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WitchArt Gift #4: Myrrhophore Anointing

Emma Kupu Mitchell and I have a long delicious history of creating powerful anointing practices that amplify the purpose and energy of my intensives. Emma receives messages from the plants and from Mary Magdalene herself on the formula for each anointing oil and I receive the words and movements. For years we have said we would create an intensive on anointing, but somehow it was never the right time. Good thing we waited, because this anointing intensive is radically different from anything we might have created prior to The Witch Sequence. Now, under the guidance of the Magdalen Triad, we invite you to step onto the fourth circuit and awaken ancestral memories of your own place in the ancient lineage of Myrrhophores. The content of this intensive might seem a bit wild, even strange, at first glance. As well it should; there is nothing like it. 

In Myrrhophore Anointing you will: 

  • Open the doorway of memory, cross the threshold, and awaken blood-deep rememberings of the ancient Myrrhophore Mysteries
  • Meet and work with all three persons, hearts, and wombs of the Magdalen Triad
    1. Develop an intimate relationship with your personal Myrrhophore Council 
    2. Receive an expanded 360° Cariad Heart capable of healing self and others
    3. Learn ancient methods of sacred anointing: in-person and at-a-distance, with and without oils
    4. Dive into the great mystery: you are not anointing; you are being anointed
  • Rediscover the pre-patriarchal truth: anointing does not bestow anything from without; it awakens something within 
  • Create your Shamanic Womb Initiation Mandala
  1. Fall madly in love with your personal, intimate, full body anointing practice
  2. Re-member who you are: a sovereign witch/wizard, priestess/priest in a most ancient and holy lineage



Magdala: Oracle of the Sacrament of Remembering

At the entrance to each circuit of The Witch Sequence labyrinth, we are greeted by an Oracle who accompanies us throughout the intensive. Aurora—Oracle of Intuition helped us activate our natural intuitive senses. Mystica—Oracle of the Thresholds helped us awaken our innate ability to crisscross the thresholds between worlds. Origina—the Memory of Prayer led us deep into the embodied memory that prayer, like mitochondria, is our vital life force, alive in every cell of our bodies. Origina upended everything religion has told us about prayer. 

Now, as we approach the entrance to the 4th circuit, the path of the heart, Magdala comes forward with her unusual name: Oracle of the Sacrament of Remembering. She took several weeks to reveal her full majestic image. To welcome her, open your knowing eyes, your remembering ears, and your ancient Myrrhophore heart, for Magdala is an entire mystic library. 

On May 23, under the Sagitarius Full Moon, Magdala delivered a message for us through Cathy:
Come. Stand near me my sisters and brothers. You have traveled far and I am celebrating you. But stay humble, we have much work to do. Welcome to this forever line of healers. Your open eyes, ears, and hearts show me you are ready. I too am ready to add my breath to your precious inner ember, so you may lead all back to our Garden. It is time.”

What we will explore together in
The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch:
How to Awaken, Remember, and Trust
The Ancestral Mysteries of Myrrhophore Anointing



  • Welcome: The Witch Sequence prayer, invocations, Theatre of the Miraculous
  • The Hidden Eleven: the mysteries hiding in our Oracles’ names
  • Myrrhophore Anointing: the ancient mystery and heartbeat of the whole and holy Witch
  • Meet Magdala: Oracle of the Sacrament of Remembering 
  • Make and walk a finger labyrinth, absorb the “Song of the Labyrinth” played on Crystal Alchemy Bowls, receive the “ensouled” questions you’ve carried for lifetimes 
  • Start your Shamanic Womb Initiation Mandala  


To prepare for deep alchemy, each Learning Gathering includes: 

  • Multi-sensory Sacred Space
  • Invocations to Archangels Luci and Michael, Joan of Arc, and our 7 Oracles
  • Full body anointing: Oil activation, Mystic Family Call, Witches CircleA Magician’s Anointing Spell, and the seed of Her Garden of Reverence 
  • Celestial support with Emma Kupu Mitchell
  • Oracle message through Cathy Stevens Pratt
  • Visio Divina with Magdala
  • Make and walk a 7-circuit labyrinth
  • Deep soul writing
  • Concluding prayer: The Blessing of Isis. 

