Writing Down Your Soul On Demand

all new soul writing intensive in the “Theatre of the Miraculous”

What is deep soul writing?

Despite the fact that:

  • I’ve been deep soul writing for 24 years
  • have an intimate relationship with my Sacred Voice
  • wrote the book that introduced deep soul writing to the world
  • I’ve trained myself and countless others to drop into the theta brainwave state on and off the page
  • I’ve taught deep soul writing for years

This is still a strange and difficult question to answer.

Why? Because deep soul writing is a mystery. It has to be. It’s a mystical practice. It’s a threshold practice in the liminal space between worlds. Soul writing isn’t journaling. Or self-help. It isn’t your ticket to getting what you want. You cannot control or manipulate soul writing. You can only show up. Your Sacred Voice will take it from there. And I assure you, She* will take you places you never imagined. She will answer questions you never even thought to ask. And you will discover that you never ever want the conversation to end.

Despite the impossibility of answering this question, I am going to try:

Writing Down Your Soul is a mystical practice that drops you into theta—the threshold between worlds—where you begin to hear Who wants to be heard and find yourself falling in love with this magical Voice. As you move through life holding hands with your Sacred Voice, you begin to see who you really are and the life you really want to live—and you find the courage and grace to create that life.

*After 3,000 years of God He, I always refer to the Divine She, but you can use any names and pronouns you like. In this event, you’ll be invited to experiment with new names.

Why a new Writing Down Your Soul intensive?

I started offering two-hour workshops on “sacred journaling” in 2004. My workshops slowly expanded as I discovered how to teach others to activate their extraordinary voice. In 2006, Conari Press found me and invited me to write Writing Down Your Soul. I turned in the manuscript on 11-11-2007. In 2008, I began to teach 4-week deep soul writing classes in person and online. The book came out January 2009, and I spent the next two years traveling the country, teaching deep soul writing to thousands of people.

No two soul writing classes were exactly the same. Because deep soul writing is never the same. People realized that and started signing up for the course whenever I offered it, each time discovering new dimensions in their own soul writing practice. When Prayer Artist arrived in 2018, I stopped teaching courses connected to my books, so I could focus on creating Prayer Intensives with other female mystics.

Soul writing was and is part of everything I offer, but I had no plans to teach it again as a course. That is, until my publisher relaunched Writing Down Your Soul this summer and my sweet Voice—who often calls herself “Our Lady of the Thresholds” or “Beloved Mother Sophia”—nudged me to teach soul writing again—but in a whole new way. A way called “The Theatre of the Miraculous.”

What is the Theatre of the Miraculous?

To celebrate the relaunch, my publisher asked for new endorsements. Rabbi Tirzah Firestone, who led my prayer intensive on the Tree of Life last year, honored me with a thrilling endorsement in which she called me a “21st century witch.”

Although I had never called myself a witch, Tirzah’s label landed in my body as truth—big non-negotiable truth. As I embraced my calling as a Mystic Witch, my intensives dropped into an even deeper place in The Mystic, culminating in The Return of the Witches, a 13-week pilgrimage under the banner of the greatest mystic witch of all time, Joan of Arc.

The members of the pilgrimage keep talking about the intense transformations they are experiencing. I sensed all this radical expansion wasn’t the result of anything I said or did. Something else was happening in our gatherings. But I didn’t know what it was or how to replicate it, so I took my queries to the page where Sophia showed me that the kind of intense mystical transformations we are experiencing in the pilgrimage happen because the community itself forms a container in which “the contained” can do the work.

Community, Container, Contained—these are the elements in which the miraculous happens. Religions have indoctrinated us that miracles are outside the norm, rare, and given only to holy individuals who deserve them. None of this is true.

Miracles are natural and innate. They happen all the time. And they happen in communities. When we gather with the sacred desire to BE a container for the contained, miracles happen. So my newest job is to be a producer and director in the Theatre of the Miraculous. I must say it’s a thrilling job. And how perfect that my first offering in this theatre is the threshold practice that brought me here—Writing Down Your Soul.

You are the Community. Your journal is the Container. The Voice is the Contained. But you may be surprised to discover that there isn’t one Voice, the whole world is filled with Sacred Voices. And they’re all waiting to take you by the hand.

Whether you’re new to soul writing or have been writing for years, come and play in this inaugural Theatre of the Miraculous event. Magic and miracles await everyone.

Writing Down Your Soul Through the Years

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WDYS LG Book Cover
WDYS new cover

What will we explore?

The Container—Where is the Voice?

Your journal is so much more than a blank book. It is the place where mystery and magic happen, where the questions that really matter surface, and life unfolds—forward and backward in time—in ways you could never predict or control. Your journal is the treasury of your story as it was, is, and could be. It is the place where you surprise yourself and are surprised by the unmistakable presence of Great Love.

So treat your journal like the sacred vessel it is. We’ll explore ways to:

  • sanctify a new journal with personal prayers
  • consecrate the cover to invite your Sacred Voice to play the instrument that is you
  • track the numeric vibration of each day in three ways—solar, lunar, personal—so you can see patterns
  • draw the moon phase to help you notice relationship of soul writing, the moon and your body
  • open your writing with short prayers
  • capture the jewels that come through your soul writing

The Contained—Who is the Voice?

