Mystica InnerVersity has a CREST and MOTTO

2023 the year we learn to listen to life

Week 10--in which magic gets real!

Friends, soul writers, mystics, witches, and lovers of prayer,

So much magic is happening and it’s happening at the speed of love. Last Sunday, I introduced you to Our Lady, Queen of Magicians, and her Raven, who somehow flew through Cathy Pratt’s hands onto the crest for Mystica InnerVersity, our school of magic opening March 26.

If you missed that letter, here it is.

I told you last week that Cathy Pratt and I have been working on the crest. And today I’m ready to show it to you and explain all its magic components.

But first, I need to tell you about the Raven.

Last week, I gave you some quotes from Animal Speak and Medicine Cards about Raven’s medicine of Magic. And boy, has he been proving he’s magic ever since. He woke me at 4am Monday to tell me his name. Actually, “tell” is not correct. He screamed his name in the dark and I grabbed a pad and wrote it in CAPITOL letters.


Mystos, what an unusual name. Even in the dark I had to do the numerology. Mystos is 21. 21 reduces to three. Hmm, 3, the eternal trinity, the three faces of the Goddess, the divine child born of the masculine 1 and the feminine 2.

His 21/3 stamp made me laugh because Our Lady, Queen of Magicians, who is the true “head” of Mystica InnerVersity, has a powerful numerology stamp of 111/3. So they are mirrors of one another. She is the great Magician; he is her Familiar, her messenger, her doer of good deeds.

And he proved it that very day.

At 2pm on Mondays, I host a prayer gathering called A Witches Rosary Circle. We pray the ancient Goddess rosary for and with our beloved Joan of Arc, speaking her mystery-filled stories and adjusting the wording of our prayers for her. Then, when we finish the rosary, we take turns sharing our hearts’ desires. And wrap up with prayers for the dead.

This past Monday, when it was time to share our petitions, a woman in Massachusetts said that while we were praying, she received a panicked text from a dear friend’s husband that her friend, who had been experiencing a crisis, went for a walk barefoot on the beach (in March in Massachusetts) with their dog. When the dog returned without her, he immediately contacted the police, and they had just begun a search with boats and planes.

Suddenly I knew what to do. Although it had never been done before.

Emma Kupu Mitchell and I had been talking about creating a special synchronization prayer that members of The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch intensive will use whenever they get together online or in person to practice exercises that help us awaken one of our body’s natural intuitive senses.

The purpose of the synchronization spell is to come into harmony with one another through prayer, breath, and song. We had talked about this spell, but not finalized it or practiced it.

But on Monday, I felt Mystos calling me to give the song part of the spell to everyone and ask them to send Mystos off with a mission. So I asked them if they’d like to try and we all gamely put one hand on our hearts and one in the air to one another and to Mystos and I called him:

MYSTOS, MYSTOS! Go find ______ and guide her safely home.

And together, we chanted five sacred vowels slowly for a five-second breath. (Five to six seconds, it turns out, is the length of all sacred mantra chants across all traditions. See Breath by James Nestor)

We repeated this five times: We called him, gave him his assignment, and sent him off on the wind of our breath.

When we finished, we closed our circle, and I felt I could see Mystos flying off to the cold rocky beach in Massachusetts. Or did I? Was this really possible? What if she wasn’t found…. What if she had drowned…. What if…. It’s so easy to slip into doubt. So, to reinforce my belief, I called him and chanted again later that day and again Tuesday morning. And hoped against hope.

On Tuesday afternoon, I checked in with my prayer friend, and she had just received a police report that they had found the lost woman, cold but alive, called an ambulance, and she was on her way to the hospital.

With tears, I chanted again to Mystos, this time with a heart overflowing with gratitude and wonder. Did you really do this? Are you really that full of magic? Can we  call on you in this way?

I had barely recovered from the surprise of what I now call “Mystos’ first miracle,” when Cathy sent the Mystica InnerVersity crest with Mystos the Magician sitting on top. Here it is, you’re seeing it before I even get it on the page for this intensive.

But I can’t wait. I’m so in love with this intensely magical symbol of this intensely magical prayer intensive and I want you to see it and feel all the magic it holds.

This InnerVersity crest was inspired by Hogwarts. You may remember that Our Lady, Queen of Magicians woke me in the night two weeks ago and ordered me to look into Hogwarts. And so, Cathy and I did. And, oh my Goddess, did we have fun! Yes this intensive is a profound mystical awakening, but it’s also delicious fun.