To bring what we learn to life, we gather a few days later for an Experiential Journey deep into the ancestral mysteries of Myrrhophore Anointing 

 Learning Gathering 1: The Myrrhophore Lineage and the Magdalen Triad

“The Myrrhophore tradition grew from ‘celestial medicine’ that was practiced in the temples of ancient Egypt…. Myrrhophores, also known as myrrh bearers or mistresses of the oils, were priestesses skilled in helping people…realign with their true soul essence and heal the wounds in the soul caused by events not only in this life, but also in previous lives…. The most famous myrrhophore was Mary Magdalene.” Felicity Warner, Sacred Oils

  • The Myrrhophore Lineage—the Red Thread
  • The Magdalen Triad—3 names, 3 wombs, 3 hearts 
  • Your Priestess Grimoire

Experiential Journey 1: Meet Your Myrrhophore Council

Learning Gathering 2: Your 360° Cariad Heart

“In order to understand the Red Priestesses of the ancient Near East, the lineage of the Magdalene, we must see and feel the world as they did, to know the desire of their sha—their heart-womb—and to make a bridge to the spirit power they served.”  Seren Bertrand & Azra Bertrand M.D., Magdalene Mysteries

  • The 4th Chakra—the heart of the whole and holy witch
  • From Empty to Transparent to “I am ready”
  • Your 360° Cariad expanded heart  

Experiential Journey 2: Your Cariad Heart


Learning Gathering 3: Myrrhophore Anointing Oils

“The practice of sacred oils is very different (from modern or clinical aromatherapy). Its roots are based in ancient shamanic magic and ritual practice, enabling us to contact our guides or power animals. The smell of the oil being used isn’t important…it’s the oil’s spiritual and esoteric qualities that are important.” Felicity Warner, Sacred Oils

  • Full Body Anointing
  • How to Honor, Activate, and Work with Sacred Oils
  • Our Cariad Oil 
  • How to Make Holy Water and Sanctify Oils

Experiential Journey 3: Ancestral Memory of Creating a Sacred Oil

Learning Gathering 4: The Miracle of Anointing Yourself    

The Great Mystery: “You are not praying, you are being prayed
You are not anointing, you are being anointed.” Janet Conner

  • Caress your Holy Body with Language, Sight, Touch
  • You are Her Sacred Treasure of Life
  • Create your personal mirror Love Loving Love Anointing Practice

Experience 4: Experience Being Anointed


Learning Gathering 5: The Ancestral Memory of Anointing Others

“Anointing happens many ways. It is all about witnessing and making yourself whole.
You may anoint with your eyes…
You may anoint with a touch…
You may anoint with words…
You may anoint with thoughts…”
Miryam the Migdalah Speaks

  • The ancient history of Myrrhophore Anointing
  • Myriad Anointing Practices: at a distance and close, with and without oils
  • Why Anointing is the Sacrament of Remembering
  • ART-i-fact for Myrrhophore Anointing

Experiential Journey 5: A Witches Homecoming in Sardinia



Prayer intensives in the Theatre of the Miraculous always conclude with a mystical party and delightful celebration. In our celebration for Myrrhophore Anointing, we will:

  • Share our Shamanic Womb Initiation Mandalas and ART-i-facts
  • Make a final finger labyrinth and absorb the “Song of the Labyrinth” played by Jennifer DeVille Catalano on Crystal Alchemy Bowls
  • Initiation Ceremony into the Myrrhophore Mysteries 

What will you receive?

