Mary Magdalene as the Black Madonna Prayer Intensive



What is Mary Magdalene as the Black Madonna prayer intensive

After a lifelong intimate exploration of, and communion with, the divine feminine, Rev Meghan Don is recognized today as the voice of the divine feminine. We were blessed indeed when Meghan stepped away from writing a new book last May to lead our first Mary Magdalene intensive. During the intensive we met Mary Magdalene and received her profound message:

It is time to Trust in Love again
It is time to Surrender to Love again
It is time to Offer yourself to Love

Those words struck everyone deep in the heart and without knowing how or why or when, we began to experience calls to be of real service to love. (They Are All Our Children is just one example of how that call from Mary Magdalene was given, received, and put into practice to create transformation through the power of forgiveness.)

Everyone wanted more of Mary Magdalene and more of Meghan Don. So Meghan turned inward to receive direction on our next step. And Our Lady of Loreto, with whom Meghan has an intimate love relationship, stepped forward to guide us in meeting Mary Magdalene as the Black Madonna. This is a sacred opportunity to not only deepen your relationship with Mary Magdalene but also to begin to explore the even more ancient call to surrender to love from the Black Madonna herself.


What will you experience?

  1. hear Megan’s personal history with Our Lady of Loreto and the miraculous events that happen through this Black Madonna
  2. establish your own relationship with Our Lady of Loreto and let her energy come alive in you
  3. learn the rich history and deep mystical meaning of the Black Madonnas and why they can no longer be ignored or repressed
  4. explore how Mary Magdalene as the black bride and mother embodies the essence of the alchemical transformation of love in the Black Madonna
  5. meet 3 faces of the Black Madonna in meditation: guardian, mother of justice, healer of humanity
  6. explore how you are called to become the black mother, the guardian, the healer yourself
  7. practice a new full body anointing received from The Magdalene
  8. learn mystical chants in ancient sacred languages that awaken alchemical transformation

Who will benefit?

Mary Magdalene as the Black Madonna is an ideal intensive for you if you long to:

  • deepen your relationship with Mary Magdalene
  • establish your own relationship with Our Lady of Loreto or another Black Madonna waiting to teach you how to offer yourself to love
  • discover the pre-patriarchal mysteries of the Black Madonna
  • open to the Black Madonna’s living presence in you and as you
  • answer the call to contribute your part in the alchemical transformation awakening humanity
  • work with the Black Madonna to cut away all that is false or obstructing your fullness
  • expand and deepen your mystical prayer life

Members will receive

  • three 2 ¼ hour recorded gatherings with Janet Conner and Meghan Don
  • bonus videos and audios
    • video about the creation of the sacred anointing oil as directed by Mary Magdalene and the elementals in the plants and trees—Emma Kupu Mitchell
    • audio recordings of sacred chants—Meghan Don
    • video of Seven Steps to Get into Theta—Janet Conner
    • music recorded in the same sine wave as theta to support soul writing
  • access to password-protected resource page with
    • recordings of all 3 gatherings in video and audio formats
    • all bonus videos and audios
    • Mary Magdalene as the Black Madonna PDF Handbooks which will include Meghan Don’s personal photographs of Our Lady of Loreto in Italy, excerpts from The New Divine Feminine and sacred chants
    • link to purchase Mary Magdalene as the Black Madonna sacred anointing oil, spritzer, and Speed of Love sacred candle from Emma Kupu Mitchell
  • membership in a private Facebook discussion group

Registration – $77

Additional information

Mary Magdalene as the Black Madonna Prayer Intensive

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