On Demand: The ART of Becoming a Witch 3 Prayer Intensive



What we will explore together in
The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch:
How to Awaken, Remember, and Trust
The Power, Beauty, and Joy of Original Prayer



  • Why we are called to become Whole and Holy Witches 
  • Invocations: Archangels Luci and Michael, Joan of Arc, Our Lady Queen of Magicians, 7 Oracles
  • Story of Mystica InnerVersity, our 7 original WitchArts, The Witch Sequence, and the 7 dragons
  • Why Original Prayer is our 3rd gift: chakra, numerology, triad 
  • Meet Origina: The Memory of Prayer 
  • Introduction to the ancient 7-circuit labyrinth
  • Make a finger labyrinth and walk it together
  • Full body anointing: Mystic Family, Cast a Circle, A Magician’s Anointing Spell, Her Garden of Reverence



To prepare ourselves for deep alchemy, we open each Learning Gathering creating Sacred Space with all our senses, then invoke Archangels Luci and Michael, Joan of Arc, and the 7 Oracles. We share a full body anointing that includes A Mystic Family Call, Casting a Circle, Invitation to Anoint, A Magician’s Anointing Spell, and ends as we plant the seed of Her Garden of Reverence in our hearts. The icing on the cake of this rich preparation section is an Oracle message through Cathy Pratt. 

We then explore a lie about prayer and a beautiful truth, experiment with creating new prayer forms, embody a prayer artist prayer, make and walk a 7-circuit labyrinth, and drop into theta for deep soul writing. All Learning Gatherings end with an ancient prayer, The Blessing of Isis. 

To bring what we learn to life, we gather a few days later for an experiential journey deep into the mystic. 

 Learning Gathering 1: WHO

Big Lie: be afraid, god is an external white male spewing laws and punishments
Beautiful Memory: be not afraid, the Mother is here, She is alive in all

    • “Where’s god the Mother?” What happens when god changes gender and returns in our bodies? A whole new look at the Hanged (Wo)Man 
    • Who is your Beloved Feminine? How does addressing Her by name change the power and beauty of your prayers?
  • Who is the original trinity? She who was, She who is, She who ever shall be
  • Who is your Mystic Family? How do you recognize them? Call them? Work with them?

Prayer Artist prayer: “There You Are”
Prayers you will create: Mystic Family Call, your personal name for the Sacred Feminine 

Experience 1: Journey to meet your beloved WHO

Learning Gathering 2: WHERE

Big Lie: you can only find god in a building
Beautiful Memory: prayer is alive in everything and everywhere—and in you

  • Where did we pray before religion? 
  • Why did patriarchy destroy our spaces?
  • Casting a Circle—an ancient, original prayer
  • Labyrinths and tombs—the labyrinth reveals her ancient secrets through dreams

Pryer Artist prayer: “Love Songs”
Prayers you will create: Cast a Circle, make and walk 7-circuit labyrinths

Experience 2: Journey to remember WHERE you prayed, not just without, but within


Learning Gathering 3: WHAT 

Big Lie: religion took the magic out of prayer to block women from experiencing the transcendental power of prayer
Beautiful Memory: I know how to pray. I have always known how to pray. I am prayer

  • All prayers are spells. The root of the word witch means turning and twisting to infuse everything we make and do with prayer
  • What prayer was once and again: redefining and restoring prayer to its central powerful role 
  • What happens when we sanctify images, statues, braids, bracelets, food, journals…by infusing them with prayer   
  • Prayer beads and mantras—an ancient way to pray

Prayer Artist prayer: “Do You Feel That Breeze”
Prayers you will create: your own Triple Goddess prayer

Experience 3: Share our personal prayers and infuse them into something precious


Learning Gathering 4: WHY   

Big Lie: god holds grudges, seeks revenge, and doles out punishment
Beautiful Memory: the sweetness of freedom comes through the surprising power of forgiveness

  • We think forgiveness is hard, if not impossible, but what if we are not the one forgiving?
  • What happens when we realize we have been both the victim and the perpetrator in this life and in previous lives? Who are you if you choose to forgive?
  • How do we forgive? What prayers are effective? Can we forgive the unforgivable?
  • How does forgiveness affect our bodies and the morphic field through all time?

