Real Prayer is Real Medicine. Prayer:
expands your body
embraces your heart
elevates your mind, and
enchants your soul.

Prayer is a living breathing River of Love that has been flowing
in and through and as us for eons.

A part of us remembers that delicious time before prayer was relegated to a religious function with a particular form and purpose. A time before prayer was defined as beseeching a distant God for security and protection.

An ancient spark of wisdom in us remembers that prayer isn’t a noun. It’s not a thing. And it’s not about begging. Prayer is a relationship. It’s a sacred opening to The Mystery. It’s the ceaseless flow of boundless grace.

Prayer is Love—Love incarnate—Love embodied.

Prayer holds up a cosmic mirror so we can see who we really are—the beloved of The Beloved. A hologram of The One.

If you are here, your heart remembers something. Choose any or all of these prayer offerings and you may find yourself once more dancing with joy in the River of Love. I invite you to browse the entire page or click on the links below to go to each section.



from “(This is) All I Ask”

If I am an anchor for love
What’s left for me to want?
What’s left for me to ask?

Just this:
Don’t let me get in your way

This is my only prayer now:
Please, don’t let me get in your way




Many prayers come as individual love songs, but some come as whole practices. I invite you to embrace any of these and notice what they awaken in you.

I am overjoyed to share my new prayer-love songs with you.

Watch for announcements about new prayers and prayer videos in my Sunday Notes from the Field. 

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They are All Our Children

They Are All Our Children is an 11-minute radical love prayer practice created with the sacred intention to close the migrant detention camps and free the children. Please join me in this alchemical prayer of radical love and forgiveness to transmute the consciousness that creates, perpetuates, and profits from this political system of separation and fear.

The One of Hearts

I received a 1 of hearts playing card in an intense dream after the 2016 US election.

The dream guide said, “This is the mystical trump card.” The Masters and Teachers of the Akashic Record instructed me to weave chant, prayer, and meditation into a global prayer practice to “feed the Voice of Love in we the people and create a seat at the table for everyone.”

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Nine Containers of Love

This prayer practice arrived when I asked on the page how to stand firm in what I know is true against pressure to change or water down my message.

The 9 Containers of Love is a full body prayer practice that expands the heart until it’s big enough to hold the cosmic truth that the divine feminine force of all creation resides in us and we in Her.

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