The Radical Path of the Divine Feminine Hidden in the Rosary Intensive



What is The Radical Path of the Divine Feminine Hidden in the Rosary prayer intensive?

As a prayer artist, I am a deep student and lover of prayer. But by “prayer,” I don’t mean the rote prayers of our dominant religions. As so many of us have discovered, those prayers don’t hold the wonder and mystery we are hungry for. The prayers I adore are Original Prayers—forever ancient, yet somehow always fresh and new. Sound like a paradox? Well, paradox is where the divine lives. And I have quite the prayer paradox for you.


  • What prayer is so ancient, its origins lost in the sands of time, yet so new and vibrant that it brings you alive?
  • What prayer is an endless thread that holds the garden of the world together?
  • What prayer listens to your worries, takes you by the hand, and walks you through them?
  • What prayer activates the living Presence of the Divine Feminine in you and in the whole world?
  • What prayer simultaneously embodies the mystical power of mantra and the transformational power of story?

Only one. The Rosary. But not the rosary as you may think you know it. This is the ancient rosary that women and men prayed for millennia stretching back to Paleolithic times to honor the Goddess. With garlands of roses. And garlands of prayers.

This is the Rosary I discovered in Clark Strand and Perdita Finn’s The Way of the Rose. This is the rosary that has completely transformed my life. And this is the rosary I now offer to you in the only prayer intensive Clark and Perdita will lead in 2020. Enter the Garden with us and discover the radical path of the Divine Feminine who is waiting for you in Her precious beads.

What questions will you explore?

There are three core mystical powers in the living rosary: Mother, Mantra, and Mystery. Enter these and the rosary is yours for life. Perdita and Clark will guide us in exploring questions like these:


  • What does it mean to turn to the Mother?
  • How do you understand the Mother?
  • How does your mother relationship impact your relationship with the Divine Feminine?
  • What does it mean to live in a world where the Mother is in charge?
  • What does it mean for men to acknowledge the Mother?


  • Why are some words more powerful than other words?
  • Can words be more powerful than silence?
  • How does mantra unify us with the natural world?
  • What’s the difference between mantra, prayer, and spell?
  • Is embodiment more important than enlightenment?


  • What makes a mystery?
  • How are the mysteries a feminist storytelling tradition?
  • How do we initiate ourselves into mystery?
  • How are the Christian mysteries derived from the most ancient mystery cults of the Mediterranean?
  • How do we access the mysteries in our lives and use them to transform our own lives?


What will you discover?

  1. The true story of the ancient goddess rosary
  2. The rosary’s original alchemical power and how the Catholic church tried to remove it
  3. The three faces of the Goddess in the original Hail Mary
  4. The trinitarian balance of the Sacred Masculine, Divine Feminine, and Child in the original Glory Be
  5. The living presence of the Mother in the ancient rosary expressed in you and in the earth
  6. The mystical power of communal prayer
  7. The ancient prayer of full-body anointing—as ancient as the rosary (Mary Magdalene is dictating the contents of the sacred oil to Emma Kupu Mitchell in Hawaii)
  8. How to enter the circle of time
  9. How to awaken the living presence of the Divine Mother in her rosary
  10. How to pray a Novena following the three mystery story cycles


What will you receive?

Four 2 ¼ hour live sessions with prayer artist, Janet Conner, and authors Perdita Finn and Clark Strand including a closing mystical celebration

Extra BONUS session on NOVENA!

Access to a password-protected resource page with recordings of all sessions in both video and audio formats, PDF handbooks, bonus materials, and a link to purchase the Sacred Anointing Oil
Bonus videos including a video with Emma Kupu Mitchell on the sacred anointing oil and a teaching video on how to deep soul write in the mystical theta brainwave state
Membership in a private Facebook discussion group (optional)



Additional information

Rosary Prayer Intensive

Rosary Prayer Intensive $202, If you were in the Theta Intensive $166, If you are a member of the Way of the Rose Community $166, Self-Selected Scholarship $121


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