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What is the story behind The Long Story of Our Souls prayer intensive?

(insert my picture) There is always a wild mystical adventure behind my prayer intensives. And this one has perhaps the wildest and most magical story of all. In June 2020, I joined Perdita Finn’s first class on working with the dead. I didn’t understand what I was signing up for, but it felt somehow like the essential next step in my mystical life.

Little did I know I was about to take not a step but a massive leap into the long story of my soul.

The leap began on August 2, 2020 when Rabbi Tirzah Firestone sent an endorsement for the relaunch of Writing Down Your Soul that began: “Janet Conner is a prayer artist, scholar, and 21st century witch…” I was ecstatic. My agent was not. After arguing for days, I realized she couldn’t see me—the real mystic me—and I began to write on an email terminating our relationship.

In class on August 14, Perdita told us to watch Groundhog Day and notice how Bill Murray keeps stepping in the same black puddle and waking up to yet another February 2. One day, he looks down, sees the puddle, and steps over it. And voila, it’s a new day! She left us with an assignment to find our own icy black puddle. If we could identify the problem we keep repeating in this lifetime, we would get clues to the problem we keep carrying lifetime after lifetime. And we could finally step over it.

Sounded thrilling. I had no idea what my puddle was, but I did sense it was time to finish my email to my agent and press send. The next morning in deep soul writing I started to ask about my puddle, but before I could finish the question, I burst into tears. I realized that without knowing or naming my puddle, I had taken a running leap over it. My old black icy puddle in this lifetime and in countless lifetimes was to Allow Someone to Silence Me. Firing my agent ended the chain of silencing. And cleared the path to a whole cascade of mystical adventures: new writing, new partnerships, The Return of the Witches pilgrimage, and how to produce events in the Theatre of the Miraculous. All of it leading me—and you—straight to this radical mystical intensive that totally upends the patriarchal judgment of one life, once chance.

The moment has arrived for us all to identify our black puddles and, holding hands in the Theatre of the Miraculous, leap over our recurring pain stories and into the breathtakingly beautiful long, long story of our radiant eternal souls.

Meet Perdita Finn—our Long Story guide

There is no one else who could lead us in this time-bending, deep-soul adventure. My first intensive with Perdita in March, 2020 opened our eyes to the ancient divine feminine hidden in plain sight in the rosary. Last February, Perdita gave us a taste of the radical wisdom she has acquired in her thirty years of working with the dead in Take Back the Magic, Take Back the Dead. Last May, she opened our hearts and the rosary in ways we could never have imagined in The 15 Mysteries of Joan of Arc. In short, Perdita is magic. We are in truly wise, holy, radical hands.

The Long Story of Our Souls: Reincarnate Adventures

A single molecule of water evaporates into mist above a field at sunrise, ascends into the heavens to become a cloud, falls as rain on a distant mountain, becomes ice, becomes snow, descends into the earth, bubbles up in a spring from the rocks and follows gravity to the creek, to the river, to the sea, travels the world, rising and falling, transforming and returning, but never abandons the embrace of this earth.

Our souls, too, are always coming and going, ascending and descending, departing and arriving—but always here, always part of all that is. We have, each of us, been snowflakes and glaciers, marshes and estuaries, fog and mists and rain and storm clouds. Life is a long story through deep time. We transmigrate from one embodied form to another but never transcend the body of this world.

How can we access the wisdom that each of our souls holds? How can we recover the lessons we have gleaned from other lives? How does tapping into the long story transform our experience of love and healing, mercy and justice, and life and death itself?

How would we live if we knew there was no escape from this world but that we would return to the planet we had already made? What would we do right now? What would we change? What would we claim? What would we initiate?

Together let us explore the possibilities of our own incarnate journey. Who have we been? Why are we here? Who might we be?

 What questions will we explore together?

Gathering 1—Imagining Multiplicity

  • How come the modern world has suppressed what was once an everyday belief in reincarnation?
  • Why does the possibility of rebirth undermine established authority and patriarchal power?
  • What happens when we tap into the courage and confidence of the long story?
  • How many lives have we lived before?
  • How do we claim their treasures?

Gathering 2—Intimations of Immortality

  • How do our talents and trepidations, our yearnings and our aversions, give us insight into other lives?
  • How can we tap into the long story of our lives within in our dreams, our experiences of déjà vu, and our own imaginations?
  • Does reincarnation reinforce our understanding of who we are—or does it begin to make us strange to ourselves?
  • What do we do with feelings of discomfort and fear that might become activated?
  • How do we use this wisdom to empower us?

Gathering 3—Karmic Complications and Opportunities

  • What experiences, patterns, relationships, or problems do we want to be done with?
  • What mistakes are we determined to never make again?
  • But what would we do today if we knew such lessons and steps would follow us into another life?
  • What would we initiate if we knew we had all the time in the world to get it right?

Gathering 4—Reborn into Belonging

  • In a world where everyone is reborn and our souls are all entangled with each other, how do we experience the lived reality of this—and what does it mean for how we move through our days?
  • What if every being we met has been our mother? What if every being we meet has been our child?

Closing Celebration

Throughout our deep time journey through the long story, we will honor our dreams, our visions, our intuition, and our imaginations. As a final celebration we shall share “postcards from our adventure” that offer up snapshots of our intimate, personal experiences. These might be poems, songs, artwork, or even dance. Everyone is invited to contribute and help rebirth a reflowering of this lost wisdom from our past lives.

What will you receive?

Recordings of all 5 live gatherings

Access to a password-protected resource page with recordings of all sessions in both video and audio formats plus a bonus video on Janet’s 3-Body Mystical Anointing, and an audio of a delightful talk on the movie Groundhog Day by Perdita Finn.

You will also receive PDFs of our Welcome Handbook and Prayer Handbooks plus PDFs of support material for each gathering including an extensive bibliography.

Membership in a private Facebook discussion group (optional)


$ 88

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