Every part of this crest is speaking to you:

  • At the center is the 3-headed Dragon Goddess—Maiden, Mother, Crone. Does she look familiar? That’s because the three dragons are the symbol of the female trinity, my assignment from Joan in February 2021. The image of the three dragons comes from a 600 CE Merovingian bronze amulet. And Merovingian, if you recall, is connected with the French monarchy, the monarchy she saved.
  • The three eyes on my amulet are emeralds, but on our crest they are emerald green for maiden, ruby red for mother, and pure gold for crone.
  • The earth is at the heart of the dragons because the big breakthrough in The A.R.T. of Becoming Witch is the rather shocking realization that we are being dreamed and sung by Mother Earth. Just as she dreams and sings everything and everyone on earth. That’s the essence of Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm by Stephen Harrod Buhner, one of our core texts.
  • Note the old English font Cathy found. It’s very close to the Old English Boots font that the jeweler used on the back of Joan’s female trinity medallion.
  • But look at Cathy’s added touch of the Cathar crosses dotting the letter i. Cathars? Well, there’s the massive French/Joan connection. But also they held the deep memory of who Mary Magdalene really was. And the gnostic wisdom of the magic of the female body.

Now let’s look at the Motto. In Latin no less. Because all colleges and universities have Latin mottos although most students are oblivious.

I confess I had to look up Marquette’s. In Latin it’s Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam. “For the greater glory of God.” That sounded familiar because they talk about it occasionally in the alumni magazine. Then, I looked up Northwestern University’s where I earned a masters degree in Education of the Deaf (try saying this out loud!): Quaecumque Sunt Vera. “Whatsoever things are true.” I find this one rather interesting, don’t you. It’s vague and evocative at the same time.

So on to our Mystica InnerVersity motto.

Cathy and I looked at Hogwart’s and it’s a beauty. If you happened to raise a Harry Potter obsessed child (as I did), ask if they remember the motto. Guess what, my son at 33 remembered it perfectly in English—and in Latin! That reinforced my feeling that a motto matters. And for sure it really matters in Mystica InnerVersity!

But this motto didn’t come easily. It took us over a week to feel our way into the wording. And just when I thought we were there, Our Lady, Queen of Magicians woke me (perhaps a tad annoyed) and gave me the final wording: Canticum Somnium Draconis. It means

  • Canticum—song of
  • Somnium—the dreaming
  • Draconis—dragon

The song of the dreaming dragon! Talk about a perfect motto.

This is the essence of Mystica: we are awakening and remembering and trusting that we—and all life—are Her song, Her dream! She is singing us and dreaming us into the fullness of who we really are.

It’s the magic of the passive voice. The song I keep repeating over and over and over again. It comes from the most powerful stanza in the most mystical prayer I’ve ever received, “Do You Feel That Breeze?”

And now the breeze has secrets to tell you

It sings love songs
It sings the love songs of the day
And it sings the love songs of the night

And you begin to sing

but you are not moving
you are being moved
you are not singing
you are being sung
you are not praying
you are being prayed
prayed at the speed of love

That’s the essence of Mystica and the heart of Becoming a Witch:

  • Yes, we gather in the Theatre of the Miraculous
  • Yes, we learn ways to hear what we do not hear, and see what we do not see, and know what we do not know from our magical professors
  • Yes, we awaken, remember, and learn to trust our body’s natural intuitive senses
  • Yes, we invite Mystos the Magician to perform miracles

But in the end, we know that it is She who is singing us, She who is dreaming us, She who is praying us into the fullness of the holy Witch She made us to be.

This is what the word Witch once meant. And what it will mean once more.

Come and play in the magic of Mystica InnerVersity. Listen to the video Emma and Suzi and Cathy and Ramzi and I made for you and you'll hear the magical moment when Suzi blurted out "InnerVersity!" I think maybe Mystos did that!

The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch: How to Awaken, Remember, and Trust Your Body's Natural Intuitive Senses

  • Watch our joyful video. It will give you a taste for how delightful this intensive is going to be.
  • Read the description of the 5 intuitive senses and FEEL how your body responds.
  • Pick your registration. (There are 3 options)
  • And come to your senses--your original, magical, joyous senses. Just the way The Queen of Magicians made you.
  • Oh, and perhaps invite friends to join you.

We open Sunday, March 26 from 2-4:15pm Eastern and run through June 11.

Which happens to be the exact time of the cosmic shift into the Age of Aquarius!

All details are on the landing page. Click on the link below Cathy's painting of AuroraAurora is you with your intuitive senses wide open.

The A.R.T of Becoming a Witch

to being dreamed into the fullness of who we really are!


PS: Did you catch the dragon on the motto and in the central image?

There's a whole lot more going on that even we the creators realized. Turns out there's a dragon in the cosmos looking over us. I'm recording a very special bonus video with cosmythologist Marcia Wade and shamanic astrologer Emma Kupu tomorrow that will put the timing of this prayer intensive in truly magical perspective!

I'm sending the welcome email on Tuesday with access to handbooks, videos, and more. Do please register this week so you have time to read and watch and ponder the magic ahead.

Oh, and start playing with Mystos.


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