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Pray at the Speed of Love

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In gratitude for subscribing, I made a three-video gift for you.

In the videos, you will go deeper and deeper into the five experiences of a mystical prayer “There You Are.” This is the first time I’ve demonstrated how to pray at the speed of love. It’s a very sweet pleasure to give it to you in appreciation for your time and interest.

“I surrender so completely to Sophia’s Love that when I begin to speak, my voice and Sophia’s Voice merge in a harmony of grace, beauty, and love that causes hearts to stop, stir, awaken, and surrender to Love.”
~My morning chant before soul writing

In March 2017 as the new Lunar Year was opening, I found myself deep soul writing for days, weeks, months exploring the question, “Is there a unified field of all prayer?” Probing the deep nature of prayer opened something in me that led to hearing my first Love Songs, saying yes to being a Prayer Artist, writing a whole new genre of prayer, creating the first prayer intensives…discoveries that continue and continue.

And guess who gets to hear all the discoveries as they happen? The readers of my Sunday letter, Notes from the Field.

I hope you’ll subscribe. It’s a lovely way for us to connect.

And you’ll be the first to hear about new prayers, videos, events, and intensives as they unfold.

from “There You Are”

everywhere I look

there you are
there you are
there you are

inside the container that is me

lover in lover
goddess in goddess
holy in holy

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