What is it about November 11?

I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date! And what a date. It’s November 11. Eleven Eleven. The master number of the Divine Feminine 2.

November 11 has always been sacred ground for me.

I declared my soul vows for the first time on November 11, 2000.

That prayer formed me. It made me. I am who I am because I have lived my soul vows for 19 years. When I first declared my soul vows on my living room floor with 11 women, I knew it was important, but I could never have predicted or even imagined just how alive that prayer would turn out to be. Or what I would become because of it.

I turned in the manuscript for Writing Down Your Soul on November 11, 2007.

My beautiful editor, Brenda Knight, called me two days later and said, “You’ve done something no one has done before. You’ve written a spiritual self-help book that’s a page turner.” My new writer’s heart leapt with joy. But quickly fell to the ground as I tried to figure out how to make a living until the book came out.

Looking for guidance, I contacted the angels through Margo Mastromarchi and asked, “How am I going to live?” Actually, I asked it five times, because I wasn’t getting an answer. Not an answer I could understand anyway.

Each time I asked, Archangel Michael said the same thing, only his volume went up a bit more each time, until he was shouting at me: “You don’t understand how important this book is.”

Well, he was right. I didn’t. And even now, ten years after publication, I am still amazed by the doors this sweet sweet book continues to open.

This November 11 is an important date too. It’s the day The Lotus and The Lily for 2019 opens.

This is not an accident. I mean it is an accident in the sense that I didn’t plan it. We always open on the second Monday in November. This year, it just so happens that the second Monday is 11-11.

It feels like a portent for the mystical adventure ahead.

And it is a mystical adventure. Even though I’ve led The Lotus and The Lily for ten years, it’s still a great mystery to me. I know that the process is miraculous. I am the poster child for what that mystical mandala prayer practice can do. But because it is miraculous, I can’t explain in any linear way how it works.

Because it’s not linear.

The mandala is a sacred circular container embedded with your unique and deeply personal commitments to live your divine calling in the coming year.

The “miracle” part is that you have no idea what that will look like. You might think you do, but it’s always a surprise to see what actually unfolds.

I’ll use my current mandala as an example.

As 2019 was coming to life, I knew I was called to use all my creative abilities to bring my sacred medicine, Original Prayer, to life.

I didn’t actually know what “original prayer” meant. I just knew it was mine.

So I drew a gold circle with a triangle inside (for the 3 year) and wrote "Original Prayer" across the bottom.

It was the simplest mandala I’ve ever made. There were no images of anything I thought I wanted to receive or create. Just a commitment to give my whole self to "Original Prayer."

So in preparation for opening The Lotus and The Lily on November 11, I thought I should take a glance back at all that has been birthed through me in 2019. As the list grew, I got a little teary. There is no way in the world I could have asked for all of this, or really any of it.

  • perfect guests for the new Praying at the Speed of Love podcast always arriving in perfect timing and always with a deep mystical message
  • detailed instructions for 9 prayer intensives that were outrageously magical and somehow built perfectly one after another
  • embracing change without fear as I step into my 2-year mystic 16 Tower of Love walk with guidance from depth numerologist Emma Kupu Mitchell
  • experiencing the living presence of Mary Magdalene in two prayer intensives with Meghan Don
  • Goddess Rising initiation and ceremony complete with 8 goddesses, ancient artwork, embodied prayers, and Sacred Fire Quilt
  • the return of the Divine Feminine as the Dragon in and through and as me
  • discovering my ancestral home is the Hudson River Valley and answering the call to move there
  • creating the They Are All Our Children prayer practice when Mary Magdalene and Jesus yelled at me to “do something!”

All of this happened because the vibration of my heart’s most sacred desire to serve original prayer somehow connected in the ethers with the vibration of other prayer-loving hearts.

Two hearts beating as one. That’s the energy that creates miracles at the speed of love.

Even I think the list is a shock. And I’m the one living it. How could so much happen in just ten months without my asking for anything?

I’ve taught The Lotus and The Lily for ten years and it still surprises me. But this is the wonder of real manifestation. Manifestation that happens naturally and effortlessly as you do one simple thing: commit to living your soul’s conditions.

What are your conditions? That’s what The Lotus and The Lily is all about.

You get to discover them for yourself. No one can tell you what your soul conditions are. And no two people commit to the same ones. That's how we create a world of beauty, love, and joy.

The adventure opens on November 11. And I’m late getting the intensive open for you to register.

I guess I can blame it on two more out-of-the-blue miracles that happened in the last two weeks:

  • I came home to my new publisher, who is really my old publisher
  • my new publisher wants two proposals

And all I can do is say yes!

So watch for an invitation to join The Lotus and The Lily next Sunday.

I’m going to invite previous members to register first, but I will make sure there are at least 30 seats for new members.

Until then, get a copy of The Lotus and The Lily book. Perhaps get a slinky. (you’ll see) For sure, refresh your deep soul writing because you'll be doing the deepest soul writing of the year.

to getting ready for a year of beautiful surprises in 2020, starting on the miracle date of 11-11,


PS: Thank you to everyone praying They Are All Our Children to close the internment camps. And thank you for your kind donations. I was able to send a love offering to Kahu Lahela thanks to your donations.

PS: Listen to Praying at the Speed of Love. The new episode just opened with Kimberly Marooney and the Angels teaching us to pray--and it's not what you might expect.

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