The Moon & Me Prayer Intensive



What is The Moon and Me in 2019?

This new prayer intensive is created to align you with the energies of our exciting new Lunar Year as the Zodiac begins its annual dance stepping into the first sign, Aries. In perfect synchronicity, The Moon and Me in 2019 opens on Monday, April 8, just three days later.

Every Lunar Year is an opportunity to reawaken your awareness of the presence of the divine feminine in your body. But this Lunar Year is particularly abundant with intense karmic, dharmic, and creative energies as the Nodes of the Moon shift in a new direction.

Emma Kupu Mitchell and I designed this intensive to help you not only understand what’s happening, but harness the specific lunar energies in your natal chart. Why is the placement of the moon in your chart so important? Because it tells your innermost story—the sacred story you came here to express.

For this intensive, Emma Kupu Mitchell is our perfect guide. As a soul essence alignment artist, she is a deep student of elemental astrology, depth numerology, plant medicine, and sacred self-care—all of which constitute the essential soul food for this one-time intensive. In partnership with Janet, they are co-creating a lunar energy prayer intensive unlike anything that has ever been offered.


What will you experience?


  1. new full-body anointing practice mirroring the 8 phases of the moon
  2. pranayama moon breath uniting the moon with your womb
  3. guided visualization of your personal connection with the moon
  4. deeper clairsentient awakening as you track the presence of moon energy in your body
  5. your own 8-phase moon dance and nighttime moon ritual
  6. deep karmic release as you explore your relationship with the South Node in your natal chart
  7. new love relationship with your sacred purpose—dharma—as you embrace the wisdom of the North Node in your natal chart
  8. create your own lunar prayer based on the Sabian Symbol for 2019: Fairies Dancing in the Sunset


Who will benefit?


The Moon and Me in 2019 intensive is ideal for you if you want to:

  • locate your natal moon and South and North nodes in your birth chart
  • understand the cosmic meaning of the moon’s placements in the houses and elements in your natal chart
  • discover your personal moon days—something to celebrate each month
  • develop a living relationship with Mahina—the Hawaiian moon goddess
  • come home to your intuitive feminine energy and power
  • align and attune with both the collective and personal magnetic energies of creativity calling you to step into harmony with your soul’s essential self
  • remember your intimate ancient relationship with the cycles of the moon in your body
  • understand and work with the sacred feminine numeric energies of:
    8 in the phases of the moon,
    13 in the lunar cycles of a natural year
    16 in the Sabian symbol for 2019


Members will receive

  • three 2 ¼ hour recorded gatherings with Janet Conner and Emma Kupu Mitchell culminating in a Sacred Circle Ceremony of The Moon and Us in 2019 (all gatherings are recorded)
  • bonus videos
    • Composition of the sacred anointing oil as directed by the elementals in the plants and trees—Emma Kupu Mitchell
    • How to locate the Moon on your natal chart—Emma Kupu Mitchell and Janet Conner
    • How to locate the South and North Nodes of the moon in your natal chart and understand how they influence your life (dharma and karma)—Emma Kupu Mitchell and Janet Conner
    • Seven Steps to Get into Theta bonus video and theta music—Janet Conner
  • opportunity to purchase the new The Moon and Me in 2019 sacred anointing oil and either Your Sacred Medicine or the brand new Speed of Love sacred candle
  • opportunity to purchase a discounted print of “Moon Dance” by Sue Kosharek
  • access to password-protected resource page with
    • recordings of all 3 gatherings in video and audio formats
    • all bonus videos
    • The Moon and Me in 2019 PDF Handbooks
    • a wide variety of additional resources
  • membership in a private Facebook discussion group
  • 30% discount ($40) on a personal intuitive astrology and numerology session with Emma Kupu Mitchell

Additional information

The Moon & Me Prayer Intensive

The Moon & Me Prayer Intensive Live 2019 $123, Returning Members of Previous Prayer Intensives $93, Self-Selected Scholarship $66


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