Theta Music CD

When Solarzar and Kyralani interviewed Janet on their Good Vibrations radio show, they asked if they could have listeners soul write after Janet walked them through the seven steps to get into theta. Janet thought this wouldn’t be good radio as there would be ten minutes of silence! But Kyralani said they’d play theta music on air while people wrote, so Janet led the listeners into the blessing she uses when she writes, and after ten minutes, led them back into conscious mind.

People were stunned by how quickly they were able to access something big and profound.

  • “In six minutes I had this experience of being so loved and supported and connected, more so than any time in my whole life.”
  • “I was so touched in those few minutes, I cried.”
  • “In six minutes of writing I felt like a love letter was written to me, I felt so supported. It ended, ‘I am here for you always, relax, dear child.’”

The Voice is present with or without music, but this very special gentle music does seem to really help people slip quickly and effortlessly into the theta brain wave state. It is particularly helpful for new soul writers who want to be sure they are writing at the soul level and not journaling.

This CD is different from the auditory theta systems that require headphones and send different sounds into different ears. This is actual music, sounding like gentle classical music. It was recorded in South Africa at the 4HZ wavelength, the same wavelength as the theta brain wave. Exactly how that recording was done is a trademarked process, so Janet can’t explain it, but she can report that thousands of people in her live events love writing with the Theta Music playing and race up to her to buy it at the end of her workshops. She has a hard time keeping these in stock.
The Theta Music CD has three tracks:

  1. 11 minutes of Janet explaining deep soul writing
  2. 10 minute track with Janet leading you into a soul writing experience with her personal blessing, followed by nine minutes of music. The track ends with Janet walking you through how to complete your writing session.
  3. 25 minute track of music only

Here is a short taste of the Theta Music:

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NOTE: Do not play this in the car!

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