The ORIGINAL power of prayer

Last week I shared what happened to me during the three days of the Dark Moon on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day—Dec 24,25,26.

In that brief dot of time, I received a detailed description of a 9-book series about the return of the divine feminine in the form of MLV Dragon.

MLV stands for Make Love Visible. And that’s really all the universe needs from us right now. If we want to see our world, our relationships, our governments, and our earth healed, we have to ALL expand our capacity for love and bring that love into visible form.

But why a dragon? I asked the Masters and Teachers of the Akashic Record that question last Monday.

I loved reading books about dragons to my son when he was little. In a book he adored, simply titled Dragon, he would stare at the pictures of a dragon peeking in the window of a little boy’s bedroom for minutes on end, not allowing me to turn the page. I could see in his eyes that the dragon was real. And loving. There was never anything to be afraid of.

But patriarchy pulled the rug out from under our natural love of the dragon and turned her into the bad guy.

You know all the dragon stories. The knight in shining armor has to find and kill the dragon in order to protect the poor helpless and hapless damsel. That dreadful story became so ingrained in the culture that a “saint” was manufactured, “St George,” who is always depicted driving a spear through the dragon’s heart.

Do you see everything that’s wrong with that picture:

  • The dragon is the Goddess and everyone knew it.
  • The dragon is the feminine. The dragon is all women.
  • The “damsel” does not need protection from the dragon. The dragon is her sister, her mother, her goddess, and her very body.
  • If anything, the maiden needs protection from the self-righteous “knight” and all his weapons and violence.

The first thing I have to do in the series is rewrite the dragon’s story. Or perhaps I should say retell. I’m not changing anything. I’m simply restoring the dragon’s story back to its original sacred truth. But why me?

Well, her story, it turns out is the story of prayer. Yes, prayer.

There is a very deep connection between the dragon and prayer. That’s why I, a prayer artist, received the series on Christmas Eve. And in perfect confirmation, the series description including all 9 titles and interwoven illustrations came while I was praying.

I had just started saying a rosary on a Way of the Rose phone circle with Perdita Finn and Clark Strand who wrote The Way of the Rose, revealing that the rosary is an ancient Goddess prayer predating the Catholic church and all patriarchal religions. I love their book so much, I had them on Praying at the Speed of Love twice in December and asked them to lead us in a prayer intensive on “The Radical Path of the Divine Feminine Hidden in the Rosary” in March. (Watch for details and the opportunity to register in mid-February.)

I’ve been saying the rosary for just 70 days, and yet it feels like 70 years or more accurately 700 or even 7000. Because women and men said rosaries to the goddess as maiden, mother, and crone for millennia. Long before Christianity. Even before the Jewish tradition. Before any organized religion at all, we humans saw the living presence of the divine feminine in everything and everyone and honored her.

But the rosary is so much more than an honoring tradition. We’ve been indoctrinated by all our patriarchal religions to see prayer as a small thing. A ritualized form of petition, asking a male god (who just might be a little on the cranky side) to please overlook our flaws and protect us.

That isn’t prayer at all. It’s begging. It’s trying to get on a male god’s good side. It’s conforming to society’s rules and regulations. It’s a lot of things.

But it isn’t prayer.

Prayer—real prayer—is alive and it has unbelievable creative and healing powers.

My one story of receiving a major work during one 18-minute rosary is proof, I think, of the miraculous power of prayer, especially this prayer.

That Christmas Eve experience was pretty dramatic, but it didn’t come out of nowhere. From the very first day, I picked up a rosary and began to pray it with the awareness that it's an ancient divine feminine prayer, I’ve noticed that I’m at my most wildly creative when I’m praying.

I’ll be walking back and forth in the living room and have to stop and write something in my journal. Take a few more steps, say a few more Hail Mary’s and poof, I have to transfer the rosary to my left hand so I can jot down the next juicy tidbit.

I noticed very quickly that is one wildly powerful prayer!

So in my conversation with the Masters and Teachers last Monday, my biggest question wasn’t about the dragon—although I loved hearing them affirm what my heart already knows about her.

My big question was, “What’s with the rosary! What is this prayer?”

Here are a few highlights of their response:

  • The original purpose of the rosary was to induce a transcendental state of consciousness.
  • It was always a self-empowerment tool of transcendence.
  • The meaning was hijacked to take the power away by making it serve the worship of god.
  • Men in power altered it to focus consciousness outside of instead of inside the person.
  • The rosary had to go underground.
  • Within a few generations no one was left who understood its original intent and purpose.

When they said “self-empowerment tool of transcendence” my eyes popped wide open and I knew with all my being that I had tapped into this ancient power in the rosary.

I took what they said into deep soul writing and realized I have 4 primary prayers in my life, prayers I say every day, and each has this ability to penetrate the veil between worlds.

And in perfect synchronicity, the prayer intensives planned for 2020 are all about these four prayers.

My four primary prayer tools of transcendence are:

  1. Full body Anointing
  2. Ho’oponopono
  3. Rosary
  4. The Queen’s Code

Each one is an ancient divine feminine prayer. Even the Queen’s Code which I received on Dec 26.

One of the major ways the church sucked the power out of the rosary was forcing people to start it by saying the Apostles’ Creed, which is a recitation of catholic dogma. No wonder I was awakened in the night with the words to a prayer that is radically different, The Queen’s Code.

I’ll be sharing The Queen's Code publicly for the first time today to open Michael Lennox’s astrology forecast.

These four prayers have something sacred in common. They all drop you into the mystical theta brain wave state.

That’s the marker of real prayer. That’s the key to accessing personal transcendence.

And in unplanned but utterly perfect timing, the opening prayer intensive for 2020 is Theta—The Radical Path of Love Hidden in your Brainwaves.

This year is going to be so sacred. So creative. So powerful. And so filled with prayer.

But that doesn't mean easy.

Patriarchy isn’t going to sit down and look the other way as women and men awaken to their innate ability to access unlimited love and creativity and healing and put it to work in the world.

So it might not always be a pretty picture on the outside, but together, we can and we must make love visible.

May 2020 be filled with prayers of powerful love.

PS Here's what's ahead

1. Astrology Forecast with Michael Lennox

LIVE on Monday January 6, 2020 at 7-8:30 pm Eastern.

2020 The Year of Reckoning Astrology Forecast


2. Listen to both episodes on Praying at the Speed of Love with Clark Strand and Perdita Finn on The Way of the Rose.

Praying at the Speed of Love
3. Join the perfect opening intensive in 2020 and learn how to see through theta eyes and hear through theta ears. Everything will change starting January 20.

Theta--The Radical Path of Love

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