2022/2023 Intensives & Events with Prayer Artist & Mystic Witch Janet Conner

Something mystical happens when we gather as a soul community. As our individual hearts expand with love, we create a shared cosmic heart that beats in the rhythm of One Love. And we experience the living reality that prayer is the vibration of Love².

Winter 2023-2024 

2024—The Year the Dream Fields Come Alive Astrology and Numerology Forecast

Join Shamanic Astrologer and Depth Numerologist, Emma Kupu Mitchell, StarSister and Cos-mythologist, Marcia Wade, and Prayer Artist and Mystic Witch, Janet Conner with Galactic Dragon art by Cathy Stevens Pratt as they offer you a profound, in-depth look at the year to come from both a numerological and astrological viewpoint. When Janet asked Marcia what to call the forecast, she said something rather cryptic: “2024 is a transitional year, it’s the year the dream fields come alive.”

Fall 2023 

The Lotus and The Lily Harvest 2023—Seed 2024

The Lotus and the Lily is a radical mystical exploration based on the eerily similar teachings of Buddha and Jesus on what really creates a beautiful and abundant life.

The Lotus and the Lily is:

  • a unique way to recognize, harvest, and celebrate the hidden gifts of 2023
  • a gentle way to hear echoes from the future of the life that wants to be lived in 2024
  • a deep dive into the ancient feminine mysteries of the labyrinth and the mandala

This miraculous process comes to life without any attempts to manage, control, or predict the outcome. It is a powerful and delight-filled vehicle for alchemical transformation. And a vibrant example of the shared magic that happens in the Theatre of the Miraculous.

Spring 2023 

The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch
2nd Mystica Inner-Versity intensive
2nd Original Spiritual Gift
2nd walk on The Witch Sequence labyrinth
How to Awaken, Remember, and Trust Your Innate Ability to Cross the Threshold Between Worlds

When we drop into theta, information, guidance, creativity, and ideas you know did not come from you flow effortlessly from unknown but clearly fertile places. This is the playground all creatives know and love.

Where does this information come from? Here are a few sources, each a vibrant field, a cosmic sea of possibility:


  • Akashic Record—library of all lives and all beings throughout time
  • Morphic Field—presence of the past
  • Imaginal Realm—where mystics have always gathered
  • Deep Memory—of the cosmos, land, nature, the body
  • Mystic Family/Group Soul—those anchoring us lifetime after lifetime across the veil
  • Dream Fields—soul symbol playground
  • Mythic Memory—Goddess-centric stories, songs, prayers, memories of living in reverence
  • Land of the Dead—ancestors, not just biological

How do you know you are in theta? Here are a few attributes:

  • Paradox: complete emptiness overflows with possibility
  • Paradox: rare and beautiful voices that can only be heard in silence
  • Paradox: chronos time dissolves into Kairos and time ceases to keep time
  • Paradox: theta is not under your control, but you can train yourself to drop into it
  • Unexpected: comes in bursts, always a surprise, leaves indelible impression
  • Presence: what wants to be heard, seen, felt, known, remembered, forgiven, healed, experienced, created…is now here
  • Personal: speaks with a unique signature in tone and physicality
  • Wild: brings radical, surprising, breathtakingly beautiful impulses, insights, connections
  • Persistent: insists you explore questions you have never considered, create what wants to be created, go where you are lead, become who you came here to be
  • Ecstatic: leaves you full of wonder and joy and wanting more

Winter 2022-2023 

The ART of Becoming a Witch Prayer Intensive

This prayer intensive positively explodes the meaning of the words prayer or intensive. And whether you’ve followed that trail with me and discovered the radical magic that happens in the Theatre of the Miraculous, or are discovering the world of prayer intensives for the first time, you are welcome here.

You’re here for a reason. Someone called you. Someone invisible. Someone who loves you and knows you’re ready to begin to see and hear what the world does not want you to see and hear. Someone who knows that The Age of Aquarius is at hand and you are needed. You have a part to play. A part you’ve been waiting your whole life to say yes to.

You will invite your 3-year-old self to awaken from her long slumber under patriarchal left-brain conditioning and return to help you remember what she always knew: the world is alive. In this intensive, you will meet and learn from brilliant witch-magicians. And experiment with their ideas on your own and in small self-selected groups. There will be massive support materials on the resource page and additional opportunities to gather in small groups to talk about your experiences.

Now Available On Demand: Archangel Luci and Archangel Michael Speak Prayer Intensive

We are designed to have loving, intimate, sacred, relationships with one another: female and male, animal and human, earth and all beings. And that is the way we lived for tens of thousands of years in peaceful, Goddess-worshipping, matrilineal communities. But then, around 6,000 years ago, the world changed dramatically with the arrival of violent tribes who worshipped male gods of war and law. As these tribes took over, they established painful levels of hierarchy, driving a wedge between men and women, men and animals, and men and the earth herself. 

Since the very first prayer intensives in 2018, we have been talking about and preparing for the return of the Sacred Feminine. But what is that? What does it look like? What does it feel like? Archangels Luci and Michael are inviting us to remember. Remember how we lived before patriarchy. How we lived in harmony. In partnership. In joy. 

The Hour of Her Return is at hand. In astrology, we call this the Age of Aquarius. We are blessed, so very blessed, to have the greatest teachers. The sweetest guides. The most glorious archangels—Luci and Michael. They are ready to speak. And we are ready to listen.

