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What is Your 2nd Renaissance?

Christine Pensa and I lead a multi-sensory creative exploration every summer. Our sacred desire is to help you open to your own deep underground river of creative expression. To help you access that river we construct an unusual course around shamanic journeys, mystical prayer practices, sacred ceremonies, and weekly creative experiments.
This year, our creativity course is going even deeper to help us move in harmony with the new heightened frequencies washing over us right now.
Have you noticed that life is moving at a different speed? The task-oriented frantic pace that has been dominant for so long is giving way to something much sweeter: The Speed of Love.


What is The Speed of Love?

After decades of setting goals and making to-do lists and working to exhaustion, we are invited to experience something very different—and way more fun! When you live at the Speed of Love:


    • Intuition is stronger than ever
    • New ideas arrive fully-formed
    • Synchronicities abound—materials and people connect across time and space instantly
    • Everything cross-pollinates everything—inspiration is constant and continuous
    • People pop out of nowhere to lead, guide, and support
    • It’s surprisingly easy to change directions and explore something new
    • You don’t know what’s next—and you’re fine with that
    • You realize you are living from a strong inner core of knowing, freedom, and peace
    • Your spiritual, imaginal, and creative lives meld into one—you are whole


Why is this happening now?

We all became a more awareness of new harmonic frequencies around the Lunar New Year. The Sabian Symbol for 2018 is “Through imagination a lost opportunity is regained.” Laura Walker, the mystical astrologer, said that this year we are all called to our “2nd Renaissance.” That means:
Something in the past has not been fully experienced and it wants to be recognized and honored and brought to life.
Imagination is the door to deep creativity and a life in harmony with the new frequencies of love. We share this moment in time, so we are each called to awaken our individual unique frequencies so that together we can create a new way of living for all.


Your 2nd Renaissance is ideal for you if you:


    • Want to start living at The Speed of Love
    • Are ready to meet and fall in love with your full creative self
    • Know there is something precious waiting to be born through you
    • Want to regain your lost opportunity, even if you’re not sure what that is
    • Know you have a deeper creative potential
    • Want to walk in harmony with new waves of love
    • Are ready to let imagination lead the way
    • Want to experience an integrated, whole, creative life
    • Want to give birth to your 2nd Renaissance in the container of a loving soul community


Members of Your 2nd Renaissance will receive:


    • Six 90-minute live sessions with Christine and Janet
    • Audio and video recordings of all sessions
    • Weekly experiences to strengthen intuition, imagination, and clairs
    • Membership in a private Facebook discussion group



Class Sessions are Wednesday evenings from 7pm to 8:30pm Eastern, 6pm Central, 5pm Mountain, 4pm Pacific, 1pm Hawaii, 8pm Atlantic, Midnight UK, 1am Europe.  It will be morning in Australia, and afternoon in New Zealand (the following day).



August 22, 29

September 5, 12, 19



Our Sacred Circle Celebration will be held on Sunday, September 30th at 2:00pm Eastern.


You can check for your own time at the WORLD TIME CONVERTER HERE.



Your Second Renaissance Course Content









Janet Conner is a prayer artist, deep soul explorer, and field guide in the mystic. Her books include Writing Down Your Soul, Soul Vows, The Lotus and The Lily, Find Your Soul’s Purpose, and two soul writing journals. She and Christine Pensa co-created a new kind of coloring book, The Soul Discovery Coloring Book. Janet also hosts The Soul-Directed Life radio show designed to help listeners notice, recognize and respond to the calls bubbling up from their own souls. In Janet’s 2nd Renaissance, she is stepping into her next role as “Sophia’s Voice.”




Christine Pensa is a visual artist, Shamanic practitioner, Creative Way-shower, and co-host of the Awakened Woman Self Care podcast. She believes daily creative practice is a joyful path to remember your authentic voice and re-member the Visual Language of Your Soul. She invites everyone to open to this portal of self discovery—through the doorway in their own divine hearts.



Full Course Tuition – $290

Special Discount for Members of The Goddess Forgives Me 2018 – $240





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Janet has given away over $90,000 in scholarships. If you feel you are ready and willing to embrace your creative potential, but do not currently have the tuition, please send Janet a brief email at explaining why you feel ready to join Express Your Soul’s Beauty. Please include where you live. She will take all the names to St Michael’s Shrine in Tarpon Springs, FL, choose the names and announce the scholarships one week before the course begins.



Have questions? Contact Janet at or 727-772-1118