterns in Longer Life Cycles
Having received the gifts and song of 2022, we will expand our view, looking back at larger cycles. You might choose to ponder the events of this strange Covid decade, or you might wish to track your personal 1-9 year cycles, or one of your personal natal return cycles, looking for unfolding patterns and invitations. Our astrological guides, Emma Kupu Mitchell and Marcia Wade will help us identify several cycles we can explore.

Gathering 3—Create Space for 2023
In deep soul writing, 2022 will ask us 9 sacred questions, questions we have never asked ourselves. Then she will invite us to shed the “skin” of all that is too small for us and return it to the earth in a ceremonial and sacred way, cleansing and clearing our bodies to prepare to create the year to come.

Gathering 4—Imagine
Having shed what has constricted us, we will begin to ask ourselves what we really want to create in 2023. We will ask our hearts to reveal our most precious values and the sacred medicines we long to embody, embrace, and share. This is a far deeper and more meaningful exploration than making lists of the surface things we think we want. That’s “law of attraction” level wanting and we are going far far deeper than that. (Read the opening chapters of The Lotus and the Lily book for a deep dive into the radical differences between the law of attraction materialistic spirituality and The Lotus and the Lily which is grounded in the cosmic mysteries of life.)

Gathering 5—Make Your 2023 Mandala
We will explore how to create a Mystical Mandala seeded with our sacred commitments to live our fertile conditions—the conditions that welcome the life that wants to be lived in and through and as us. As we make and name our mandalas, we acknowledge that we are not the one making the mandala, our soul is. The mandala is the physical expression of the principle: you are not praying, you are being prayed. You might think your hands are making the mandala, but in truth, it is making you. A Lotus and Lily mandala is not a vision map that dictates what we want to happen. We’ve all made those and discovered they don’t really work or they invite experiences that in the end, we realize we don’t really want.

You won’t really know what your soul has put into form until next November, when we gather once more to look back at the year ending. That’s when you will discover the mystical meaning of your 2023 mandala. And it is always a surprise.

Gathering 6—Celebrate and Bless our Mandalas
We have no gatherings for several weeks so you have time to celebrate and enjoy the Winter Solstice and holiday season. During this hiatus, you will have plenty of time to revisit your looking back and release experiences, and create your 2023 mandala.

We gather a final time on Sunday, January 8, 2023 to share and bless and celebrate our mandalas. And talk about how to keep them alive all year long with prayer.

Then, we watch in awe as the life that wants to be lived in 2023 emerges in ways more magical than anything we could have planned.

What will you receive?

Six 2 ¼ hour live sessions with prayer artist and mystic witch Janet Conner, and special guests: depth numerologist and elemental astrologer Emma Kupu Mitchell, and cos-mythologist Marcia Wade.

Access to a password-protected resource page with recordings of all sessions in both video and audio formats, plus several bonus videos, and support PDFs

Bonus videos include:

  • Master Class on How to Look Back with Janet Conner
    including: previous mandalas, deep soul writing questions, tracking what happened on solar and lunar calendars, labyrinth, natal chart
  • How to Use a Labyrinth to Look Back with Emma Kupu Mitchell (inspired by labyrinth training with Lauren Artress)
  • Major Celestial Events Ending 2022 and Initiating 2023 with Emma Kupu Mitchell, Marcia Wade, and Janet Conner
  • How to Make a Mystic Mandalawith Janet Conner
  • How to Balance the Universal Vibration of 7 in 2023 with your Personal Year with Emma Kupu Mitchell and Janet Conner
  • Her Garden of Reverence sacred anointing oil and anointing practice with Janet Conner and Emma Kupu Mitchell
  • Seven Steps to Get Into Theta with Janet Conner
  • Theta Music to support your soul writing

Membership in a private Facebook discussion group (optional)

Our Schedule


  • All sessions are recorded and available within 24 hours on our Resource Page
  • To support our friends in Europe, Janet hosts a UK/EU watch party on Wednesdays at 7p UK/8p EU. Everyone is welcome, no matter where you live
  • To ensure everyone can come to our mandala celebration, it is held on Sunday January 8 at 2pm Eastern
  1. Monday November 14, 7:00-9:15 pm Eastern
  2. Monday, November 21, 7:00-9:15 pm Eastern
  3. Monday, November 28, 7:00-9:15 pm Eastern
  4. Monday, December 5, 7:00-9:15 pm Eastern
  5. Monday, December 12, 7:00-9:15 pm Eastern
  6. Sunday, January 8, 2023, 2:00-4:00 pm Eastern—Mandala Blessing and Celebration

7pm eastern = 6p central, 5p mountain, 4p pacific, 2p Hawaii, and Tuesday morning in the Pacific Rim

If you are an international student, use this tool to convert time zones.


