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Real Prayer.

Real People.

Real Conversations.

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Real Prayer.


Real People.


Real Conversations.

What is unique about Praying at the Speed of Love?

Praying at the Speed of Love is a biweekly podcast filled with REAL conversations with REAL people about REAL prayer. After 5,000 years of prayer proscribed by patriarchy, we are ready for prayers that cherish the body, embrace all hearts, expand the mind, and enchant the soul. Join bestselling author and prayer artist, Janet Conner, as she and her famous guests dive into deep, intimate—even outrageous—conversations about their personal experiences with whole new kinds of prayer.

Most Recent Episodes

Episode 11: Elizabeth Cunningham

Join us for wild stories, hair-raising biblical quotations, and spontaneous goddess songs.
Celeste Yacoboni

Episode 9: Celeste Yacoboni

This gorgeous conversation will evoke your own prayer memories and it may well cause you to fall in love with prayer.
Briana Sussy PSL Episode 8 Guest

Episode 8: Briana Saussy—finding magic in prayer

Questions sparked this juicy, funny, slightly erotic conversation between a magician and a prayer artist and created a new magical definition of prayer.

Episode 7: Sofia—the music of prayer

A truly magical conversation about the mystical music of prayer.
Alessandra Belloni

Episode 6: Alessandra Belloni and the Black Madonna

This conversation transcends the word “conversation.”
Kahu Lāhela Johnson

Episode 5: Kahu Lāhela Johnson

How does one become a kahu—keeper of the ancient Hawaiian Shamanic ways? Lahela Johnson shares her amazing childhood talking to plants, ocean, mountains, and animal spirits.
Mirabai Starr Episode 4

Episode 4: Mirabai Starr

Mirabai Starr and the Wild Mercy of the Divine Feminine
Meghan Don

Episode 3: Meghan Don

Meghan Don meets Mary Magdalene

Episode 2: Emma Kupu Mitchell

From praying in a cathedral in England to communing with sacred land in Hawaii, Emma shares her prayer journey.

Episode 1: Janet Conner, My Prayer Podcast Story

The Story Behind Praying at the Speed of Love
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from "Do You Feel That Breeze"

You are not moving
You are being moved
You are not singing
You are being sung
You are not praying
You are being prayed--
Prayed at the speed of love

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You are not praying. You are being prayed—prayed at the speed of love.

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