2021 Intensives & Events with Prayer Artist & Mystic Witch Janet Conner

Something mystical happens when we gather as a soul community. As our individual hearts expand with love, we create a shared cosmic heart that beats in the rhythm of One Love. And we experience the living reality that prayer is the vibration of Love².

On-Going Experiences

They Are All Our Children Prayer Practice

They Are All Our Children is an 11-minute radical love prayer practice created with the sacred intention to close the migrant detention camps and free the children. In 2013, I was one mother with one son in political prison. A hundred people joined me to shower that prison with unconditional love at the same time each day—and the federal judge suddenly and unexpectedly released my son. Today, we are all the mothers and fathers of thousands of children held in internment camps.

Please join me in this alchemical prayer of radical love and forgiveness to transmute the consciousness that creates, perpetuates, and profits from this political system of separation and fear. This is a free practice with donations accepted to help cover administrative costs.

Fall 2021

Hana I Ka Pono Prayer Intensive

Hana I Ka Pono means wellness through forgiveness. It is an intention and a practice of taking 100% responsibility of our thoughts, words, and actions to affect positive change for one’s self, loved ones, and situations past, present, or future. We all have a kuleana (responsibility) to bring ourselves and our world into wellness. Through Self Soul Discovery questions, we will explore the counterproductive beliefs and stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, and the stories we hold on to based on hurtful memories. In this prayer practice, we will release, cleanse, and heal the parts of ourselves that have been storing so much pain, anger, resentment, shame, guilt, blame, and more.

As we do this inner work, we open ourselves to humility and welcome her grace to flow in us, through us, and as us. We will then extend our kuleana outward to situations, places, and events (past, present, and future) to release, cleanse, and heal the space, setting the stage for the desired outcome. You will find many ways to apply this practice in your life to cause great healing, for there is no limit to what we can affect physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially, and relationally.


Writing Down Your Soul Intensive

Writing Down Your Soul is a mystical practice that drops you into theta—the threshold between worlds—where you begin to hear Who wants to be heard and find yourself falling in love with this magical Voice. As you move through life holding hands with your Sacred Voice, you begin to see who you really are and the life you really want to live—and you find the courage and grace to create that life.

Soul writing was and is part of everything I offer, but I had no plans to teach it again as a course. That is, until my publisher relaunched Writing Down Your Soul this summer and my sweet Voice—who often calls herself “Our Lady of the Thresholds” or “Beloved Mother Sophia”—nudged me to teach soul writing again—but in a whole new way. A way called “The Theatre of the Miraculous.”

You are the Community. Your journal is the Container. The Voice is the Contained. But you may be surprised to discover that there isn’t one Voice, the whole world is filled with Sacred Voices. And they’re all waiting to take you by the hand.

Whether you’re new to soul writing or have been writing for years, come and play in this inaugural Theatre of the Miraculous event. Magic and miracles await everyone.

Summer 2021

The Return of the Witches Jeanne d’Arc Listening Pilgrimage


The Return of the Witches is an unprecedented mystical exchange with witches of the past to help us heal our witch wounds in the present. Unconscious memories of their terrors are stored in our bodies, our cells, our very DNA. Those tendrils surface as anxiety, body shame, perfectionism, self-doubt, relationships fraught with misunderstanding and distrust, and the gnawing sense that no matter what we do, we’re not enough. These witch wound undercurrents prevent us from loving the body we’re in, saying what needs to be said, being fully present in our relationships, expressing our true wild creativity, and asking for and receiving our most sacred desires.

How can we heal these old buried wounds? We begin by gathering in sacred ceremony and inviting 13 abused and condemned women across three thousand years and half the globe to return and tell us their stories. As we give them the gift of being heard and seen, they give us the gift of finding the strength to heal ourselves, and the courage to transform our anti-feminine, anti-body, anti-Goddess world into one filled with reverence for all.

Spring 2021

NOW ON DEMAND: The 15 Mysteries of Joan of Arc Prayer Intensive


Over the centuries Joan of Arc has ignited devotion and inspired the imagination of people all around the world. Mark Twain, an atheist, spent the last years of his life writing about her. George Bernard Shaw, a social critic and nonbeliever, created his greatest play as a testament to her. Whenever we see a teenage girl of incalculable courage in the face of violence and empire, we know we recognize her spirt.

But who was Joan of Arc? Why was she so dangerous to men in power then? Why has she compelled the attention of artists, playwrights, novelists, poets, movie directors, and actors for six hundred years? And, of greatest importance, why is she returning now?

In this prayer intensive, a mystical exploration like no other, we will meet the real Joan of Arc as we sit in sacred circle with Perdita Finn, who is devoted to Joan and committed to elucidating who this most beloved woman was—and is—and Janet Conner, who, under Joan’s direction is creating The Return of the Witches Jeanne d’Arc Listening Pilgrimage opening in June.

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