The Numbers in You



What is The Numbers in You?

The Numbers in You is a whole new kind of prayer intensive designed to help you understand and embrace your soul’s evolution. In this intensive, you will explore the numeric vibrations in your name at birth and over time, the life path revealed in your birthdate, and the power of your personal year that shifts on every birthday.

For many of us, numerology sounds like an esoteric system reserved for those with intense training. And in some ways, it is. Numerology has a long deep history revealed through ancient Greek and Hebrew in the hidden numeric system called Gematria. Going back much further, numerology was birthed through the mind and heart of the most brilliant and mystical man who ever lived, Pythagoras.  But fear not. Our guide, depth numerologist Emma Kupu Mitchell, has a special and sacred ability to explain and distill the profound mystical wisdom held in numbers into comprehendible bits that help you understand who you are and the sacred purpose, gifts, lineage, and challenges you carried into this world. When you know how to recognize and decipher the messages in numbers—in you and all around you—a whole new layer of meaning opens to you.

What will you learn?

Here are some questions we will explore together:

  1. What is numerology—its history, lineage, purpose?
  2. Who was Pythagoras, what did he teach, why did he create this esoteric system?
  3. What is the wisdom of the values symbolized in the numbers 0-9?
  4. What are master numbers, why are they so important, how do they influence or alter numeric patterns?
  5. How do you calculate the numeric vibration in your name and changes in your name? What does your name reveal about your strengths, purpose, and lineage?
  6. How do you calculate the numeric vibration in your birthdate? What does this vibration reveal about your lessons, challenges, and gifts in this lifetime?
  7. What is an attainment number and why is it the key to understanding your soul’s evolution in this lifetime?
  8. How do you calculate, track, and work with your personal year? What information is carried in this cyclical 9-year pattern?
  9. How can numerology help you understand your relationships, family, children…?
  10. How does numerology help you decipher the messages of numbers all around you: in addresses, clock time, calendar dates, money…any recurring or unusual appearances of numbers?


Why does this intensive matter now?

Our scientific and mystical systems agree that everything is energy and vibration. The moment has arrived to take that knowing out of our minds as an idea, observation, fact, and drop it deep into our bodies where we can feel how specific energies and vibrations are calling us contribute to the creation of a healthier world.

We are in a two-year pivotal capsule of time carrying us to the dawn of a critical new lunar year in the spring of 2021. In this period of intense transition, we have a choice. We can watch the wreckage caused by the collapse of patriarchal systems with fear, or we can dig deep into our soul’s calling—wisdom held in the vibration of our name, birthdate, and more—and step forward to contribute our gifts, our wisdom, and our sacred medicine to create a world of harmony, reverence, and love. There could not be a more perfect or important time to learn—and live—numerology.

Who will benefit?

The Numbers in You is an ideal experience for you if you wish to:

  • Absorb the ancient wisdom of numerology beyond anything you can read in a book
  • Recognize and understand the numeric information that is constantly all around you
  • Understand what your soul was choosing and communicating in your name and birthdate
  • Learn to track and work with your personal year to support your soul’s evolution
  • Understand your relationships in a deeper more meaningful way
  • Take numerology multiple steps deeper into self-awareness and even world-awareness
  • Prepare for an in-depth numerology consultation so you can benefit more fully from the information

What will you receive?

  • 3 two-hour recorded sessions with Emma Kupu Mitchell and Janet Conner
  • access to a password-protected resource page with recordings of all 3 session in video and audio formats, plus bonus videos and audios
  • PDF Handbooks for each session with numeric worksheets and bibliographies
  • link to purchase The Numbers in You anointing oil, spritzer, and candle from Emma Kupu Mitchell (optional)
  • membership in a private Facebook discussion group
  • discount for a private consultation with Emma Kupu Mitchell (optional)

Registration – $77

Additional information

The Numbers in You

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