The Galactic Center reveals her hidden dragon

2023 the year we learn to listen to life

Week 49--in which the Galactic Center reveals her hidden dragon

Friends, soul writers, mystics, witches, and lovers of prayer,

There is always an evocative image on the landing page for all my prayer intensives and events. An image that hints at the transformative potential in the event. If you’ve had a look, you know there is an image of a mighty dragon on the 2024 Astrology Forecast page. It’s a brand new piece of art by Her Sacred Image artist, Cathy Stevens Pratt.

I thought you might enjoy hearing how the Galactic Dragon came to symbolize the Astrology Forecast for 2024: The Dream Fields Come Alive. And meet the artist who brought her to life. And while we’re at it, learn a thing or two about our own inner dragons.

It all began as I was recording Part 1 of the 3-part forecast with Emma Kupu Mitchell and Marcia Wade. Emma began by talking about the numerology of 8 in 2024 and reminded us that the Chinese Lunar Year coming February 10 is the Year of the Dragon.

After Emma spoke, Marcia began to talk about the intense astrological influences in the first few months of 2024. She drew our attention to the Galactic Center, the central region of our Milky Way galaxy. She began to talk about the intense dragon energy of 2024 including some of the dragon asteroids in the Keiper Belt.

As Marcia talked, I stared at the NASA image of the Galactic Center she had sent for the forecast. And stared. And stared. Suddenly, I interrupted her.

Marcia! Emma! do you see the dragon in the Galactic Center?

“Look,” I practically screamed. His head is in the lower left corner. I pointed my cursor to his head and then moved the arrow slowly over his neck, tracing his massive body and glorious wings. I continued to slowly trace his long tail, all the way to the edge of the picture.

Do you see the hidden dragon?

I was shocked. And so were they. How is this possible? How has the massive Galactic Center had a dragon sleeping inside it all along?

I sent the image to Cathy Stevens Pratt, who has painted so many mystical images for my events, and asked if she saw the dragon. If so, would she like to paint the image for the forecast?

I knew the answer before I even asked! Cathy is a bit of a dragon herself. She’s not only had personal encounters with dragons, she's drawn them for years, and is studying dragon energies with the queen of big dragon energy, Marcia Wade.

Q: Cathy, what did you think when you first looked at the NASA picture?

I saw the dragon immediately. The wings are so obvious. It was such confirmation of why our existence rotates around the dragon. Dragons are everywhere. Dragons in our dreams. Dragons in our writing. Dragons in the sky. Like my boyfriend, Draconis, who I first met in Alaska.

Q: Oh Cathy, you must share that story!

My family and I were on vacation in Northern Alaska in July 2022. I was alone for while everyone else went fishing. Sitting outside, I was playing with expanding my imagination, wondering what would happen if I just sat there staring off in space, and allowed myself to cross the threshold between worlds.

So I tried it. And a huge white dragon began to emerge from the cliffside! At first, I resisted the vision. It made no sense. But at the same time, I knew I was being visited by this dragon. I tried to ignore him, but he kept showing up, not just in the scenery, but in my deep soul writing, my dreams, and my meditative journeys.

That dragon became dear to me. He was my secret. I held him tenderly in my heart.

Back home, I noticed everyone was suddenly talking about dragons. Out of the blue, a friend sent me a video with a cryptic note: “Watch this!” It was an astrologer talking about the Draconis Constellation. The astrologer drew a picture of a massive constellation of constellations and sure enough, it looked exactly like a dragon.

What? There’s a dragon in the heavens?

I sent you the video with the same cryptic command. We were both flabbergasted because we’d just begun to work on the shield for Mystica InnerVersity that had a motto about a dreaming dragon. Canticum Somnium Draconis.

We were creating a Mystica InnerVersity setting for the upcoming The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch intensive. We knew our mystical school needed a motto. So we looked at the motto for Hogwarts. It's a strange one, something about not tickling a sleeping dragon. That Latin word for dragon—draconis—planted itself in our imaginations. Our motto eventually became: Canticum Somnium Draconis. Song of the dreaming dragon.

We had never heard of the Draconis Constellation, so we turned to the experts, Emma Kupu Mitchell and Marcia Wade. Is this true? Is there a Draconis Constellation? Well, not only is there, but in the summer, you can see it if you’re near the North Pole.

Once I knew Draconis was watching over us in all we create, I painted him. He's so adorable. I love him!

Q: Draconis is everybody’s boyfriend now in all our A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch intensives. But it’s not just us. Dragons are everywhere. Novels. Movies. TV Shows. Why do you think dragons are having their moment?

Two big reasons. First: dragon is the maligned feminine. And the feminine is coming back into balance. Dragon reminds us to take back our symbols, our power, our stories. Our original creative feminine power before patriarchy demonized the dragon and the feminine.

Second, we all have dragons inside. There is a dragon in all our birth charts. If you’ve had an astrology reading, you were probably shown the ancient symbology of your South and North Nodes as the tail and head of a dragon swimming right across your natal chart.

Right now, I’m studying with Marcia Wade and learning there are many celestial bodies in the distant Kuiper Belt at the edge of our Solar System that have been named after dragons. Those asteroid dragons are in our charts, too.

So we are infused, whether we know it or not, with a wide array of powerful dragon energies.

I love that these newly discovered celestial bodies have names that come from all over the world. Dragons are part of many culture’s creation stories. Connect the dots: creation stories—creativity.

Dragons are the origin of our power.

I think it’s not an accident that 2024 is the year of the dragon! I am so happy that you sent me that NASA picture and I was able to share Galactic Dragon with everyone as they listen to the 2024 forecast.

Q: Can we purchase a print of the Galactic Dragon?

Yes, all my art is available on my website.

Here's the link to purchase the 2024 Forecast. It's turning out to be quite the feast. A feast that keeps on giving. 

  • Part 1 covering January through the Aries Equinox is ready. And you get to hear the moment I saw the dragon.
  • Part 2 will be recorded in January.
  • Part 3 will come in spring.
  • Emma sent a small fortune in bonus gifts.
  • Marcia's bonuses are coming in two sets. The first set will be ready this Monday.

To access it all, follow this link to purchase the forecast.

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2024: The Year the Dream Fields Come Alive

To embracing our inner dragon!



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