Healing Your 3 Wombs On Demand Prayer Intensive



What is Healing Your 3 Wombs prayer intensive?

As a woman, you possess unique feminine powers. But in a world saturated with patriarchal values, you have been conditioned since childhood to not see just how beautiful, powerful, and creative you really are. All your innate powers, however, are still there, latent in your wombscape—no matter your age or whether you have a physical womb or an energetic one. In Healing Your 3 Wombs, you will re-sacralize your sacred womb and in the process re-member and re-store your powers to:

  • embrace the cyclical nature of life without fear
  • live in harmony with the ancient rhythms of mother moon
  • tap into an unlimited flow of creativity and fertility
  • harness the alchemical power of love to purify and transmute ourselves and others
  • maintain a wide-open channel to divine feminine wisdom, guidance, and grace
  • cherish the wonder and joy of living in a perfectly-designed sensuous body

The key to activating these powers is clearing and cleansing your wombscape because it holds not only your personal traumatic memories, wounds, and beliefs, but also the energetic traces of wounds and memories of your family and matrilineal ancestors.

To reawaken your goddess energies, you will cleanse, heal, and celebrate your womb in three phases:

  1. your maiden-womb—remembering and rediscovering the wonders of your body
  2. your mother-womb—relishing your creative capacity and fertility, including all creativity not just giving birth to children
  3. your myrrhophore-womb—honoring your divine feminine wisdom—wisdom patriarchy has suppressed for five thousand years.

Three great goddesses will accompany you on this dance of restoration and love: Persephone, Demeter, and the magnificent Hecate.


Why is this important now?

We are in a sacred time of transition from patriarchal domination and control to a rebirth of the divine feminine. As the feminine returns to her rightful place of honor, hierarchy gives way to reverence. Our task is not to create a new power structure—power is the essence of patriarchy and the cause of so much domination, control and abuse. We are called now to build a new kind of reverence structure with reverence for mother earth, for our divine mother, for family, community, women, men, and children. This reverence structure comes to life through each one of us as we experience reverence for ourselves, our bodies, our lineage, and our feminine gifts. You are the one you have been waiting for.


What will you experience?

In Healing Your 3 Wombs, you will:

  1. anoint your womb every day with a special prayer and sacred plant medicine oil
  2. create a 3-part wombscape altar, honoring yourself as maiden, mother, and myrrhophore (all three phases are in your womb no matter where you are in your menstrual or menopausal stage of life)
  3. meet and partner with 3 goddess archetypes: Persephone the maiden, Demeter the mother, and Hecate the queen of the night
  4. re-sacralize your womb through 3 guided meditations, cleansing, clearing and protecting your womb in each phase of your life
  5. allow your story to surface onto the page for healing through womb-phase deep soul writing questions
  6. learn 3 simple movement practices, one for each phase of your life story
  7. reestablish connection to the 3 major phases of the moon and notice how your body waxes, wanes, and enters the dark in synchronicity to her rhythms
  8. learn a special womb-emptying practice that clears space for creative seeds in the dark moon phase
  9. close the day with a simple nightly practice to clear your womb and be available to receive liminal messages in the night and early morning
  10. celebrate the integration of your 3 wombs into 1 sanctified home of the divine feminine


Who will benefit?

Healing Your 3 Wombs is an ideal prayer intensive for you if you want to:

  • cleanse, forgive, heal, and release wounds of the past, especially the core mother wound
  • reclaim the sacredness of your journey as a woman in a woman’s body
  • reclaim the maiden, mother, and menopausal phases of your life as holy, delightful, and good
  • awaken a dormant awareness of the deep connection in your body to the phases of the moon
  • welcome three archetypical goddesses into your life not as myths but as living teachers
  • relax and release restrictions in your body, opening clear portals for greater access to The Mystic, creativity, strength, confidence, and wisdom
  • honor and heal your matrilineal lineage seven generations before and after you
  • end any struggle with your body and fall in love with her
  • cherish life and flourish to your full capacity


What will you receive?

  • Four 2 ¼ hour recorded sessions with Janet Conner, Keren Brown, and Emma Kupu Mitchell
  • Access to a password-protected resource page with recordings of all sessions in both video and audio formats, plus all bonus videos
    PDF Handbook for each session
  • 3 Original Prayers from Janet Conner
  • Link to purchase the Healing Your 3 Wombs sacred anointing oil, spritzer, and candle from Emma Kupu Mitchell (optional)
  • Membership in a private Facebook discussion group (optional)



Additional information

Healing Your 3 Wombs

First Prayer Intensive of 2019, You've taken one or more intensives in 2019, Self-selected Scholarship