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What is Mother Moon Yoga?

Mother Moon Yoga is a re-remembering, a re-birthing, a re-aligning with the original mystical essence of yoga. Yoga as we know it in the West has become very masculinized with an emphasis on strength and physical performance. But at its origin, yoga was and is a sacred communion with The Goddess, The Mother. Yoga at its heart is simply prayer. It is breath. It is gentle organic dance. Original yoga is a hymn your body sings in response to the sacred rhythms of life, of Mother Earth, and of our sweet Mother Moon.

There is nothing quite like Mother Moon Yoga. It brings together not only the sacred lineages of multiple forms of yoga, but also the astrological wisdom of the Moon, the gifts of full body anointing, the ancient vibrations of the hymns and mantras of our ancestors, all coming together to be integrated in the sacred practice of deep soul writing.

Together, these mystical practices awaken the living presence of the Feminine Divine within waiting for expression in and through and as you.


Mother Moon Yoga meets at 7:00-8:48 pm Eastern (6 central, 5 mountain, 4 pacific, 1 Hawaii, wee hours in Europe and the following morning in the Pacific Rim).

We meet on the EVE of the dark or full moon because the eve is the moment we meet the full potency of the particular lunar cycle. Every time zone experiences a moon phase sequentially, so we are going to use the time of the actual Dark or Full Moon in Hawaii.

Please note: the live Mother Moon Yoga experience is recorded and available by 1pm eastern the following day so you can repeat the experience in the preferred time in your time zone and also so that you can re-experience it multiple times throughout the 3-day phase just as your ancestors did.

Our Mother Moon Yoga gatherings are 108 minutes long:

Janet opens our gathering with an ancient hymn to the moon
Zeny leads us in a Sanskrit Water Mantra to bless our Mother Moon Yoga water
Emma creates sacred space with sound and our special anointing oil
Janet leads us in a moon and sun anointing
Emma shares the mystical wisdom of the moon in her esoteric Chandra symbol
Our Yoga Guide leads us through an asana to help us embody the wisdom of the moon
We integrate our experiences in savasana and deep soul writing with theta music
Janet completes our yoga with an ancient prayer to Isis
The community is welcome to stay for a few moments of sharing and conversation

January—Yoga, Water Blessing, and Mantra with Zeny Bagatsing Ogrisseg

  • Monday, January 11, New Moon Capricorn 24⁰
  • Tuesday, January 26, Full Moon Leo 10⁰

February—Goddess Yoga with Karen Ledesma

  • Wednesday, February 10, New Moon Aquarius 24⁰
  • Wednesday, February 24, Full Moon Virgo 9⁰

March—Yoga Nidra (to release the old lunar year) with Emma Kupu Mitchell

  • Thursday, March 11, New Moon Pisces 24⁰
  • Friday, March 26, Full Moon Libra 9⁰

April—Dance (to dance in the new lunar year) with Keren Brown

  • Friday, April 9, New Moon and New Year in Aries 23⁰
  • Saturday, April 24, Full Moon Scorpio 8⁰

What will you receive?

Eight 108-minute live Mother Moon Yoga sessions, each paired lunar cycle of a dark moon and a full moon led by a different Yogini Goddess, giving you the opportunity to experience a wide variety of lineage wisdom traditions.

Access to a password-protected resource page that will include:

recordings of all sessions in both video and audio formats
bios and videos from our Yogini Goddesses
PDF handouts on each lunar cycle’s celestial Moon wisdom, prayers to the moon, sacred mantras, moon chart

Bonus videos including:

Emma Kupu Mitchell and Janet Conner on the Mother Moon Anointing oil and prayer
Emma Kupu Mitchell on the Sabian and Chandra symbol systems
Janet Conner and Emma Kupu Mitchell on the Moon Chart and Hawaiian Lunations
Zeny Bagatsing-Ogrisseg on the Water Mantra
Janet Conner on the Carmina Gadelica invocations to the moon and the Isis prayer
Janet’s teaching video on how to deep soul write in the mystical theta brainwave state
Audio of 25 minutes of Theta Music
and more as Mother Moon Yoga continues

Membership in a private Facebook discussion group (optional)


$144 ($18 per session, 18 is the Moon in Tarot)


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