The Creation Choir


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The Creation Choir is a unique global prayer community gathering to sing more love, grace, peace, and joy into our world.

Three things happen to us individually and collectively when we pray as a soul community:

  1. As each of us prays on our own, we experience, discover, and explore the mystical grace inherent in a prayer in our own hearts
  2. As we pray in our individual homes around the world, we are cosmically connected with all the other members of The Creation Choir, creating a unified mystical heart that amplifies our individual experiences and feeds one another in ways we cannot predict or direct
  3. When we gather face-to-face in a video room and pray together, we seed the grace each of us has received through that prayer—amplified through the mystical heart of the whole choir—deep into the earth to feed and nourish the mystical body of all life

This is how a collective of souls gathering as one small choir can change the world.

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The Creation Choir

The Creation Choir, Pay in Full $300, The Creation Choir, Monthly Payments $33/month


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