What do you give a witch on her birthday?

2024 a year of sacred memory, dreaming dragons, and original prayer

Week 24--in which a witch discovers the perfect birthday present

Friends, soul writers, mystics, witches, and lovers of prayer,

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Today (Saturday the 15th) was the last of 1,096 days of walking through life guided by the energy of Essence 20. All in preparation for turning 76 and entering a new Essence energy. I found the perfect gift to celebrate this transition and gave it to myself.

I’d like to tell you all about this perfect witch gift, but first, I have to explain a wee bit about what an Essence is.


Essence numbers are a unique form of depth numerology that hold the energy of the life you are living. But interestingly, your Essence, although it is a number, is based on your name.

It’s not easy to replicate for yourself, but the basic idea is you write your first name on a line, your middle name on the line below that and your surname on the third. And you write the letters of your name as often as their numeric vibration. J for example has the vibration of 1, so does A, but N has the vibration of five. If I were making my own chart I’d write J once, A once, and N five times. And so on through all three of my names. The whole thing makes for a weird-looking chart for sure!

Then, you add the columns. Now I don’t recommend trying to decipher this for yourself, although Ruth Drayer’s book, Numerology: The Power in Numbers does show how to do it. I took one look at that and ran for cover! I had my first Essence consultation with Ruth back in 2015. Luckily, I still have my written notes. And today, I revisited them.

Right after hello, Ruth blurted out, “Boy you have a lot of words! Lots to say to the world.”

Well, yeah, books, classes, radio shows…yup. Lots of words. But how did she know that? Turns out it’s right there in my name. I have eight letters with the vibration of 5. It’s all those Es and Ns. Ruth went on to say that I’ve done this in many lifetimes and been punished for it. I came in this time to not have limits on my expression any more.

I see now that I’ve been making up for lifetimes of being silenced.

Ruth ended, asking me, “What do you want to do? It’s something that’s never been done.”

I realize now that Ruth was prophesying all that has come through me since I said yes to mystic witch in November of 2020. The next three years turned out to be the richest, holiest, wildest, and most fulfilling of my life. Everything I’ve experienced, created, and offered in these three years has been about restoring witch to its original holy meaning.

  • It began in 2021 when I created The Return of the Witches, a pilgrimage across three thousand years to see how patriarchy demonized woman and everyone they wanted to dominate.
  • That led to creating Remembering the Songlines of the Witches in 2022. For 12 months, we visited a particular witch to hear her story and receive her medicine. Songlines culminated on the Summer Solstice last June as we received our witch names and medicines.

    My witch name is Whalebone and my medicine is “I sing the song of the whole and holy witch.” 

  • At the beginning of 2023, a team and I created The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch. A delicious romp to activate our natural intuitive senses. It was proof that profound mystic work can be—and should be—fun.
  • If you’ve been reading these Notes from the Field since then, you know that that first ART intensive morphed into seven to receive all our original WitchArt gifts as we walk the seven circuits of the most ancient labyrinth.

    We call the whole story, The Witch Sequence. We completed ART 2 on how to cross the thresholds between worlds last fall and ART 3 on Original Prayer this spring.

There’s more to come. ART 4 on Myrrhophore Anointing will open this August. And 5-7 will follow until we complete the entire labyrinth.

The witch events Ruth called “never been done before” all came as I walked my three-year Essence 20. My sister witch and collaborator, Emma Kupu Mitchell, trained with Ruth Drayer as well as other brilliant Pythagorean numerologists.

Emma is now my personal depth numerologist. And I strongly recommend she become yours.

Emma Kupu Mitchell

The number 20

When I began my Essence 20 walk three years ago, Emma encouraged me to study the number 20 deeply.

Twenty is The Aeon in the Tarot. Here are a few highlights on the 20 in Angeles Arrien’s The Tarot Handbook:

  • The Aeon/Judgment symbol represents the ability to give birth to new forms in both family and career
  • The Aeon reminds us to look at the history we have shared and to forgive ourselves and others for the judgments we are making
  • You have the ability to see the history and longevity of any situation…and the ability to communicate your perceptions in such a way that they can be received and heard
  • This is the best year to go into teamwork or collaborative efforts
  • Consider starting something new in your professional life
  • The 20 is the outer expression of the High Priestess (#2)

To help me remember the power and beauty of my Essence 20 walk, I wrote a prayer on day 1 and said it for the 1,096th and final time this morning.

The number 19

Tomorrow, as I take my first steps in the next spiral of my life, I will write a new prayer. Because tomorrow, I start a three-year walk of Essence 19. Nineteen is pregnant with possibility.

  • 19 is The Sun in Tarot—the source of life on earth
  • 19 reduces to 10 the Wheel of Fortune
  • 10 reduces to a 1, The Magician

What a gorgeous wild magnificent three years this will be!

It’s a big day tomorrow. I will celebrate 76 years in this body, bow in gratitude to all the beautiful witch work that has come alive under Essence 20, and take my first step in the new and holy guidance of 19. It’s not an accident that 19 is the fourth and final and most intense of Pythagoras’ four karmic numbers. I have no idea what’s in store, but my answer is yes!

So I wanted to do something special to honor and celebrate this moment in time.

What does a mystic witch give herself to create a space to welcome the life that wants to be lived?

Why, she asks Samantha Wilde, a mystic weaver if ever there was one, to weave a Goddess of Fire Altar Cloth!

I spent all week cleaning my office, rearranging and donating books, and playing with my new altar space. Here’s a closeup.

Samantha made this fire altar cloth in the same color family as the Prayer Stole she made earlier this year.

Everything on my altar cloth overflows with meaning:

  • the lumerian crystal and sugalite towers are my personal “henge” stones
  • the brown and black curved rocks are fossilized whale ear bones--my witch ears
  • the two arrow crystals are prayer-infused witch fingers
  • the green and red heart at the center is the symbol of the expanded heart we will receive in ART 4

My room has always felt like a sacred container. But now it feels even more expanded and even more holy with this new prayer-filled altar cloth.

Thank you Samantha!

To understand more about Samantha Wilde and her very mystical weaving, visit her site. She posted a delicious video about altar cloths on her homepage. After you watch the video, click on her weaving shop to see other altar cloths.

Samantha Wilde

to celebrating birthdays and every day for every day is sacred and pregnant with love


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