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You are not praying you are being prayed—prayed at the speed of love.

Welcome to Praying at the Speed of Love podcast, opening Thursday February 14, 2019.

from "Do You Feel That Breeze"

You are not moving
You are being moved
You are not singing
You are being sung
You are not praying
You are being prayed--
Prayed at the speed of love

Perhaps you were one of the listeners who downloaded over 230,000 episodes of my first show, The Soul-Directed Life.

Last year, I asked all the guests if they thought there was a unified field of prayer and if so, what made it unified. In other words: what makes prayer, prayer. Their responses were wildly diverse and thrilling.

Those conversations made me want to go deeper into prayer. I realized my heart is hungry for intimate, personal, deep conversations with people about how their relationship with prayer has changed over time and how they found a prayer life that feeds them. And I want each guest to give us a taste of how they pray. Not talk about prayer, but actually pray together.

This is what I want: Real conversations.
With Real people. About Real prayer.

And I want you to be a living part of Praying at the Speed of Love, so the podcast will have a companion facebook discussion group where you can talk with my guests directly.

You can look forward to sitting in prayer with:

  • Shaman, Sandra Ingerman
  • Artist and activist, Mary Anne Radmacher
  • Translator of the mystics, Mirabai Starr
  • Indigenous story teller and drummer, Gabriel Horn
  • Mystical beekeeper, Jacqueline Freeman, and many many more.


Until we open, here are some deep conversations on The Soul-Directed Life you might enjoy:

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