The Lotus and The Lily Harvest 2023 – Seed 2024 Prayer Intensive


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What is The Lotus and The Lily: Harvest 2023—Seed 2024 prayer intensive?

For 13 years, mystics around the world have gathered from mid-November to mid-December to identify and integrate all that has happened in the year coming to a close. We are always surprised by the meaning and wisdom that reveals itself as we take the time to look back eleven months. Then, as we approach Solstice, we listen for whispers from the seed that wants to be brought to life in the coming year. With that tender seed in our hands, we create a Mystic Mandala infused with our commitments to nourish that seed throughout the next solar year. 

Without fail, we are stunned by how the mandala we make with our hands—the mandala we think we understand—sings a song all her own, delivering insights, surprises, and synchronicities throughout the coming year, guiding us gently but firmly into a far more beautiful version of who we came here to be than we thought possible. 

The Lotus and the Lily is not a standard issue manifestation process. Indeed, it is the diametric opposite of both the patriarchal drumbeat to set goals and work hard to achieve them and the new age “law of attraction” command to focus on what you want. It is not a treasure map, vision board, or any other materialistic process packaged as spirituality. 

The Lotus and the Lily is a radical mystical exploration based on the eerily similar teachings of Buddha and Jesus on what really creates a beautiful and abundant life. 

The Lotus and the Lily is:

  • a unique way to recognize, harvest, and celebrate the hidden gifts of 2023
  • a gentle way to hear echoes from the future of the life that wants to be lived in 2024
  • a deep dive into the ancient feminine mysteries of the labyrinth and the mandala

This miraculous process comes to life without any attempts to manage, control, or predict the outcome. It is a powerful and delight-filled vehicle for alchemical transformation. And a vibrant example of the shared magic that happens in the Theatre of the Miraculous. 

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What will we explore together?

Gathering 1—Why and How We Look Back
We will open our intensive listening to the surprising parallel teachings of Buddha and Yeshua on the primacy of creating the conditions that create a fertile environment for the life that wants to be lived. Their teachings are radical, thrilling, and ignored in the mainstream. 

Fed by these radical teachings, we will begin the deep process of looking back at the 11 months of 2023, listening for each month to sing its song, and noticing how each month formed and fed and changed us in ways we didn’t recognize at the time. To help us get started, Cathy Stevens Pratt will teach us how to make a simple 3-circuit labyrinth, then we will walk that labyrinth, capturing January’s song in colors or words, or perhaps a phrase, image, or symbol. During the following week, each of us will make little labyrinths and listen for the songs of February through November. 

Gathering 2—Listen for the Harvest Song of 2023
We will record the words or symbols of the 11 songs of January through November on a medieval 11-circuit labyrinth, and then, in a Theatre of the Miraculous community experience led by Emma Kupu Mitchell, we will walk that labyrinth together, listening for 2023 to reveal her final song. This experience is always a revelation and often a total surprise. This is the moment each of us realizes what the year coming to a close has really been about. 

Gathering 3—Create Space for 2024
A foundational teaching in The Lotus and the Lily is that if you want to create something new, you must first untie the knots of the stories and wounds held deep in your body and psyche. Forgive, in Greek, means “untie the knot.” In a shared deep soul writing experience, 2023 will ask us 9 sacred questions we have not asked ourselves. Then 2023 will invite us to identify and shed all that is too small for us and return it to the earth in a ceremonial and sacred way, cleansing and clearing our bodies to prepare to create the year to come. This week of release and forgiveness is the secret to the magic that is The Lotus and the Lily.

Gathering 4—Listen for the Seed  
Having untied old knots and shed what has constricted us, we are ready to begin the process of creating 2024 by tuning into what we really want. We ask our hearts to reveal our most precious values, and the sacred medicines we long to embody, embrace, and share. (This is a far deeper and more meaningful exploration than making lists of the surface things we think we want.) Then, we will share a silent walk on the 11-circuit labyrinth aware that we have dropped into the mystery of Her Divine Womb where all creation begins. At the center, we will listen in silence as the seed whispers its secret, perhaps as a color, word, symbol, image, or phrase. It is always a mystery. 

