Astrology: From Prediction to a Field of Possibility in 2022




A non-forecast forecast of celestial guidance in 2022 with Star Sister, Marcia Wade and elemental astrologer and depth numerologist, Emma Kupu Mitchell.

Our Field of Possibility has two profound videos.

Video 1 Marcia Wade

Talking to Marcia about astrology is a mystical magical experience, unlike any conversation about astrology I’ve ever heard. Here are just a few highlights of what you will hear:

  • Marcia begins with prayer, bringing in Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and all the others. As she calls them their presence is palpable.
  • She invites us to look back at the beginning of a new 200-year-cycle that we entered in 2020. (It’s a long story and one we are only now beginning to see.)
  • She helps us enter into the dance of the two guru planets, Jupiter and Saturn, that has been happening all year and culminates this month.
  • She talks about how our roles are changing, our appetite for unpredictability is expanding, and how Saturn, our coach, is activating our ability to vision the possible in ways we’ve not experienced before.
  • She talks about how we are being called to envision and create new forms of communities, concentric circles of communities—a concept very dear to me and everyone in my prayer intensive communities.
  • What’s coming? Well, Marcia reminds us, you have a new seed of Mars energy that will come to fruition in November of 2023

And then something even more magical happened, Marcia began to tell us the oldest written story of Persephone and Hades, a story we recognize from the Eleusinian mysteries. But it’s really the story of Venus and Pluto. As Marcia retells this most ancient story, these two god and goddess planets come alive in a way you have never heard before, and you realize all our myths are at core the stories of the cosmos. As Marcia talked, the door to a whole celestial story world flew open. It was such a profound experience for me that I begged Marcia to please come and tell us a series of celestial stories next year! There’s never been anything like it. Details to come.

So, you might be wondering: what’s the “forecast” for 2022?
In short: Possibility. Potency. Transformation. Metamorphosis. Mystic.

Or you might be asking: how can we prepare for and receive the possibilities in 2022?
In short: Open your hands and let go. Open your hands and welcome possibility. Open your heart to a whole new way to love.

As you listen, you’ll begin to hear seeds of what those possibilities and openings might look like in your own life. Seeds you will explore all next year and beyond.

We ended as we began with prayer. Who knew that the planets prayed. Now you know.

This is a magical, mystical conversation with a truly magical mystical astrologer, Marcia Wade. Star Sister indeed.

Video 2 Emma Kupu Mitchell

The staggeringly beautiful conversation with Marcia Wade is coupled with important insights from elemental astrologer and depth numerologist, Emma Kupu Mitchell who has been studying with Marcia for years, and is also a deep student of numerology in the lineage of Pythagoras.

In her recording, Emma brings us:

  • Insights on the celestial energies and transiting planets at play in 2022
  • How best to live these energies in 2022
  • Where to find these energies in your own birth chart
  • The numerology of 2022—the higher consciousness of the TRIPLE 2, which is even beyond the master vibration of 22! A whole new energy awaits.

Enjoy this rich initiation into the Field of Possibility in 2022 with my two favorite guides, Marcia Wade and Emma Kupu Mitchell. When you register you will receive a link to the recordings. They will be available until next year.


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