The Lotus and The Lily to Complete 2021 and Enter 2022 Prayer Intensive


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What is The Lotus and The Lily to Complete 2021 and Create 2022 prayer intensive?

For 11 years, mystic souls around the world have gathered in mid-November to complete and integrate all that has happened in the year coming to a close. We are always surprised by the meaning and wisdom that reveals itself as we look back eleven months. Then, as we enter Solstice, we turn our eyes to the future and create a mystical mandala infused with our commitment to live in service, love, and joy in the year to come. Without fail, we are stunned by how the mandala we made with our hands, the mandala we thought we understood, sings a song all her own, delivering insights, surprises, and synchronicities throughout the year, guiding us gently but firmly into an expansive version of who we’re here to be.

The Lotus and the Lily process is the diametric opposite of the linear patriarchal drumbeat to set goals and work hard to achieve them. The Lotus and the Lily is spiral, mystical, magical. It is a powerful but also delight-filled vehicle for alchemical transformation.

The Lotus and the Lily is a perfect example of living and learning as a community in the Theatre of the Miraculous—a concept that was given to me during the witch pilgrimage that ended this past August. This is the first time I’ve presented this year-ending/year-creating experience in the Theatre of the Miraculous. It fits perfectly!

There are four acts in this miracle play:

  1. Recognize and honor how life in 2021 has formed and fed you
  2. Imagine how you wish to live in the coming year, identify your heart’s precious values and the sacred medicine you long to share
  3. Stamp your sacred commitments into physical form on a mystical mandala—and renew them throughout the coming year in daily prayer
  4. Watch in awe as the life that wants to be lived in 2022 emerges in ways more magical than anything you could have planned


Where are we right now?

We thought 2020, with the arrival of a global pandemic and quarantine, was wild. And it was. And it has continued through 2021. While COVID is busy producing new and stronger variants, the vitriol over vaccines and masks is tearing families and friendships apart. Racial, healthcare, and income imbalance and injustice are more visible than ever. Work and education are undergoing massive transformations. Climate change continues to bring storms, fires, floods, famines….

It’s been a wild two years and there’s more to come. I say that not to frighten you, but to invite you to drop more deeply into the bigger picture of what is unfolding, so you can find your place in the creation of a new and more inclusive and beautiful story.

Because you have a part to play—a precious and important part. And The Lotus and the Lily can help you bring it to life.

Numerology and Astrology are dropping cosmic and personal clues to this new story.

Each solar year carries its own unique energy expressed in the numeric vibration of the numbers and the astrological conversation happening above. And, as we love to say, “as above, so below.” To help us open to and integrate the possibilities in these numeric and astrological languages, depth numerologist and elemental astrologer, Emma Kupu Mitchell, will be with us at each gathering. She will help us dance with the cosmos with rich insights into the dark and full moons, major celestial events, eclipses, Solstice, and more.

In addition, Emma is bringing us a special gift this year. She will show us how to find an important aspect in our natal chart—the Mid Heaven. The Mid Heaven, or MC, is much like a personal antenna or communication channel between your individual life and the unfolding cosmic story. Your MC is your innate wisdom and deep inner knowing. It holds the key to your sense of security and truth. There could be no more important time to learn about your MC and what it means, because each one of us will need to hold on to what we know is true throughout 2022 and beyond, as our world continues to unravel and rebuild around whole new ways of living in community with one another and with the Earth.

What will we explore together?

In The Lotus and The Lily for 2021-2021 you will:

