The Doctor is In




We are blessed to get to sit with Dr. Christine Page on the Zoom video platform for two pre-recorded 90-minute sessions. The first hour Dr. Page will teach, then after a short break, there will be time for your questions and answers and conversation about prayer and spiritual practice.

Topics will include:

  • What is the nature and purpose of a virus?
  • How is a virus a piece of information and what do we do with that information?
  • Why do some people get sick? And others not?
  • What surprising emotion is at the core of this viral disease?
  • Why is this virus impacting the lungs and kidneys and how can we support lung and kidney health?
  • How can we support gut health and our entire immune system?
  • What holistic remedies does Dr Page recommend?
  • What is the role of belief and fear in illness?
  • Why do male and female bodies react differently to social isolation?
  • What does epigenetics tell us about the ability of the body to get sick or to heal?
  • What does psychoneuroimmunology teach us about the deep body-mind-soul connection?
  • Why is it essential to clear old stories and fear out of our bodies and how can we do that?
  • What is the role of spiritual practice and prayer in health?
  • What kinds of spiritual practices and prayer are particularly effective in this situation?
  • And more!

Registration – $55

A 50-minute appointment with Dr. Page is $220. The value of two 90-minute sessions with Dr. Page is $792! Our registration is a wee fraction of that. A self-selected scholarship is also available if you require additional assistance.

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The Doctor is In

The Doctor is In $77, Self-Selected Scholarship $55