What could happen in 2024?

2024 a year of sacred memory, dreaming dragons, and original prayer

Week 2--in which we ponder what could happen and who we could be in "a year like no other"

Friends, soul writers, mystics, witches, and lovers of prayer,

I have had a theme for these Notes from the Field for several years. I think I started naming a theme and posting it at the top of a year’s worth of newsletters well before Covid. I don’t remember when or why I started doing that. I have read a lot of newsletters from authors I respect and no one declares an annual theme.

But somehow it feels important to me to see a year hanging together around an idea, a possibility, a question, something sacred, something holy, something important.

And then, when the year ends, pausing to see how the theme came alive. And, as in so many things in life, the expected never materializes. There’s always an odd, surprising, yet deeply important insight in the final review.

And sure enough, the theme for 2023 has not turned out the way I expected when I wrote it at the top of the first newsletter last January.

The theme for 2023 was: the year we learn to listen to life. Did we?

Well, the year began with devastating earthquakes in Turkey, moved through floods in Libya, disasters in Morocco, fires in Canadian forests, and on and on, bringing us to unimaginable horrors in Israel and Palestine happening right now with no end in sight. At first, you might think the theme was wrong. I did. But as I looked back over the amount of death last year, I had a surprising insight.

The greatest teacher of life is death.

The two are inextricably interwoven. Life begets death which begets life and on and on and on.

Annie Dillard described it, as only Annie Dillard can, in Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. She spent a year living next to Tinker Creek, witnessing changes in the landscape, trees, and animals as the seasons completed their cycle. She would sit for hours simply watching and listening and smelling, and then retreat to her cabin to write what she saw. (There’s a reason she won a Pulitzer for this book.)

Toward the end of the book, she wrote something that made such an impact, I still have it memorized:

“The world has signed a pack with the devil; it had to. It is a covenant to which every thing, even every hydrogen atom, is bound. The terms are clear: if you want to live, you have to die…The world came into being with the signing of the contract. A scientist calls it the Second Law of Thermodynamics. A poet says, ‘The force that through the green fuse drives the flowers/Drives my green age.’ This is what we know. The rest is gravy.”

But aren’t we strange creatures, we upright mammals, who think that if we’re smart enough, rich enough, healthy enough, lucky enough, we can somehow evade the contract.

So when I looked back at 2023, I realized that we had indeed been listening to life speaking, but not through sunshine and butterflies—all the pretty things we like to associate with life—but through life’s sister twin, death.

In 2023 there was SO much death. And many, perhaps most, of those deaths did not have to happen. The apartment buildings in Turkey could have been constructed safely. The engineers warning about the condition of the dam in Libya could have been heeded. The forest fires? We all could have heeded what climate change is doing. But even now, knowing what we know, Mother Earth still keeps getting hotter and hotter.

And the horror unfolding before our eyes in Israel and Palestine…. It’s heartbreaking to look back at all the choices that could have been made time after time after time during the last seven decades, but were not.

The life-death twins have a lot to say right now. And we need to listen. But are we?

So as I pondered the strange way in which the 2023 theme revealed itself to be quite accurate, just not in any way I, or you, expected, I had quite a bit of trepidation about naming a theme for 2024. I even considered not doing one. But that felt like bypassing, looking the other pay, putting on blinders, pretending everything would be just fine if we ignore the suffering.

As someone who has looked deeply into what was done to women (and men and children) labeled witches or savages or slaves—or any other label that hands permission to control and abuse to the few in power—I cannot, and will not, play the “it’s all good” game.

But before I could come up with wording for this year’s theme, I spent a lot of time pondering. For help, I turned to several rich sources.

Astrology for example.
Even if you have a very cursory awareness of the cosmic dance that has been unfolding since 2020, you’ve undoubtedly picked up that astrologers are describing 2024 as “a year like no other.” Something very big is afoot.

And, of course, I considered my own massive project, The Witch Sequence.
This series of 7 intensives of 77 days each, walking the ancient feminine labyrinth path to awaken our 7 original sacramental witch gifts, is the love of my life. It is my legacy. The Witch Sequence is life speaking to me in a voice that will not be ignored: pointing the way to how we heal this wasteland by embodying our full sacramental powers.

Patriarchy had the audacity to label our gifts witchcraft and murder us for it.

They were wrong. So wrong.

Those gifts are our arts, our WitchArts. I am proud to call myself a mystic witch and explore and expand my—and your—7 original WitchArts:

  1. Full body Intuition
  2. Threshold Crossing
  3. Original Prayer
  4. Myrrhophore Anointing
  5. Divination
  6. Devotion
  7. Dragon

As you read that list, does something stir in you. A memory. Faint perhaps, but somewhere deep in your blood, your sinews, your bones, the sacred memory of witches standing in their sovereignty is slowly awakening. I’m not the only witch here. We are many. And we are finding one another through The Witch Sequence events.

And prayer! I’m dancing with joy to introduce you to prayer—real prayer, original prayer, prayer before patriarchy and prayer after patriarchy. It’s the 3rd in the sequence and we open in a month on February 18. This week I am inviting the members of the first two ART intensives plus the members of The Lotus and the Lily that just ended.

I'll open registration to the whole subscriber list next Sunday. Watch for it!

Now, about that “dragon.”

Marcia Wade called the 2024 Forecast: When the Dream Fields Come Alive. In part 1, she and Emma talked at length about 2024 being The Year of the Wood Dragon in Chinese Astrology.

And, if you’ve seen anything about The Witch Sequence, you know there’s a dragon or two or seven in the mix. There’s a reason our motto is canticum somnium draconis: song of the dreaming dragon

So, let’s see, dragons…
Dreaming dragons…
Sacred bone memories…
Prayer—Original Prayer…

These big—very big—possibilities informed our theme for 2024:

Sacred memory, dreaming dragons, original prayer

If it’s going to be “a year like no other,” then it’s time for us to go big. Let’s listen to life, to dragons, to witches, to all the people before patriarchy who knew how to live with reverence, devotion, and love. If we listen, if we awaken to our WitchArts, we can create a garden and heal this wasteland.

to remembering our sacred WitchArts,


PS: Want to know why 2024 is a year like no other? Follow the link below to purchase the forecast.

2024: The Year the Dream Fields Come Alive

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