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What is Through the Lunar Looking Glass prayer intensive?

Through the Lunar Looking Glass is an unusual prayer intensive designed to bring us into intimate communion with our Mother, the Moon. The moon herself has orchestrated the timing:

  • We open with a celebratory moon tea on Sunday April 11, the first day of a new lunar year, to celebrate the ancient circular time rhythms that have guided humanity throughout time, and open to day 1 of a 13 cycle dance with the mystical wisdom of this lunar year
  • In this moon-guided intensive, we will be together for one complete lunar cycle, dark moon to dark moon, so we can begin to feel her movement in our own bodies
  • In perfect synchronicity, our weekly gatherings come in syncopated rhythms under her waxing, full, and waning phases, each nurtured by one of the 4 elements
  • We will complete our intensive with a final moon tea on Sunday May 9, gathering in joy to celebrate our adventures in Through the Lunar Looking Glass

There are many ways to drink the moon, to open to the magic of cycles and harvesting gratitude for our sacred seeds of intention. Get to know how the moon speaks to you. Join us as we explore the moon through the looking glass in all her phases and answer her dare to come and drink me!

What themes will be illuminated in our time together?

In this intensive we will:

  1. develop and deepen our personal and collective relationship with the moon and lunar time
  2. cultivate a personal practice of listening to the moon and to our intuition
  3. explore how the moon invites us to drink the mystery of her “soma nectar”

Opening Moon Tea

In our opening tea we will talk about:

  • What do you love about the moon?
  • What is time? How does seeing time as circular, ever-repeating lunar cycles, alter your experience away from the linear way time is dictated by our solar calendars?
  • What do you begin to see when you realize lunar cycles echo backwards and forwards?
  • After Lewis Carroll’s book Through the Looking-Glass was published in 1871, looking glass came to also mean “the opposite of what is normal or expected.” The image is reversed in the looking glass.
  • What does this Chandra symbol of “a bottle labeled drink me” portend?

Week One: The Moon as a Seed

Crescent Moon: hearing the call and bringing seeds of intention to life

  • What does the moon need?
  • Where does the moon live in your body?
  • Noticing your personal orbits and playing with the polarities
  • How can you be a bridge from linear to lunar time?

Earth Moon: Tending to the garden and trusting the unfolding

Week Two: The Moon as a Guide

First Quarter Moon: Creating at the crossroads

  • How can we navigate the tides of the lunar cycle and honor all the phases?
  • What are the cycles within cycles?
  • What are you opening up to? How are you drinking the moon?

Fire Moon: Igniting the light in our eyes to see in the dark

Week Three: The Moon as a Looking Glass

Full Moon: Cultivating our capacity

  • How is the moon like a looking glass?
  • Discovering the symmetry and irregularities of the lunar cycle
  • What is coming to fruition from six lunar cycles ago?

Water Moon: Flowing in the depths of nourishment

Week Four: The Moon as an Ancestor

Last Quarter Moon: Reflecting and releasing

  • Who is the Moon? Expanding on the maiden, mother, death crone archetypes
  • What is the wisdom of waning?
  • Creating a sacred grief practice
  • Disappearing with the moon and surrendering to impermanence

Air Moon: Communicating and connecting through the lunar airwaves.

Closing Moon Tea

We complete our lunar cycle gathering once more to sip tea and share the elixirs we have received in this first lunar cycle dance.

Our Schedule

Four 2 1/4-hour live sessions plus two ceremonial Moon Teas with April McMurtry, creator of The Moon is My Calendar, and Janet Conner, prayer artist and mystic witch.

What will you receive?

Access to all recorded sessions.

Access to a password-protected resource page with recordings of all sessions in both video and audio formats, plus bonus videos and PDF Handbooks with support material and resources for this intensive.

Bonus videos include:

  • “How to find your lunar birthday and celebrate its constant return” with April McMurtry
  • “What is The Moon is My Calendar and how does it help us practice self-study in relationship to cycles” with April McMurtry
  • “How I use The Moon is My Calendar and the surprises she reveals!” with Janet Conner and April McMurtry
  • “The Lunar Looking Glass” Sacred Anointing Oil and Anointing practice with Emma Kupu Mitchell, who receives plant and mystical guidance on the content of the oils in alignment with the sacred prayer embedded in each intensive, along with Janet Conner, who receives guidance on the anointing practice itself (Note: purchase of the oil from Emma is optional, you can use any oil you love during the anointing)
  • “Seven Steps to Get Into Theta” on how to drop into the theta brainwave state while writing with Janet Conner
  • Theta Music to support you in your soul writing and other threshold experiences

Membership in a private Facebook discussion group (optional)


$ 77    self-selected scholarship

Additional information

Through the Lunar Looking Glass Prayer Intensive

$221 if this is your first intensive in 2021, $176 if you have been in one or more intensives in 2021, $140 self-selected scholarship

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