Ho‛oponopono: The Radical Path to Wholeness through Radical Forgiveness Prayer Intensive



What is the Ho‛oponopono: The Radical Path to Wholeness through Radical Forgiveness prayer intensive?

Ho‛oponopono is a radical, powerful, outrageous prayer of forgiveness. A prayer of forgiveness like no other. And the prayer of forgiveness that is desperately needed at this time. As we share the experience of a global pandemic, we are all asking: what does this mean, why is this happening, how can I contribute to creating a safer, kinder, healthier world? The answer to all these questions is to know and live YOUR Kuleana—your sacred personal responsibility to serve the world.

In this radical prayer intensive you will discover your Kuleana and how to embody it through the radical power of Ho‛oponopono—the Hawaiian Shamanic prayer that restores people and situations to wholeness. As you fall in love with this prayer—and you will— Ho‛oponopono will become one of your most precious and important daily prayer practices.

Whether this is your first Ho‛oponopono intensive with Kahu Lāhela and Janet Conner or you have taken several, you are not only invited but needed now to help restore our world to her natural state of wholeness, balance, and beauty.

What is Ho`oponopono?

Ho‛oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian healing practice of forgiveness that restores individuals, families, and entire communities to Aloha—a state of wholeness, harmony, peace, and love. There are many versions; we practice the prayer form that has come down from Morrnah Simeona through Kumu Karen Carroll who also studied with Papa Kalua on Maui.


Why is this intensive so important and necessary right now?

Janet asked Kahu Lāhela that question and suddenly her guides burst into full voice with this clear declaration. They said, “Because you are being asked to be of service! What more can we do to wake you up! There is a global pandemic! We can’t do the work there because we don’t live there. You do! Take responsibility. Wake up. Stop sitting on the bleachers of life, get in the game. There is no time to wait. What are you waiting for?”


What will you experience?

  1. In a guided meditation with Kahu Lāhela, you will receive clues, symbols, or messages that help you understand and embrace your unique Kuleana—your sacred purpose and responsibilities at this moment in time.
  2. In the first week, you will pray Ho‛oponopono for yourself to release negative aka (energy) cords and experience wholeness within your body, your life, and your relationships.
  3. You will learn how to create your personal Council of Love so your prayers are surrounded and supported at all times with unconditional love.
  4. In the second week, you will pray Ho‛oponopono for your ancestors, healing past generations through to the present time, including your immediate families.
  5. In our third gathering, you will experience a visualization guided by Kahu Lāhela, in which you will step into a multi-dimensional depth of awareness, witness suffering, and pray Ho‛oponopono to cut cords that limit people anywhere on earth, freeing them to cleanse and heal themselves, their families, and their countries, restoring our world to wholeness.
  6. In our closing mystical celebration, Kahu Lāhela will lead us in an experience of the ancient Hawaiian initiation ceremony, Stepping Over the Paddle. In the company of the Goddess Herself, Mother by all her names, you will step onto the Altar of Sacred Space where She will infuse you with Her sacred breath, bestowing upon you the fullness of your unique and necessary Kuleana.

Who will benefit? This intensive is ideal for you if you desire to:

  • learn how to pray Ho‛oponopono and experience the radical power of forgiveness
  • discover your personal Kuleana—your unique responsibility in this life at this time
  • release any limitations and constrictions holding you back from fulfilling your Kuleana
  • discover what wholeness means to you
  • restore yourself, your ancestral lineage, and your world to its natural state of oneness and wholeness
  • experience the mystical power of ancient Hawaiian shamanic traditions including Ho‛oponopono, Oli (sacred chant), Blessing Bowl, and the initiation ceremony of Stepping Over the Paddle
  • deepen your relationship with yourself and your Kuleana through the “Original Prayer” anointing practice Janet received specifically for this time: The Garden of Reverence
  • take responsibility for your part in creating a world of wholeness, reverence, and beauty for all


What will you receive?

Four 2 ¼ hour recorded sessions with prayer artist, Janet Conner and Kahu Lāhela Johnson including a closing mystical celebration.

Access to a password-protected resource page with recordings of all sessions in both video and audio formats, PDF handbooks, bonus videos and audios, and a link to purchase the Sacred Anointing Oil, The Garden of Reverence. (optional).

Bonus videos will include: 4 short teaching videos by Kahu Lāhela on how to pray Ho‛oponopono for yourself, for others, and for specific situations; videos with Emma Kupu Mitchell and Janet Conner on the oils in the sacred anointing oil, The Garden of Reverence, and how to anoint yourself; video with Janet on how to call in your personal Council of Love, and a teaching video on how to deep soul write in the mystical theta brainwave state.

Membership in a private Facebook discussion group (optional).



If you require financial assistance, Janet and Kahu Lāhela invite you to choose the self-selected scholarship option.

If you do not require a scholarship and wish to support this initiative, please consider adding a scholarship registration to your regular registration.

$ 77


Additional information

Ho‛oponopono: The Radical Path to Wholeness Prayer Intensive

If this is your first Intensive of 2020 $202, If you have taken one or more intensives in 2020 $166, Self-Selected Scholarship $121


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