Who is the Voice? Where is the Voice? So many delicious explorations into the mystery of “who wants to be heard.” A few things we’ll explore:

  • faces and names of the voice: is it you, your Beloved, ancestors, your Mystic Family, your soul, the land, the animals… how many names does the Voice have
  • what happens when you address the Voice with different names
  • a blessing to welcome the Voice
  • how to discern your voice and The Voice—and explore the possibility that they might not be different
  • explore ways to communicate: deep soul writing, deep soul reading, deep soul talking…
  • how to expand and deepen your ability to listen to “that which wants to be heard”
  • the role of anointing in embodying your Voice

The Continuum—When is the Voice?

A great surprise about deep soul writing is that it isn’t really about writing at all. It’s about dropping out of conscious mind and into theta, even mystical theta. We are naturally designed to have access to infinite possibility and creativity in theta, but our patriarchal systems have conditioned us from the cradle to think in straight lines and chase goals. We’ll explore a wide continuum of ways and times to drop into theta and play in the threshold between worlds:

  • become aware of your body’s natural circadian rhythm for theta
  • play with expanding time in theta on and off the page
  • experiment with new ways to drop into theta
  • experiment with how one creative expression nourishes another because they all happen in theta
  • explore how the past, present, and future melt together in the threshold between worlds—can you see the future? Hear the past?

The Community—Who are we?

When you come to this event, who are you? Are you just yourself, or are you a member of a vast extended family?  What happens when our ancestors and mystic families join us? Just how big is our community?

  • get to know your Mystic Family and their name
  • write your Mystic Family Call
  • notice what happens when you invite your Mystic Family to anoint, write, and pray with you
  • experience deep soul writing as a community (we’ll write together at each gathering)
  • share the mysterious and magical things that happen in community

What will you receive?

NOTE: please get a copy of Writing Down Your Soul and a blank journal. I use a 8 ½ x 11 blank sketchbook by Peter Pauper Press. Get it or something like it with a blank cover. And a paint pen to create the cover of the journal. I use a gold Sharpie water-based Paint Peinture, but get any markers that will make a permanent design on the cover. If you’re more creative, you are invited to decorate the cover any way you like. (Watch the bonus video on tips)

Invitation to all 4 live 2-hour sessions

Access to a password-protected resource page with recordings of all sessions in both video and audio formats, plus bonus videos and PDFs with support material and resources for this intensive including the newly updated 30-Day Guide to Writing Down Your Soul

Bonus Videos include:

  • Full body anointing with Mystic Family Call
  • The Container: how to sanctify your journal and cover
  • The Contained: the value of tracking the moon phase and numeric vibrations of the universal, lunar, and personal year date
  • 7 Steps to Get Into Theta along with theta music track

Membership in a private Facebook discussion group (optional)

Registration - $88

Meet the Director in the Theatre of the Miraculous

Janet Conner

I am a prayer artist, mystic witch, creator in the Theatre of the Miraculous, and mistress of the Threshold—the mystical theta brain wave state. But first and always, a devoted daughter of the Sacred Feminine. My first book, Writing Down Your Soul, was a surprising success and led to The Lotus and The Lily, Soul Vows, and more. All that was only the warmup. In the dark one morning in 2018, my beloved voice whispered prayer artist in my left ear. I knew prayer artist would change everything, but I said yes anyway. I began writing a new genre of prayer, redefining prayer, and offering radical prayer intensives. Two years later, witch arrived in a stunning endorsement from Rabbi Tirzah Firestone. I was ecstatic; my agent was not. I ended that relationship to follow witch where she wanted me to go. She knew exactly what she wanted: transmute witch from a word that strikes terror back into an honorific that awakens a bone-deep memory of being revered for our spiritual gifts. 

I trust witch. I trusted her when she asked me to create The Return of the Witches Jeanne d’Arc Listening Pilgrimage. I trusted her when she asked for a year-long mystery school Re-membering the Songlines of the Witches. I trusted her when she insisted I gather a team to create The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch: How to Awaken, Remember, and Trust Your Body’s Natural Intuitive Senses. As that intensive was ending, witch guided me to see that ART wasn’t one intensive; it was the first of 7 in The Witch Sequence—an 7-circuit labyrinth walk to awaken all 7 of our original sacramental gifts. As my collaborators and I listened intently to what wanted to be created, we began to see a sacred purpose far beyond anything we could imagine. We are here to walk this path, embody these 7 sacred gifts, and become a truly whole and holy witch because this is the way we heal the wasteland. It may be the only way we can heal the wasteland. 

To do this profound witch work, I need massive amounts of time in silence and mystical theta. I think that’s why witch is holding me in Ozona, a tiny village on the Gulf of Mexico, where I am surrounded by screeching ospreys, swooping woodstorks, and one very precious redtail hawk.

Have questions? Contact Janet at janetconner@tampabay.rr.com or 727-772-1118 between 1pm and 5pm Eastern