2021 Intensives & Events with Prayer Artist & Mystic Witch Janet Conner

Something mystical happens when we gather as a soul community. As our individual hearts expand with love, we create a shared cosmic heart that beats in the rhythm of One Love. And we experience the living reality that prayer is the vibration of Love².

On-Going Experiences

They Are All Our Children Prayer Practice

They Are All Our Children is an 11-minute radical love prayer practice created with the sacred intention to close the migrant detention camps and free the children. In 2013, I was one mother with one son in political prison. A hundred people joined me to shower that prison with unconditional love at the same time each day—and the federal judge suddenly and unexpectedly released my son. Today, we are all the mothers and fathers of thousands of children held in internment camps.

Please join me in this alchemical prayer of radical love and forgiveness to transmute the consciousness that creates, perpetuates, and profits from this political system of separation and fear. This is a free practice with donations accepted to help cover administrative costs.

Mother Moon Yoga

Mother Moon Yoga is a re-remembering, a re-birthing, a re-aligning with the original mystical essence of yoga. Yoga as we know it in the West has become very masculinized with an emphasis on strength and physical performance. But at its origin, yoga was and is a sacred communion with The Goddess, The Mother. Yoga at its heart is simply prayer. It is breath. It is gentle organic dance. Original yoga is a hymn your body sings in response to the sacred rhythms of life, of Mother Earth, and of our sweet Mother Moon.

There is nothing quite like Mother Moon Yoga. It brings together not only the sacred lineages of multiple forms of yoga, but also the astrological wisdom of the Moon, the gifts of full body anointing, the ancient vibrations of the hymns and mantras of our ancestors, all coming together to be integrated in the sacred practice of deep soul writing.

Together, these mystical practices awaken the living presence of the Feminine Divine within waiting for expression in and through and as you.

Winter 2021

Through the Lunar Looking Glass Prayer Intensive


Through the Lunar Looking Glass is an unusual prayer intensive designed to bring us into intimate communion with our Mother, the Moon.

The moon herself has orchestrated the timing:

  • We open with a celebratory moon tea on Sunday, April 11, the first day of a new lunar year, to celebrate the ancient circular time rhythms that have guided humanity throughout time, and open to day 1 of a 13 cycle dance with the mystical wisdom of this lunar year
  • In this moon-guided intensive, we will be together for one complete lunar cycle, dark moon to dark moon, so we can begin to feel her movement in our own bodies
  • In perfect synchronicity, our weekly gatherings come in syncopated rhythms under her waxing, full, and waning phases, each nurtured by one of the 4 elements
  • We will complete our intensive with a final moon tea on Sunday, May 9, gathering in joy to celebrate our adventures in Through the Lunar Looking Glass

There are many ways to drink the moon, to open to the magic of cycles and harvesting gratitude for our sacred seeds of intention. Get to know how the moon speaks to you. Join us as we explore the moon through the looking glass in all her phases and answer her dare to come and drink me!

Somatic Writing Prayer Intensive

You are a writer. We are all writers.

Everyone has the ability to write their story, but often we get stuck, or think we're stuck, because we don't know how to access the deeper layers of nuance and memory that are held in our bodies, or soma. These sensations may have their origins in events from our own lives or even in the traumas our ancestors experienced. The word “soma” originates from Latin and Greek and means both body and spirit.

During our Somatic Writing Prayer Intensive, we will work at the nexus, the liminal intersection of body, soul, and spirit. In a process called Story Archeology, our deepest stories will reveal themselves as we peel back the layers in our soma where our stories are stored or frozen. Through our writing we will bring in resources, such as our ancestors, animal and nature guides, and our connection to pleasure, in order to open to our stories, and our bodies, in a radically different way.

We will be retrieving parts of our stories—and parts of ourselves—that have been in exile, marginalized by family as well as a culture that did not understand the depth of who we really are, and the mystic, intuitive, and artistic gifts we carried.

NOW ON DEMAND - Take Back the Magic, Take Back the Dead

Everyone has psychic abilities, but we live in a culture where we have been taught to mistrust our natural intuitions and fear what were once everyday conversations with the dead. How do we recover our lost relationship with our ancestors? How do we summon them and receive their messages? Why have various religions tried to keep women (and men) from this sacred work?

Together we will explore the forgotten powers of the dead and how they can lead us to the realms of magic and miracles. Take Back the Magic is an invitation to intimacy and healing with the dead and the lived experience that none of us is ever alone and no one is ever lost to us.

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