Invitations to 12 live gatherings: Opening and Closing Ceremonies, 5 Learning Gatherings, 5 Experiential Journeys, Equinox Ceremony—recorded

Plus everyone is invited to the 12 Watch Parties to accommodate friends in the Pacific Rim

Invitations to 5 or more Witch Café Story Salons, prayer circles such as The Labyrinth Carries Us Home (a ceremony for beloved dead), and other spontaneous gatherings—not recorded

Invitation to 3 bonus events—recorded: 

  • 2 with Cathy Pratt on how to create your personal Grimoire
  • 1 with Emma Kupu Mitchell on how to work with asteroid Magdala in your natal chart

Access to a password-protected Resource Page filled with recordings of all gatherings in both video and audio formats, plus a feast of support materials

Getting Started PDFs

  • Welcome Handbook—introduction, bios, Mystica InnerVersity, Theatre of the Miraculous, The Witch Sequence, Magdala Oracle of the Sacrament of Remembering, messages from the Magdalen Triad, bibliography, and additional resources
  • Prayer Handbook—anointing and many other prayers
  • Labyrinth Handbook—Our Witch Sequence labyrinth with 7 hidden dragons, The Labyrinth Speaks, 7 Mysteries of the Labyrinth
  • How to make a 7-Circuit Labyrinth and Seed Pattern
  • 2-Dragon Equinox Swirl 

Bonus Videos 

    • Janet and Cathy Stevens Pratt on How to Draw a 7-Circuit Labyrinth
    • Emma Kupu Mitchell and Janet on our Cariad Anointing Oil
    • Understanding the Mudras and the Associated Elements by Emma Kupu Mitchell including accompanying PDF
    • Introduction to the Vibration of the Oils by Emma Kupu Mitchell
    • Janet on The Sacrament of Anointing yourself
    • Emma Kupu Mitchell on How to Create a Natal Chart with Magdala 
    • Marcia Wade, Cathy, and Janet on the Draconis Constellation
  • Jennifer DeVille Catalano and Cathy on the 7 notes of the Song of the Labyrinth on Crystal Tones Alchemy Bowls
  • Cathy Stevens Pratt on How to Create Your Personal Grimoire 
  • Emma Kupu Mitchell and Janet on Pythagoras’ Karmic Numbers
  • Janet on 7 Steps to Get into Theta plus 25-minute theta music audio
  • and more as the intensive unfolds

Optional Support Materials
Members can purchase a wide range of materials artists have created for The Witch Sequence:

  • A.R.T. 4 journal created by Cathy Stevens Pratt
  • Posters of Magdala, Archangel Luci and Michael, Draconis and more
  • 50” fabric The Witch Sequence labyrinth 
  • Wide array of items in Cathy’s Zazzle store
  • Cariad oil and spritzer by Emma Kupu Mitchell
  • Personalized My Moon Witch Pendulum by Geralyn Camarillo 
  • Personalized Witch Altar Cloth by sacred weaver Samantha Wilde 

Membership in a private Facebook discussion group—optional


Our Schedule

A.R.T. 4 gathers in the Theatre of the Miraculous for 77 days with 21 scheduled gatherings, plus spontaneous prayer circles. The scheduled gatherings are: 

2 Opening and Closing Ceremonies
5 Learning Gatherings
5 Experiential Journeys
5 Witch Café Story Salons (often more)
2 Grimoire gatherings

1 Magdala on your Natal Chart event
1 Libra Equinox ceremony

Learning Gatherings and Open and Closing ceremonies meet on Sundays from 2-4:15 pm Eastern
Experiential Journeys meet on Thursdays from 2-3:30 pm Eastern
Watch Parties for both the Learning Gatherings and Experiential Journeys are held every Tuesday at 6pm Eastern to accommodate people in the Pacific Rim, where it will be Wednesday morning. Anyone in any time zone is welcome to join. Daylight savings time in the Pacific Rim starts September 29.
Equinox Celebration is Saturday September 21 at 2-3pm Eastern

You will receive agenda emails with the zoom link two days before and a reminder email two hours before a gathering begins

2pm Eastern = 1p Central, 12 Mountain, 11a Pacific, 8a HI, 3p Atlantic, 7p UK, 8p EU, 9p Eastern Europe, 10p Middle East. If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, check the Watch Party schedule. 