Prayer Artist prayer: “If I Forgave You”
Prayers you will create: a personal forgiveness prayer

Experience 4: Journey into a past life, meet someone who hurt you, and experience what happens if you make the decision to end that story and forgive through all time


Learning Gathering 5: HOW

Big Lie: prayer asks god to fix people; it’s selfish to pray for what you want
Beautiful Memory: praying for one is praying for all 

  • How do we get beyond the lie that it’s selfish to pray for what we want? How can we even know what our heart’s desires are? 
  • How do we pray for ourselves?
  • How do we summon our dead and ask for their help?
  • How do we pray for others? The Love Loving Love meditation

Prayer Artist prayer: “Sometimes I Pray”
Prayers you will create: a heart’s desire statement, a summoning prayer for the dead 

Experience 5: Share the experience of praying for our own heart’s desires and praying for someone else, Journey to receive your WitchArt gift of prayer 



Prayer intensives in the Theatre of the Miraculous always conclude with a mystical party, a delightful celebration created by the members as we share their discoveries, creative expressions, and gifts. In our celebration for Original Prayer, we will share our prayers, prayer practices, prayer art—anything and everything that has emerged as we embrace our sacred WitchArt of Original Prayer. 


What will you receive?

Recordings of the gatherings: Opening and Closing Ceremonies, 5 Learning Gatherings, 5 Experiential journeys, Equinox Ceremony, and Total Solar Eclipse

Access to a password-protected Resource Page with recordings of all gatherings in both video and audio formats, plus a feast of support materials:

Getting Started PDFs

  • Welcome Handbook—introduction, bios, Mystica InnerVersity, Theatre of the Miraculous, The Witch Sequence, Origina: The Memory of Prayer
  • Labyrinth Handbook—articles, examples, history, seed pattern, bibliography
  • Prayer Handbook—anointing and many other prayers
  • How to make a 7-circuit labyrinth
  • Seed Pattern
  • The Witch Sequence labyrinth 

Bonus Videos 

    • Janet and Cathy on The Witch Sequence: 7 WitchArt gifts, 7 chakras, 7 oracles
    • Janet and Cathy on How to Draw a 7-Circuit Labyrinth
  • Emma Kupu Mitchell and Janet on Pythagoras’ Karmic Numbers
    • Emma Kupu Mitchell on Becoming Anointing Oil 
    • Emma and Geralyn Camarillo on our Witch Pendulum
    • Janet, Cathy, and Suzi von Mensenkampff on Choosing your Familiar
    • Marcia Wade, Cathy, and Janet on the Draconis Constellation
  • Emma, Cathy, and Janet on Dragons in your Natal Chart
  • Jennifer Catalano and Cathy on the 7 notes of the labyrinth Crystal Tones Alchemy Bowls
  • Kahu Lāhela Johnson on Hana I Ka Pono
  • Janet on 7 Steps to Get into Theta plus 25-minute theta music audio
  • and more as the intensive unfolds

Support Materials—optional
Members can purchase a wide range of materials Cathy Stevens Pratt and other artists have created for The Witch Sequence:

  • A.R.T. 3 journal created by Cathy Stevens Pratt
  • Posters of Origina, the other Oracles, Archangel Luci, Michael, Draconis and more
  • 50” The Witch Sequence cloth 
  • a whole host of items in Cathy’s Zazzle store
  • handmade rosaries or chaplets by Geralyn Camarillo and Cathy Stevens Pratt
  • Becoming Oil, spritzer, and candle by Emma Kupu Mitchell
  • Witch Pendulum by Geralyn Camarillo



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