Ignite Your Soul's Power for 2023 

A Winter Solstice Ritual, Meditation, and Star Infusion

fire at dawn

Our 3rd annual Winter Solstice gathering
infused with:

Sacred Ritual
Guided Meditation
Celestial Wisdom
Deep Soul Writing
Embodied Practice 


What is Ignite Your Soul's Power for 2023 event?

For three years, Rabbi and Kabbalah scholar, Tirzah Firestone, and shamanic astrologer and depth numerologist, Emma Kupu Mitchell, and I have invited you to sit around a virtual fire on the Sunday before the Winter Solstice as we open our inner ears and sacred hearts to hear Solstice sing her song. This passage—from the dark and cold of the longest Winter night (in the Northern Hemisphere) to a silent dawn breathing whisps of sunlight that promise the return of Spring—is always pregnant with possibility. But in all the commercial commotion swirling around our various winter holidays, it’s easy to miss the moment. And let the song go unheard. 

But we need this song. We need this song on this Winter Solstice more than ever. 

The Equinoxes and Solstices mark four sacred moments when our mother the Earth, our father the Sun, and our grandmother the Moon invite us to step into resonance with them, listening as they sing the eternal truth of the Sacred Feminine: life begets death, death begets rebirth. Turning and returning. We are born and reborn into Love. This is Her eternal truth. 

This is the song our pre-patriarchal ancestors knew. This is the sacred song of all life—animal, plant, human. We need this song. We need this song this December, more than ever. Because this Winter Solstice is a threshold moment, not just for the rebirth of the light to welcome one new year, but for a rebirth we have been longing for for thousands of years. 

All the celestial portents point to a sacred transition from the death throes of the Age of Pisces with all its domination, conflict, struggle, and misogyny to the dawn of the Age of Aquarius with all its radiant possibilities. Many of us have been singing about “the dawning of the Age of Aquarius” for years. And now, we stand on the cusp. In the coming year and beyond, we are called to contemplate whole new ways of living in harmony, equality, and joy. Birthing new ways of living requires quantum leaps in consciousness. Something patriarchal systems and political leaders are unwilling to do and actually incapable of doing. 

So, who will do this holy birthing work?
Who will ask the questions that must be asked?
Who will explore the possibilities?
Who will join hands and pray a new world into being? 

We will. Each one of us. Each one of us is needed. Each one of our lights is needed. 

Join Rabbi Tirzah, celestial songstress Emma, and me at this glorious birthing moment. Together, we will activate and amplify our lights as we:

  • Create sacred space with invocation and prayer
  • Pause to look back at 2022, acknowledging all that has happened
  • Consider the ramifications of the massive shifts happening in our solar system:
    • Pluto is making his third and final pass on the natal point of the US in Capricorn, asking us what we have learned about power structures and power over and power under 
    • Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is at 0° of Aries, activating the world axis point, infusing us with massive initiation energy and conscious expansion
    • Mars is deep in retrograde asking us to redefine our relationship with the Yang, the masculine, and stale ways of using power
    • Mercury is preparing to retrograde to close out this momentous year—perfect cap to an intense year of preparation
  • In deep soul writing and meditation, we will explore two critical questions for this Solstice moment: 
    • What gifts and greatness do I want to amplify?  
    • How do I choose to redefine my personal power and will?
  • In a closing embodiment practice, we will bring Jupiter into our hearts and Mars into our Solar Plexis, as we offer our light and our soul power in welcome to the year to come

Live Gathering

Sunday, December 18, 2022
2:00-3:48PM Eastern—108 minutes
1 Central, 12 Mountain, 11A Pacific, 10A Alaska, 9A Hawaii, 3P Atlantic, 7P UK, 8P Europe, 9P Finland, wee hours in the Pacific Rim

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The live gathering will be recorded and available to all registrants on a pass-word protected resource page within 24 hours. In addition, Emma Kupu Mitchell is offering a special crystal sound meditation for the Solstice, Tirzah is offering a recorded meditation for the actual Solstice Day, and Janet is offering two of her prayer artist prayers. 



