“There is a mystical fool in me who goes beyond all science.”

~ Carl Jung ~



“Each letter of the Hebrew alphabet – understood Cabbalistically – corresponds to a particular Major Arcanum of the Tarot.

Now, it is the letter Shin which was attributed to the Arcanum ‘The Fool’.

And confidently, it was added that the esoteric name of the Arcanum ‘The Fool’ is AMOR (Love).”

~ Meditations on the Tarot ~



Membership in the Mystical Fools Society is Open to Those Who:


~ have been a member of Your Soul Wants Five Things and want to continue the Sacred Circle of Sophia experience ~
~ have taken at least four of Janet’s courses ~
~ want to engage in meaningful conversation with true friends in a soul-centered community ~
~ want to continue to explore the fields of the soul ~
~ have an active soul writing practice and other practices to access the wisdom within ~
~ want to explore the mystical life at a deeper level ~
~ are open to new, deeper questions ~
As a group, the society will select six deep topics for the year, such as: the gifts and necessity of the shadow, the nature of hope, what does it mean to surrender, paradox, the relationship of humility and promoting yourself, finding and recognizing a true teacher, embracing the divine feminine, having a relationship with sacred texts, finding names and faces of God that nourish, forms of contemplative practice, the sacredness of art, sitting in pain and emptiness, what is devotion, what is real forgiveness, creating silence and solitude, what does it mean to awaken, aging and the cycles of life …
Once the society selects a topic, group members will suggest reading materials and other experiences around that topic, plus tea recommendations!
Several weeks before the meeting, Janet will send an email with the topic and a curated list of reading suggestions from which members can select a few that speak to them.
At the gathering of the Mystical Fools Society, members will create a Sacred Circle, take turns holding the soul crystal and sharing their experiences with the topic as we all sip a tea that enhances the discussion.
After the gathering, an email with highlights of the conversation will be sent along with a link to the recording.


We will meet on the Second Sunday of the month at 1pm Eastern unless indicated otherwise.


January 15

March 12

May 21 (Third Sunday due to Mother’s Day)

July 9

September 10

November 12




~ Topic and reading suggestions prior to each gathering. ~
~ Tea suggestions for the Mystical Fools Society gatherings. ~
~ Recordings of all seven sessions. ~
~ Focused reading lists for each topic. ~
~ Private Facebook discussion. ~
~ Immeasurable benefits of associating with this group of powerful mystical women. ~ 

* Membership in the Mystical Fools Society for 2017 – $333  (Payments Available) *

~ GIFT WITH MEMBERSHIP:  Angels With Margo Series – 7 Recordings ($231.00 Value) ~



Have questions? Contact Janet at or 727-772-1118