Writing Down Your Soul On Demand Course




The Writing Down Your Soul On Demand Course allows you to take as much time as you like on each module, without any kind of structured format.  You can complete the exercises at your own pace, as you have time for them.

As a member of the Writing Down Your Soul On Demand course you will receive all materials from the LIVE course:

~ Six 2-hour class recordings with Janet Conner in mp3 format ~

~ Thirty-Day Guide to Writing Down Your Soul PDF ($30 value) ~

~ Seven Steps to Get Into Theta streaming video ($50 value) ~

~ Weekly follow-up notes from the live sessions ~

~ Information and stories that are not in the book ~


In the On Demand course you will:
  • Learn the difference between journaling and soul writing.
  • Set up an effective deep soul writing practice.
  • Learn how to access the all-important theta brain wave state.
  • Discover how science substantiates the benefits of soul writing.
  • Activate your spiritual ear.
  • Learn four questions that do not work and five categories that do.
  • Recognize the guidance of the Voice both on and off the page.
  • Discern your Voice’s personal signature and name.
  • Collect evidence of the living presence of the Voice in your life.


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