The Divine Voice loves to speak in the Dark

As this intense solstice season draws to a very pregnant and sacred close, I find myself called to be even more still, more silent, more open to the wisdom of Our Mother of the Dark.

And thank goodness, because boy has she been talking!

After 22 years of soul writing and mystical exploration, I’m accustomed to hearing her voice.

(In a word, every intensive I offer is designed to help you hear that voice, too.)

I’ve learned how to listen for her voice when I pray, when I anoint myself, and of course during soul writing. But in the last decade it seems her favorite times are when she can sneak up on me lying in bed in the morning doing absolutely nothing or waking me up in the dark of night.

I know this voice. Sometimes it’s almost like a human voice. Almost, but not quite. More often, it’s words or images flowing through my hand onto paper. Sometimes it’s an unshakeable if totally irrational knowing. Once in a while it’s a demand. She even screamed at me once. (I jumped out of bed and created They Are All Our Children.)

But this past week her voice has been different.

I’m used to getting a message and having a bit of time to digest it. During this Solstice season, she’s been constant. One could almost say relentless. The only explanation I have for this flood is that she knows what I am to create in the coming decade and (I guess) she thinks I’m ready.

To my eyes, the task looks impossible. But ready or not the divine feminine is returning. And it is we who must build a world that makes her love visible.

This sharp clear voice began communicating her vision on Christmas Eve.

I went to sleep on Monday knowing that December 24 was the first day of the final 3-day Dark Moon of 2019. (Keren Brown and I are creating a pre-recorded mini intensive on the Dark Moon Ritual. Watch for it in time for the January 23-25 dark moon.)

The first day of the dark moon is for Release.

I’ve done the ritual 4 times now, and I know how powerful it is, so I cleared my calendar to do nothing but soul write about what I was releasing, not just for the month or the year but the whole bloomin’ decade!

That morning, lying in bed, I didn’t think or hear anything about release. Instead, I was quite surprised to see that the book series I am to create for MLV Dragon (an expression of the divine feminine) isn’t the 3 books I was planning. Oh no. It’s 9 books and when you look at all 9 back covers, they make a map of the mystical body of the goddess.

I was just a tad floored. But also excited.

I got up and anointed myself to get ready for my big release day. I went downstairs to soul write, but just as I was getting comfy in my sacred reading-writing chair, I glanced at my phone and saw it was 11:55.

I knew that The Way of the Rose had a rosary circle call at noon every Tuesday. I had participated in two Thursday night calls and rather liked them, but I’d never been to a Tuesday one. I can’t explain why, but I grabbed my coffee tray and went back upstairs to listen to the call in my office.

Perdita Finn and Clark Strand started the circle, and a woman named Eve led us in the joyful mysteries. The joyful mysteries are the fun things: conception, visiting other pregnant friends, having the baby, etc.

As Eve led us in the prayers, I felt compelled to open my journal and draw the 9 covers. Only the images weren’t square, they were oval. And they overlapped. And each book had a title, a prayer, a critical question, a sacred animal, a moon phase… it was a complete and complex system. And I had to draw it all on the white board over my desk.

By the time the rosary ended, I was staring in shock at the series outlined on my white board.

But at least, I knew what I had to release: anything and everything between me and bringing this outrageous project to life. I guess I know what I’ll be doing for the next decade.

So I went downstairs, soul wrote to get my release statements, and went outside at dusk to prayerfully pour all I was releasing into the ground to be transmuted back into love.

Christmas Day, day 2 of the ritual, was supposed to be a day of Rest. But I think Sophia missed the memo.

It took me three hours of soul writing to capture and make sense of the massive download during the rosary. As I wrote each title, more details came. Pages of them.

And it all kicks off with rewriting the patriarchal dragon story that sets her up as the bad guy who must be killed by the hero. Oh no. No. No. That’s completely false. And ten guesses who gets to tell the original story.

With impeccable timing, just as I finished, my son called to say Happy Christmas. I told him I felt like Mary, giving birth to a very large Jesus!

I was almost afraid of what day 3 might bring.

Day 3 of the Dark Moon is Receive day.

I thought, gosh, haven’t I already received a 9-book series that will take me a decade to write? What else could I possibly need to receive.

Well, Sophia knew the answer to that question. She woke me in the night with the words for the new “Apostle’s Creed.”

Now, if you were raised Christian, you know this prayer. It’s a detailed list of everything patriarchy expects you to profess. I couldn’t say the words today if I wanted to. I’d choke.

But still. As someone raised Catholic, you are asking me to write the replacement for the Apostle’s Creed! Have you completely lost your mind!

But I rolled over and wrote what I heard in the night.

I can tell you this much: it’s called The Queen’s Code. And it’s almost too beautiful for words.

It’s not a list of dogmas to believe. It’s more of a koan—a mystical picture of the body of the goddess in and through and as everyone and everything.

As I wrote the words in my journal that morning, I noticed the date. Oh. Of course. I was given The Queen’s Code on December 26. That date is sacred to me.

On December 26, five years ago, the presence of the divine feminine first appeared on the page in the salutation, “Beloved Vibration of Sophia!” And in gratitude

I wrote my first prayer to her, Invocation to Sophia.

You carry me, Sophia

You carry me on the strong wings of Osprey
to embrace the wisdom of the day

You carry me on the silent wings of Owl
to receive the blessings of the night

You carry me on the gentle wings of Dove
into the heart of the Mother

You carry me on the fearless wings of Falcon
into the depth of the Mystery

You carry me on the tiny orange wings of Butterfly
to express my soul’s beauty

You carry me on the giant white wings of Swan
to pierce the veil of time

And you carry me on the invisible wings of Snake
to be transformed by Love 

Thank you Sophia that I am
perfectly Carried
perfectly Contained
utterly Vast

On December 26, 2014, I didn’t know that when I spoke my Invocation to Sophia for the first time, that I was taking the first step on a long and beautiful path to my life’s most sacred work helping to create a world that Makes Her Love Visible.

This is what 2020 is all about.

This is what the entire next decade is all about.

This is what life is all about.

It isn’t about our personal goals. That time is over. Now everything is about Her.

She is turning and returning. And we are all called to be born and reborn into Love.

May your 2020 year and decade be filled with love.

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