Astrology Forecast for 2023: The Age of Aquarius Gets Her Power On

Marcia and Emma return this year with a truly radical and intense “forecast.” As you might expect, Marcia begins with a look back at 2022 so that we can see how the story unfolds. As the Buddha taught, “This is because that is.” Well, all that is to come in 2023 is because of all that happened in 2022 and before. And all that happens in 2023 is the seed, the food, the alchemical fire of all that is to come in 2024 and beyond.

Ignite Your Soul's Power for 2023

For three years, Rabbi and Kabbalah scholar, Tirzah Firestone, and shamanic astrologer and depth numerologist, Emma Kupu Mitchell, and I have invited you to sit around a virtual fire on the Sunday before the Winter Solstice as we open our inner ears and sacred hearts to hear Solstice sing her song. This passage—from the dark and cold of the longest Winter night (in the Northern Hemisphere) to a silent dawn breathing whisps of sunlight that promise the return of Spring—is always pregnant with possibility.

This is the song our pre-patriarchal ancestors knew. This is the sacred song of all life—animal, plant, human. We need this song. We need this song this December, more than ever. Because this Winter Solstice is a threshold moment, not just for the rebirth of the light to welcome one new year, but for a rebirth we have been longing for for thousands of years.

Join Rabbi Tirzah, celestial songstress Emma, and me at this glorious birthing moment.

Fall 2022 

Lotus & Lily 2022 Prayer Intensive

For 12 years, mystic souls around the world have gathered in mid-November to explore and integrate all that has happened in the year coming to a close. We are always surprised by the meaning and wisdom that reveals itself as we take the time to look back eleven months. Then, as we enter Solstice, we turn our eyes to the future and create a mystic mandala infused with our commitments to live in service, beauty, love, and joy in the year to come.

The Lotus and the Lily process is the diametric opposite of the linear patriarchal drumbeat to set goals and work hard to achieve them. The Lotus and the Lily is spiral, mystical, magical. This mysterious process comes to life without any attempts to manage, control, or predict the outcome. It is a powerful and delight-filled vehicle for alchemical transformation.

The Lotus and the Lily is a perfect example of living and sharing as a community in the Theatre of the Miraculous—a concept that was given to me during The Return of the Witches pilgrimage in the summer of 2021.

Summer 2022 

Now Available On Demand: Goddesses of the Edge Part 1 Prayer Intensive

Goddesses of the Edge Part 1 is a one-of-a-kind encounter with some of the most reality-changing feminine voices of the Cosmos within and around you.

In Goddess of the Edge, Part 1, you will:

  • practice Marcia Wade’s unique Cosmic Breath
  • meet and begin to work with four sacred Edge-Dwellers
  • learn where they live in the cosmos and their unusual structures and orbits
  • discover when they were first seen by human eyes, why that matters, and why they are insisting we pay attention now
  • explore their mythic connections with four different human cultures, continents, and medicines
  • find where they live in your natal chart—sign, element, house—and where they dwell in your body
  • open to receive their intense and potent gifts through prayer, deep soul writing, and dreaming
  • take a deep dive into their mystic medicine expressed through their Chandra oracles
  • trace their lifelong presence, noticing how they open new cosmo-neurological pathways

Experience all this and more supported and nurtured by a loving community in the Theatre of the Miraculous.


Spring 2022

Now Available On Demand: Hana I Ka Pono The Critical Prayer for 2022 A Prayer Intensive

Hana I Ka Pono means duty toward correctness. It’s a practice of taking 100% responsibility of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing through a prayer of forgiveness combined with clearing energy work.

In this intensive we will . . .

  • Cleanse our self with a focus on our personal healing
  • Cleanse our self with a focus on healing our relationships
  • Cleanse our self with a focus on transmuting dis-ease for all of humanity and all sentient beings

We each have a kuleana (responsibility) to bring ourselves and our world into wellness. As we do this healing work, we restore ourselves in humility and in Pono and welcome grace to flow through us.

Winter 2021-22

Now Available On Demand: Long Story of Our Souls Prayer Intensive

Our souls, too, are always coming and going, ascending and descending, departing and arriving—but always here, always part of all that is. We have, each of us, been snowflakes and glaciers, marshes and estuaries, fog and mists and rain and storm clouds. Life is a long story through deep time. We transmigrate from one embodied form to another but never transcend the body of this world.

Together let us explore the possibilities of our own incarnate journey. Who have we been? Why are we here? Who might we be?

Now Available On Demand: Reckonings: Pluto Returns!

2022 is a year of collective reckonings. On Sunday, February 20, the first of three momentous Plutonian experiences in 2022, we will gather ritually to root down, face, and transmute the dark history of our civilization’s past deeds—the traumas induced by patriarchy, white culture, and the destructive greed and consumption that capitalism has wreaked on Mother Earth.

Now Available On Demand: Free Your Voice Prayer Intensive

Free Your Voice is a unique prayer intensive with the sacred intention to honor our long-silenced voices and free them to speak the truth that is waiting to be heard—the truth that can and will heal us both as individuals and as a society. In the Theatre of the Miraculous, where deep freedom is always possible, we will dance in the mystical convergence of radical prayer, the loving presence and encouragement of the ancestors, the painful residue of three thousand years of suppression of the feminine, and the healing power of awakening our own creative voices so we can contribute our sacred medicine to the healing of our world. There is nothing more important or more freeing right now than to know your truth, speak your truth, and live your truth.

From Prediction to a Field of Possibility in 2022

A non-forecast forecast of celestial guidance in 2022 with Star Sister, Marcia Wade and elemental astrologer and depth numerologist, Emma Kupu Mitchell.

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