If you require financial assistance, Janet invites you to choose the self-selected scholarship option.

If you do not require a scholarship and wish to support this initiative, please consider adding a scholarship to your regular registration.

$ 222     if this is your first intensive in 2022
$ 177     if you have taken 1 or more intensives in 2022
$ 123     self-selected scholarship

Guides in the Theatre of the Miraculous:

Janet Conner

Janet Conner is a prayer artist, mystic witch, producer and director in the Theatre of the Miraculous, and mistress of the threshold between worlds—the mystical theta brain wave state. But first and always, Janet is a devoted daughter of the eternal Sacred Feminine.

Janet’s first book, Writing Down Your Soul, introduced a radically different approach to journaling that drops the writer into the mystical theta brain wave state. Writing Down Your Soul was so successful that it opened a path for The Lotus and The Lily, Soul Vows, and more. 

When her sacred voice whispered Prayer Artist in her left ear in 2018, Janet found herself writing a whole new genre of prayer as love songs, redefining prayer completely, and leading radical prayer intensives with fellow female mystics. In 2020, thanks to an endorsement from Rabbi Tirzah Firestone, Janet was called to acknowledge that she is—and always has been—a mystic witch. So along with redefining prayer, Janet enthusiastically embraced the call to transmute witch from a word that strikes terror, into a title that awakens a bone-deep memory of walking in wonder in a world that is sacred, beautiful, and alive—Her Garden of Reverence.

Following where witch wants her to go, Janet created several intensives to honor the witches, such as The Return of the Witches and The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch. Now she is developing The Witch Sequence, a series of intensives to shed 7 layers of patriarchal lies and awaken, remember, and trust 7 of our sacred sacramental witchly gifts.    

Janet lives and listens where ospreys screech and woodstorks swoop in the tiny town of Ozona, Florida on the Gulf of Mexico.

Emma Kupu Mitchell

Emma Kupu Mitchell has been a practitioner of holistic therapies for over 32 years, including clinical Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Depth Numerology, Elemental Astrology with an emphasis on the Moon, Yoga Nidra, and Sound Healing. Emma uses her extensive knowledge of ancient healing practices to create unique sound- infused sacred anointing oils and tinctures aligning with your natal chart and the “sacred geometry” of YOU.

Emmaʻs passion over the last 5 - 6 years has been with the labyrinth, elemental and shamanic astrology (particularly the lunar/moon wisdom) studying with amazing teachers which has enabled a deeper level of wisdom and understanding of her own life and her work with clients. Emma brings the vibrations and ancient mysteries of the celestial skies down to earth and interweaves these teachings in a unique approach with depth numerology through the lineage of Pythagoras.

Marcia Wade

I haven’t always been an astrologer. What I am is someone who’s been looking at the stars all my life. My first memory is of the star we call “Sun” pouring light through one of those starlight-metabolizers we call trees, and knowing it was love, and very much alive. I have as many memories of stars from childhood as I do of my parents or my siblings. Not until I was almost 30 did I learn there was a language called astrology that decided maps of the stars. That was shortly before I first had the star chart of my birth read to me. On that day I made a vow that I would learn everything I could about these beings who made every atom of my body, and yours, and every quirk and possibility I contain.

That was 40 years ago and I’m still learning. Along the way I’ve studied the myths of many ancient cultures, I’ve made pilgrimages to sacred sites around the world, I’ve looked through dozens and dozens of telescopes, and I’ve read thousands of star charts. As our understanding of what this Cosmos we are part of has exploded into a universe of possibility, so has my understanding of what our stat charts say about us. One of those new discoveries is an edge-dweller named Chaos. The ancient Greeks said she is the primordial mother of all that ever was and ever will be, the fertile possibility of the cosmic creation grounds. In my chart, Chaos is at the Aries Point, where everything begins anew. In the 2nd House of my birth chart, she is my resource, what I most value, and the foundation of my self-worth. And more than anything else, it is she who has shown me how right I was to see the stars as love.

My Chaos:                          Aries 1° 09’ in the 2nd house of resources, values, and self-worth

Aries 2 Chandra:               Old stone steps descending into darkness

gifts: deep student of astrology, cos-mythology, and cosmo-neurologic pathways, all fed by endless wonder at the sacred miracle that is the universe

Have questions? Contact Janet at or 727-772-1118 between 1pm and 5pm Eastern