Finding Home Prayer Intensive



What is this Finding Home prayer intensive?

Finding Home is a very unusual, important, and timely prayer intensive. It may be the most important of 2020. But it wasn’t my idea. All year we have explored Original Prayers, walking hand-in-hand with a female mystic who has an intimate relationship with that particular prayer. Each intensive has felt like a sacred initiation into the mysteries and wonders of one of humanity’s most ancient and powerful mystical prayer practices.

In this intensive, however, we will not focus on one prayer or walk with one expert. Instead, we will access the alchemical power of prayer itself to help us create a beautiful and true home—a home where we feel safe and loved. And our guide? We will step into our true nature as our own guides, walking hand-in-hand with The Feminine Divine Herself expressing in and through and as each one of us. It is She who sees the big picture and She who can guide us home.

Our world is not providing physical or emotional safety right now, and it isn’t exuding much in the way of love. It’s clear that we can no longer look outside for home. We have to find home in our own bodies, in our own physical spaces, and in our own relationship with The Mystic. Despite what patriarchy has tried to drum into us, deep in our bones we know that The Mystic isn’t out there, it’s in here. And when we get that, not as an intellectual idea but as a lived reality, then we are home, no matter where we are or what is happening.

I had no plans to create this intensive. But as we enter the final quarter of this most tumultuous year, the word home won’t leave me alone. As it surfaced over and over in my deep soul writing, I became hyper sensitive to this word. And suddenly, I saw that home was the end game of many of the profound teachings and prayers that I love.

Here are a few samplings from sacred messages about home that we will explore in depth:

After the 2016 election, I had a perplexing conversation with the Masters and Teachers of the Akashic Record. Their words feel like a prophecy for 2020.

  • “At this point in the spiritual path of earth, there is far more fear hidden under rocks than the world understood.”
  • No one feels at home There is a sense of homelessness. This is beyond US politics. It includes fears of climate change and beyond.”

In Mother Moon Yoga, a glorious prayer to Isis asked to be the closing blessing. As I read it aloud at our first gathering, I understood why. Listen to the opening and closing stanzas:

The blessing of Isis go with you
Queen of stars, Mother of grain

Her river with you wherever you wander
Her river to guide you home

On September 16, 2020, Our Lady of Woodstock (one name of the eternal emanations of The Mother) spoke to our present situation. Mirroring the Akashic Record and Goddess Isis, this sacred message states clearly that now is the time we must find home. In closing, Our Lady said:

“Some will say, ‘I cannot breathe in this world. I have no place in it.’ Others will say, ‘This is the end.’ And still others will say, ‘All that we had is lost and gone forever. What shall we do? How shall we live?’ But there will be those who, on the advent of that world, say in the depths of their hearts: ‘This is what I always knew to be true. This world is my Mother. There is no other. At last I have found my home.’”

Together, in sacred soul community, we will explore what home means to each of us and share how we are finding shelter and home in our bodies, our physical places, and our intimate relationship with Mother Divinity Herself.

Why is this intensive so important right now?

October is a 1 month. It carries both the deep story of 2020 and invites us to review all that has happened and what we have learned and gives us a taste of what is coming in 2021. In addition, October is packed full of intense celestial phenomenon. Watch Emma and Janet talk about why this intensive can only happen at this particularly potent time.


What will you explore?

Each week we will start by becoming aware of what home is, then move into exploring how to love this aspect of home more deeply, and finally we will develop personal prayers to bless our home.

Session 1—Finding Home in your Body

body awareness: notice how your body responds to fear, worry, anxiety; track eating, sleeping and other patterns; ask your body to reveal where she feels loved and where she doesn’t

body love: meet the goddess in the mirror; touch her with soaps, scents, creams, and clothes that she relishes; see your body-home for who she really is and love her as she is; write a love letter to your body

body blessings: create blessings for aspects of your body that struggle to feel safe; bless your body’s brilliant powers including digestion, menstruation, sleep; anoint your body with the loving touch of prayer

Session 2—Finding Home in your Place

place awareness: become aware of how energy moves around you; notice toxic media, noise, air; name how you feel in your rooms, house, neighborhood, country, planet; notice how places respond to your presence, emotions, voice, prayers

place love: identify your sacred spaces and what happens there; tell your things their stories; remove all that doesn’t support the place’s holy purpose; create altars; shower your home with scent, flowers, photos, art; honor the rocks and trees; plant a love letter in the ground

place blessings: clear with Ho‛oponopono, sound, scent; write a house blessing; thank your spaces every day; bless the ground with walking prayers; give your home gifts; sanctify your front door; pray for Mother Earth

Session 3—Finding Home in The Mystic

Mystic awareness: explore what The Mystic is and how your perceptions have changed; do you feel at home or is something missing; identify the threshold places and practices that open The Mystic for you; pay attention to dreams

Mystic love: ask for an intimate relationship with The Mother, listen deeply for Her special name and guidance; name and claim your gifts; dedicate and consecrate yourself to sacred service; write a love letter to your Beloved

Mystic blessings: refresh and renew your powerful prayer practices; crisscross the threshold between worlds until it’s second nature; find yourself at home in your body, your place, and in Her mystical body—body in body in body


What will you receive?

Three 2 ¼ hour recorded sessions with prayer artist and 21st century witch, Janet Conner, and elemental astrologer and plant medicine goddess, Emma Kupu Mitchell.

Access to a password-protected resource page with recordings of all sessions in both video and audio formats, PDF handbooks, moon chart, several bonus videos, and a link to purchase Finding Home sacred anointing oil. (optional).

Membership in a private Facebook discussion group (optional).




Goddess Guides
Janet Conner

Emma Kupu Mitchell




Additional information

Finding Home Prayer Intensive

$158 if this is your first intensive in 2020, $122 if you’ve taken one or more intensives in 2020, $86 self-selected scholarship