Astrology Forecast 2021




Astrology Forecast for 2021
a very different and very beautiful entry into the song of 2021

I have offered an astrology forecast at the beginning of the year for the last five years featuring a particular astrologer. You and I have loved those forecasts, but if 2020 has taught us anything, it is that change is not only inevitable but necessary. We can no longer do what we’ve always done. And so I took that call to heart and asked my dear friend Emma Kupu Mitchell, who is my personal moon astrologer and depth numerologist, to imagine with me a whole new kind of forecast. A forecast that would feed us at the deepest mystical levels. A forecast that would step away from the expectation that a forecast is predictive and protective, and instead dance with the “forecast” as an invitation into The Mystic.

And here it is! This new format of a forecast is not live on one day. Nor is it with just one astrologer. Instead, this forecast is a cosmic smorgasbord party with 3 very different celestial guides. Emma has studied with all 3 and selected them for their unique approaches and their evocative mytho-poetic way of speaking about astrology.

  • With April McMurtry, you will hear the heartbeat of Mother Moon.
  • With Marcia Wade, you will feel the living presence of the stars in your body.
  • As you sit with Gemini Brett, you will begin to see how astrology is a way to dance more deeply and more beautifully into both your personal story and the vast human story. Why, you might even learn a thing or two about trauma from the dinosaurs.

Magic. Beauty. Faith. Mystery.
It’s all here in this radically different astrology forecast for 2021

When you register, you’ll be directed to a password protected page that houses all three conversations, along with each astrologer’s website and social media contacts. Each conversation is about an hour long.



April McMurtry

April Miller McMurtry is the founder of THE MOON IS MY CALENDAR, LLC and creatress of the New Moon Calendar Journal. She is also a visual artist, mother, and creative lunar guide. Her work reflects her passion for nature-based cycles, wellness, and creative expression.

With a background in Youth Leadership, Girls’ Education, Intuitive Art, and Mediation – April has more than twenty years experience working in education as a classroom teacher, workshop facilitator and program coordinator at home and abroad. Trained as a Spanish Teacher, she now loves to share the language of the Moon.

April supports people on the path to growth and transformation through meditation, creative process, and awakening cyclical wisdom. She is interested in how healing work is connected to our relationship with Earth.

Both of April’s grandmothers are first generation born in the United States from England and Ireland. She is a mother of two children and resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with four generations of her family.


Marcia Wade

Emma interviewed Marcia on The Awakened Woman Self Care podcast she created with Christine Pensa. On Marcia’s website, she writes: Your life’s story is a cosmic story—just like mine is. Like you, every atom in my body was made in a star. The ceaseless vibrations of every spinning, pulsing particle in the cosmos is constantly messaging the molecules of my dreams and the atoms of my soul–just like yours. The universe is within you.


Gemini Brett
Astrology is the poetic breath of nature—a way in not a way out

Every ship needs a captain. That’s you! But every captain needs a celestial navigator and that’s me. When your travels take you far from land, my sky knowledge will help you stay true to course. And when the stars hide in the storm clouds, you can be confident that my keen intuition will help you steer safely home.

Your navigator will earn his keep during the idle times as a soulful storyteller and then as a compassionate strategist to help you work with the powerful responses conjured by the starrytelling. I will confirm the route you’ve chosen, help you at the helm when you feel off course, and empower you to weather the wildest waves with purpose and fascination.






Emma Kupu Mitchell

Janet Conner