Somatic Writing Prayer Intensive




What is the Somatic Writing prayer intensive?

You are a writer. We are all writers.

Everyone has the ability to write their story, but often we get stuck, or think we’re stuck, because we don’t know how to access the deeper layers of nuance and memory that are held in our bodies, or soma. These sensations may have their origins in events from our own lives or even in the traumas our ancestors experienced. The word “soma” originates from Latin and Greek and means both body and spirit.

During our Somatic Writing Prayer Intensive, we will work at the nexus, the liminal intersection of body, soul, and spirit. In a process called Story Archeology, our deepest stories will reveal themselves as we peel back the layers in our soma where our stories are stored or frozen. Through our writing we will bring in resources, such as our ancestors, animal and nature guides, and our connection to pleasure, in order to open to our stories, and our bodies, in a radically different way.

We will be retrieving parts of our stories—and parts of ourselves—that have been in exile, marginalized by family as well as a culture that did not understand the depth of who we really are, and the mystic, intuitive, and artistic gifts we carried.

What is our inquiry in our time together?

Week One: Stories Held in the Nervous System: Flight and Flight

  • What are the stories your nervous system holds?
  • What is the vagus nerve and how does it impact the framework through which you see and tell your stories?
  • What is the relationship between our nervous system and our ancestors’ stories?
  • What is the relationship between embodied history and DNA storytelling?
  • What stories reside under our traumas that are longing to be heard?

Week Two: Stories from the Lungs: Frozen Grief and Longing

  • When we come into relationship with our lungs, what stories want to be shared, and tears shed, over long-buried losses?
  • How can connecting with our ancestors, animals, and nature guides support us in retrieving our grief to support artistic breakthrough?
  • How have we fought against knowing all that we know?
  • How can we be supported in moving out of fight or flight mode so we can slow down enough to access our stories of loss in a way that does not overwhelm us?

Week Three: Writing the Gut and Land: Resources for Digesting Pain and Opening to Pleasure

 How can we digest our individual, familial, and ancestral stories so we are empowered to make new choices?

  • How to write in relationship to our mouth, stomach and the gut, which is the one place that Westerners are the most disassociated from?
  • What’s the relationship between our gut and the land that we come from, keeping in mind that land is our resource and that the spirit of the land lives within us, and possibly the place to which we return upon death?

Closing Celebration: Body and Spirit Centered Reflections and Prayers

In our final gathering, we will have an opportunity to reimagine our stories in circle, and to reflect on our insights, breakthroughs, and transformations, as we release old traumas, access our stories in new ways, and refresh our voices together in a depth-based creative and prayer-inspired community.

Our Schedule

Four 2 1/4-hour live sessions with writing guide, performance artist, and creator of Somatic Writing, Tanya Taylor Rubinstein, and prayer artist and mystic witch, Janet Conner

Session1: Tuesday March 9, 7-9:15pm Eastern—Stories Held in the Nervous System
Session 2: Tuesday March 16, 7-9:15pm Eastern—Stories from the Lungs
Session 3: Tuesday March 23, 7-9:15pm Eastern—Writing the Gut and Land
Session 4: Closing Celebration: Sunday, March 28, 2-4:15 pm Eastern

During this intensive, both the US and Europe will shift from Standard to Daylight time. The US on Saturday March 14 before our 2nd gathering. The UK and Europe on Sunday March 28 for our final celebration.

You can use this tool to convert time zones. If we have several members in UK and European time zones, a watch party will be arranged for Thursday at 7pm UK/8p Europe time.

All sessions are recorded in both video and audio formats and available for viewing within 24 hours

What will you receive?

Invitation to all 4 live sessions

Access to a password-protected resource page with recordings of all sessions in both video and audio formats, plus bonus videos and PDF Handbooks with support material and resources for this intensive

Bonus videos include:

  • “Somatic Writing Foundational Tools” pdf from Tanya introducing the four keys to somatic writing
  • 4 teaching videos on the 4 foundational tools by Tanya Taylor Rubinstein:
    Tool 1—the Writing Altar
    Tool2—the Embodied Writing Practice
    Tool 3—Wisdom Writing
    Tool 4—the As Above/So Below Walking Practice
  • A 22-minute intimate video with Tanya telling her story, her background, her coaching, how she found Somatic Writing and what Somatic Writing is. This is a superb introduction to Tanya.
  • Seven Steps to Get Into Theta on how to drop into the theta brainwave state while writing with Janet Conner—a lovely support for Somatic Writing. The two writing practices are not two different practices, but two mirrors of how to tap into the wisdom carried in your wise loving divine body.
  • Theta Music to support you in your soul writing and any other creative experiences
  • “The Garden of the Body” Sacred Anointing Oil and Anointing practice with Emma Kupu Mitchell, who receives plant and mystical guidance on the content of the oils from the plants themselves and Mary Magdalene, and Janet Conner, who receives guidance on the anointing practice itself (Note: purchase of the oil from Emma is optional, you can use any oil you love during the anointing)

Membership in a private Facebook discussion group (optional)


If you require financial assistance, Janet and Tanya invite you to choose the self-selected scholarship option.

If you do not require a scholarship and wish to support this initiative which has made it possible for hundreds of people to join Janet’s intensives, please consider adding a scholarship to your regular registration.

$ 221     if this is your first intensive in 2021
$ 176     if you were in Take Back the Magic, Take Back the Dead
$ 140     self-selected scholarship

Additional information

Somatic Writing Prayer Intensive

$221 if this is your first intensive in 2021, $176 if you were in Take Back the Magic, Take Backthe Dead, $140 self-selected scholarship

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