Monday’s lunar eclipse and a dance with Chiron and his wife

2024 a year of sacred memory, dreaming dragons, and original prayer

Week 12--in which we realize it's time to ECLIPSE our wounds

Friends, soul writers, mystics, witches, and lovers of prayer,

We are deep in the magic now, aren’t we. And it feels a tad overwhelming and disorienting. Are you sleeping poorly one night and ten hours the next? Are whole new kinds of dreams surfacing in the night? Do you find yourself forgetting what you’re doing until you stop for a moment and blink and think. Is something shifting and changing but you’re not sure what?

That’s our moment right now. And it’s just perfect.

The moment began with the Equinox that I wrote about last Sunday. It continues tomorrow with the first of a pair of massive eclipses. Monday is a penumbral lunar eclipse on a Full Moon. That means a partial shadow over a Full Moon. And two weeks later, on April 8, we will experience a very rare Total Solar Eclipse on the first day of a new astrological year.

Without exception, astrologers are talking about a total shift. A complete transformation. And it begins tomorrow with the lunar eclipse.

Tomorrow’s lunar eclipse is on the South Node. The South Node is the past. The way past. In your individual natal chart, it’s the past you carried into this lifetime to complete, to heal, to release, to let go, so you can live into your destiny, your North Node.

Some language for that is that your South Node is your karma, the North your darma. But this is not an individual eclipse, it’s a universal experience. So…what does that mean?

Does it mean that we have the opportunity to look at the past and decide once and for all to heal it, to let go of the beliefs that have led us to a world of war, suffering, fires, starvation, genocide….

If that’s our past, I’m all in for staring it in the face, naming it, and committing to creating a healthier way of living in harmony. Harmony with one another and with the Earth and with all the creatures with whom we share this rare blue planet.

That kind of transformation can’t come fast enough.

So I have two offerings that will hopefully help you prepare for the transformation and find your way to a whole and holy future.

First, let’s look at the Chandra for the Lunar Eclipse on Monday at Libra 5° 7’. We read Libra 6. It’s a strange one. Don’t let the image or the words put you off. Sit with this. Let it enter your unconscious awareness. Your wise self. Read it slowly and then I’ll offer some thoughts on how I am experiencing this mystical oracle.

Libra 6

A baby with two sets of teeth

Two lives lived in one. The outer life and the inner life. Both approached oblivious to the other. The outer life of doing the right thing for others in extreme selflessness; the inner life rich with intricate and subtle realms to explore. No crossover. Two worlds held apart so that service can be pure and the inner search can be pursued from inward ways.

Dreams, futures, subtle realms are always there. Yet the expression is simply whatever gives the most. And so the angels can weave beautifully through both sides and know them as one.

Like I said, a strange one!

When I read a Chandra from Ellias Lonsdale’s Inside Degrees, I know I have to drop my well-trained linear mind and enter the dreamworld, the mystic, the mystery. It’s an oracle after all. Think of how you have to open to receive a Tarot reading or any other symbolic divination. If you try to connect the dots and draw straight lines to arrive at an answer or solution, you’ll just get frustrated. Instead, simply notice what words or images leap off the page. Or what emotions they evoke. How do you feel reading this, not what have you figured out?

I’ve noticed after three years of reading Chandras, that the odd part is at the beginning. By the time I’m approaching the end, I’m usually feeling quite lost.

And then. Something happens in the last sentence or two.

I can’t call it a solution or a conclusion. But some sweetness seeps in and I feel seen and heard and held. Whether I understand it or not. (And usually I don't.)

Reading this (and I’ve read it now a dozen times) I find two images utterly delightful. Not the baby with the mouthful of teeth. But the reassurance that dreams, futures and subtle reals ARE here. They are always here. And then, the last sentence carries me home: the angels are weaving both sides together. The hard and the holy. The strange and the comfortable. The past and the possible. The pain and the magic. The wasteland and the beautiful future.

What do you see and feel and hear as you read this? I recommend taking your time. Take this into soul writing. Let it sift into your dreams. There’s something sacred here waiting to be noticed.

Something that wants to be held and revisited at the Solar Eclipse. I’ll write about that a lot in the next two weeks. My Witch Sequence communities will be gathering online to experience the eclipse and totality that day.

But I have one other offering that is perfect for this moment.

The lunar eclipse is on the South Node, our collective past. And the wisest guide for healing the wounds of the past is Chiron and his wife, Chariklo. And the wisest guides into these two mythical beings are cosmologist Marcia Wade and shamanic astrologer Emma Kupu Mitchell.

Together, they recorded an in-depth mystical exploration into the cosmic meaning of these two beings. If you’ve listened to any of my forecast offerings the last three years, you know that there is no voice like Marcia’s. When she sees the stars she sees the ancient stories unfolding, not only in front of our eyes but within our lives and our bodies. Marcia brings the cosmos alive!

To assist us in bringing Chiron and Chariklo and their gifts alive, Marcia and Emma will walk you through how to find Chiron and Chariklo in your natal chart including the house, sign and element. In addition, Emma is adding a two-hour creative retreat experience. I never miss her creative gatherings. Something sacred always happens in the container she creates. And it’s different every time.

Marcia and Emma are offering this bundle at a special discount of $88 through March 31.

I highly recommend getting to know Chiron and Chariklo. The wounds start to heal when you recognize them and ask them to guide you home to your whole and holy self.

Chiron and Chariklo Bundle

to dancing with possibility  



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