Gathering 5—Create Your 2024 Mandala and Prayers
We will talk about how to create a Soul Day—a personal retreat to tune into the conditions that will nourish the seed of the life that wants to be lived—and how to create a Mystic Mandala that holds that seed and the conditions that will generate an abundant and beautiful life. As we make and name our mandalas, we acknowledge that we are not making the mandala, our soul is. The mandala is the physical expression of the core principle: you are not praying, you are being prayed. You think your hands are making the mandala, but in truth, it is making you. You won’t really know what your soul has put into form until next November, when we gather once more to look back at the year ending. That’s when you will discover the inner meaning of your 2024 mandala. And it will be a surprise. A holy and sweet surprise. 

Gathering 6—Celebrate and Bless our Mandalas
We have no gatherings for several weeks so that everyone can enjoy the Solstice and holiday season. During our hiatus there will be plenty of time to revisit your looking back and release experiences, and hold your Soul Day and create your 2024 mandala. 

We gather a final time on Sunday, January 7, 2024 to share, bless, and celebrate our 2024 mandalas. And talk about how to keep them alive all year long with prayer. 

Then, we will watch in awe as the life that wants to be lived in 2024 emerges in ways more magical and exciting than anything we could have planned.


You will leave The Lotus and the Lily an array of prayers including:

  • A Magician’s Anointing Spell 
  • Prayer of a Strong Container
  • Song of 2023
  • Seed for 2024
  • The Name of Your 2024 year
  • Mystic Mandala for 2024
  • Personal Conditions Chant 
  • Personal Solar Vow—received on the first day of 2024 and repeated all year in your deep soul writing 

What will you receive?

Six 2 ¼ hour live sessions with prayer artist and mystic witch Janet Conner, and guests: depth numerologist, elemental astrologer, and labyrinth facilitator, Emma Kupu Mitchell, and Her Sacred Image artist and journey guide, Cathy Stevens Pratt  


Access to a password-protected resource page with Welcome Handbook PDF and Prayer Handbook PDF, recordings of all sessions in both video and audio formats, plus several bonus videos:


  • The Lotus, The Lily, and the Labyrinth! with Janet Conner 
  • How to Make a 3-Circuit Labyrinth with Cathy Pratt (including seed pattern and instruction PDFs)
  • Master Class on How to Look Back with Janet Conner 
  • How to Use a Labyrinth to Look Back with Emma Kupu Mitchell  
  • How to Make a Mystic Mandala with Janet Conner
  • Numerology of 2024/8 with Emma Kupu Mitchell and Janet Conner
  • A Magician’s Anointing Spell sacred anointing oil with Janet Conner and Emma Kupu Mitchell
  • Seven Steps to Get Into Theta with Janet Conner 
  • Theta Music to support your soul writing and labyrinth walking 

Membership in a private Facebook discussion group (optional) 


Our Schedule


We will meet on TUESDAYS (not Mondays as we have for several years) at 6pm Eastern not 7pm. Both changes were suggested by intensive members.


  • All sessions are recorded and available within 2 days on our Resource Page 
  • To support our friends in Europe, Janet will host a UK/EU watch party on Thursdays or Fridays at 7p UK/8p EU. Everyone is welcome, no matter where you live
  • To ensure everyone can come to our mandala celebration, it is held on Sunday January 7 at 2pm Eastern 
  1. Tuesday November 14, 6:00-8:15 pm Eastern
  2. Tuesday, November 21, 6:00-8:15 pm Eastern
  3. Tuesday, November 28, 6:00-8:15 pm Eastern
  4. Tuesday, December 5, 6:00-8:15 pm Eastern
  5. Tuesday, December 12, 6:00-8:15 pm Eastern
  6. Sunday, January 7, 2024, 2:00-4:00 pm Eastern—Mandala Blessing and Celebration 

If you are an international student, use this tool to convert time zones (Sarah, insert active link)



If you require financial assistance, Janet invites you to choose the self-selected scholarship option.

If you wish to support this initiative, which has made it possible for hundreds to join these intensives, please consider adding a donation of $50 or more to your registration. Note: The $50 is not a registration option, it is an additional gift to support others. 


$ 223 if this is your first intensive in 2023
$ 178 if you have taken 1 or more intensives in 2023
$ 124 self-selected scholarship
$ 50 donation to support scholarships 

Additional information

The Lotus and the Lily 2023 Prayer Intensive

$223 if this is your first intensive in 2023, $178 if you’ve taken one or more intensives in 2023, $124 self-selected scholarship, $50 donation to support scholarships

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