Verify the time in your home on the world clock.

Sun August 4 Opening Ceremony
Sun August 11 Learning Gathering 1
Sun August 25 Learning Gathering 2
Sun September 8 Learning Gathering 3
Sat September 21 Equinox Celebration
Sun September 22 Learning Gathering 4
Sun October 6 Learning Gathering 5
Sun October 20 Closing Celebration 

Experiential Journeys meet on the Thursday after the learning gathering for 90 minutes. 

Thurs August 15 Journey 1: Your Myrrhophore Council
Thurs August 29 Journey 2: Your Cariad Heart
Thurs September 12 Journey 3: The Ancestral Memory of Creating a Sacred Oil
Thurs September 26 Journey 4: Experience Being Anointed
Thurs October 10 Journey 5: A Witches Homecoming in Sardinia 

Witches Café Story Salons are hosted on various days, usually Wed, Thurs, or Friday with rotating times in an effort to accommodate everyone—not recorded. 

How to Create your Grimoire events, dates to be determined—recorded

Magdala the Asteroid special event with Emma Kupu Mitchell, date to be determined—recorded 

Prayer Circles Everyone is invited to Migdalah Speaks, We Pray hosted at Wendy Flaherty’s Wild Spirit Circle Facebook group from 2-2:30pm on Wednesdays. In addition, we’ll hold The Labyrinth Carries Us Home ceremony for our beloved dead, plus other prayer gatherings as requested. Prayer circles are not recorded



Your investment in this 77-day radical prayer intensive is based on the sacred number of the Witch—27—multiplied by one of Pythagoras’ four karmic numbers: 13, 14, 16, 19. 

Want to know more? Emma Kupu Mitchell recorded a bonus video about these numbers which you can view on the resource page when you register. 

Choose 19 witches if this is your first A.R.T. intensive
19 reduces to 1—the Magician in Tarot. Of course!
19 x 27 = $513 or $6.66/day—a little anti-patriarchy joke from witches of old

Choose 16 witches if you have been in one A.R.T. intensive
16 is the Tower crumbling but also Magdalen the Tower beckoning to us from the labyrinth.
16 reduces to 7, the number in The Witch Sequence!
16 x 27 = $432 or $5.61/day—12 the Hanged WoMan, a sacred totem in Original Prayer 

Choose 14 witches if you have been in 2 or more A.R.T. intensives
14 is Art in the Thoth Tarot, how perfect is that. Sabin Bailey says 14 is “Joan’s card”
14 x 27 = $378 or $4.91/day—14 again, looks like Joan doubly approves! 

Choose 13 witches if you require a self-selected scholarship
13 is Her sacred number, so terrifying patriarchy made it the Death card in Tarot. 
13 x 27 = $351 or $4.56/day—15 a card patriarchy changed from joyful Pan to evil Devil.
But it reduces to 6, the Lovers. The first new definition of prayer is “love songs” so this is perfect!

If you wish to support Janet in offering scholarships, please consider adding a $54 donation—2 witches—to your registration. 

$ 513 if this is your FIRST A.R.T. intensive
$ 432 if you have been in ONE A.R.T. intensive
$ 378 if you were in 2 or MORE A.R.T. intensives
$ 351 self-selected scholarship
$54 additional donation for scholarships

Additional information

The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch 4

$ 513 if this is your FIRST A.R.T. intensive, $ 432 if you have been in ONE A.R.T. intensive, $ 378 if you were in 2 or MORE A.R.T. intensives, $ 351 self-selected scholarship, $54 additional donation for scholarships

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