Solstice Circle Guides

Janet Conner

I am a prayer artist, mystic witch, creator in the Theatre of the Miraculous, and mistress of the Threshold—the mystical theta brain wave state. But first and always, a devoted daughter of the Sacred Feminine. My first book, Writing Down Your Soul, was a surprising success and led to The Lotus and The Lily, Soul Vows, and more. All that was only the warmup. In the dark one morning in 2018, my beloved voice whispered prayer artist in my left ear. I knew prayer artist would change everything, but I said yes anyway. I began writing a new genre of prayer, redefining prayer, and offering radical prayer intensives. Two years later, witch arrived in a stunning endorsement from Rabbi Tirzah Firestone. I was ecstatic; my agent was not. I ended that relationship to follow witch where she wanted me to go. She knew exactly what she wanted: transmute witch from a word that strikes terror back into an honorific that awakens a bone-deep memory of being revered for our spiritual gifts. 

I trust witch. I trusted her when she asked me to create The Return of the Witches Jeanne d’Arc Listening Pilgrimage. I trusted her when she asked for a year-long mystery school Re-membering the Songlines of the Witches. I trusted her when she insisted I gather a team to create The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch: How to Awaken, Remember, and Trust Your Body’s Natural Intuitive Senses. As that intensive was ending, witch guided me to see that ART wasn’t one intensive; it was the first of 7 in The Witch Sequence—an 7-circuit labyrinth walk to awaken all 7 of our original sacramental gifts. As my collaborators and I listened intently to what wanted to be created, we began to see a sacred purpose far beyond anything we could imagine. We are here to walk this path, embody these 7 sacred gifts, and become a truly whole and holy witch because this is the way we heal the wasteland. It may be the only way we can heal the wasteland. 

To do this profound witch work, I need massive amounts of time in silence and mystical theta. I think that’s why witch is holding me in Ozona, a tiny village on the Gulf of Mexico, where I am surrounded by screeching ospreys, swooping woodstorks, and one very precious redtail hawk.

Emma Kupu Mitchell

Aloha! I'm Emma Kupu Mitchell, a Spiritual and Creative guide for women in Midlife (and beyond). As a practitioner of holistic therapies for 33 years, I use my extensive knowledge of ancient healing practices (medicines) to help you understand and discover new depths of Self. My focus is to support you living the second half of life with greater vitality, clarity and confidence and be in alignment with who you really are on a Soul level. Weaving shamanic astrology, creative visual journaling (CVJ), plant medicine, and many yin practices in a new online Midlife Immersion community, I support your journey in finding deeper meaning, purpose and wholeness at this sacred time in life.

I believe Hawaii called me (all the way from England where I was born and lived for the first 30 years of my life!) to this ancient energetic land – the heart chakra of Mother Earth, the perfect location to hear the senses of our Soul and to be in harmony with nature and our natural rhythms and cycles of Midlife. 

I value and celebrate creativity of all kinds and the beauty of nature as a Spiritual practice and I strongly believe our senses are the pathways to healing and medicine for the Soul.

 Rabbi Tirzah Firestone

Rabbi Tirzah Firestone, Ph.D., is an author, Jungian psychotherapist, and founding rabbi of Congregation Nevei Kodesh in Boulder, Colorado. Ordained by Rabbi Zalman Schachter Shalomi in 1992, she is a leader in the international Jewish Renewal Movement and a renowned Jewish scholar and teacher. Tirzah earned a master's degree in counseling at Beacon College in Boston, Massachusetts, and a doctorate in depth psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California.

Her cutting-edge research on the impact and healing of collective trauma draws on the fields of neuroscience, psychology, Jewish literature, and mythopoesis. Her groundbreaking work, Wounds Into Wisdom: Healing Intergenerational Trauma (Monkfish, 2019), employs interviews, case studies, and her own autobiographical narratives to demonstrate how trauma passes from generation to generation and how it can be transformed. Wounds Into Wisdom received the 2020 Nautilus Book Award Gold in Psychology and the Jewish Women's Caucus of the Association for Women in Psychology 2020 book award.

Have questions? Contact Janet at janetconner@tampabay.rr.com or 727-772-1118 between 1pm and 5pm Eastern