  1. learn multiple ways to look back at 2021 including: how to finger walk a 11-circuit classical Labyrinth to extract meaning, comfort, and guidance and how to track your life on a moon calendar (see bonus video master class for more)
  2. explore the Mid Heaven on your Natal Chart so you can tap into your inner truth and authority
  3. walk hand-in-hand with our sacred community through major celestial events:
  • dark and full moons and their Chandra and Sabian symbols
  • lunar eclipse on November 19
  • solar eclipse on December 3
  • powerful turn of Venus as she goes retrograde with big clues to the shifts coming in 2022
  • sacred pre-patriarchal celebration of Solstice
  • Saturn and Uranus’s third and final square in 2021 on Christmas Eve
  1. practice “Her Garden of Reverence” full-body anointing to prepare your body to be a field of strength, reverence, and love no matter what is happening
  2. cleanse and transmute all that happened in 2021 that is stored in your body with the forever ancient/always new Hawaiian forgiveness practice of Hana I Ka Pono with Kahu Lāhela Johnson
  3. open to perceive your soul’s sacred conditions, so you can live the life that wants to be lived in 2022
  4. create a mystical mandala with your soul’s unique sacred conditions and commitments and develop a personal prayer practice to keep those commitments alive throughout 2022
  5. write a personal 2022 Solar Year prayer to sanctify your soul writing pages

What will you receive?

Seven 2 ¼ hour live sessions with prayer artist and mystic witch Janet Conner, and depth numerologist and elemental astrologer Emma Kupu Mitchell, and a special healing event with Hawaiian shaman, Kahu Lāhela Johnson

  1. Monday November 15, 7pm Eastern—look back at 2021
  2. Monday, November 22, 7pm Eastern—what your MC can tell you about the past and the future
  3. Monday, November 29, 7pm Eastern—release the past to create space for the new
  4. Saturday, December 4, 2pm Eastern—special Hana I Ka Pono experience with Kahu Lāhela
  5. Monday, December 6, 7pm eastern—look ahead to 2022
  6. Monday, December 13, 7pm Eastern—prepare a Soul Day to complete 2021 and create a mandala for 2022
  7. Sunday, January 9, 2022, 2pm Eastern—Mandala Blessing and Celebration

Access to a password-protected resource page with recordings of all sessions in both video and audio formats, plus several bonus videos and PDFs, and gift of November-December and December-January lunar calendar and journal cycles from April McMurtry, The Moon is My Calendar

Bonus videos

  • Master Class on How to Look Back with Janet Conner
    including: previous mandalas, deep soul writing questions, tracking what happened on solar and lunar calendars, labyrinth, natal chart, and multiple mystical messengers from animals to Tarot
  • How to Use a Labyrinth to Look Back with Emma Kupu Mitchell (inspired by labyrinth training with Lauren Artress)
  • The Power of 2022 numerology and astrology insights with Emma Kupu Mitchell
  • Locate and Understand Your Mid Heaven with Emma Kupu Mitchell and Janet Conner
  • How to Create your Natal Chart with MC with Emma Kupu Mitchell
  • How to Use The Moon is My Calendar with April McMurty and Janet Conner
  • How to Make a Mystical Mandalawith Janet Conner
  • How to Balance the Universal Vibration of 6 in 2022 with your Personal Year with Emma Kupu Mitchell and Janet Conner
  • Her Garden of Reverence sacred anointing oil and anointing practice with Janet Conner and Emma Kupu Mitchell
  • Hana I Ka Pono with Kahu Lahela Johnson
  • Seven Steps to Get Into Theta with Janet Conner
  • Theta Music to support your soul writing

Membership in a private Facebook discussion group (optional) .



Regular sessions: Monday, November 15, 22, 29, and December 6, 13, 7-9:15 pm Eastern Standard Time
UK Watch Party: Thursday, Nov 18, 25, and Dec 2, 9, 16, 7pm UK/8pm Europe
Special session: Hana I Ka Pono Saturday, Dec 4, 2-4:00 pm Eastern
Mandala Blessing: Sunday, Jan 9, 2022, 2-4:15 pm Eastern

All sessions are recorded in both video and audio formats and available for viewing within 24 hours.



If you require financial assistance, Janet and Emma invite you to choose the self-selected scholarship option.

If you do not require a scholarship and wish to support this initiative, please consider adding a scholarship to your regular registration.

$ 221     if this is your first intensive in 2020
$ 167     if you have taken 1 or more intensives in 2020
$ 122     self-selected scholarship

Additional information

The Lotus and the Lily 2021 Prayer Intensive

$221 if this is your first intensive in 2021, $167 if you’ve taken one or more intensives in 2021, $122 self-selected scholarship

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