Which comes first: your soul purpose or your story?

2024 a year of sacred memory, dreaming dragons, and original prayer

Week 18--in which we ponder: Which came first, my soul's purpose or my story?

Friends, soul writers, mystics, witches, and lovers of prayer,

Three years ago, storyteller and soul purpose guide Devorah Spilman, invited me to be a part of her annual “share your story, live your purpose” teleseminar. I usually turn down requests like this, but I was intrigued because Devorah is all about the interrelationship of soul purpose and life story.

She guides people to tell their story because speaking your story offers insights into your soul’s purpose. And, vice versa. As you fall in love with your soul’s purpose and live it to the full, you can’t help but share your story with others who will be inspired to fully embody their own soul’s purpose.

Sound familiar? That’s me in a nutshell, isn't it.

I adore my soul’s purpose as a prayer artist and mystic witch and I tell plenty of wild stories about how that purpose came to life in and through me.

But much as I wanted to join Devorah, I had to say no because my schedule was full to overflowing with creating my own soul-directed intensives.

Then, last year, Devorah asked again. And again, I wanted to do it, but couldn’t because Cathy Stevens Pratt and I were in the early stages of creating what turned out to be The Witch Sequence, the biggest and most powerful work of my life. The seven intensives in The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch that make up The Witch Sequence are my soul’s purpose and my life’s story.

So this year, when Devorah asked me to join, I knew it was the perfect time to say yes. Because in these three years, witch has come alive in my life, bringing me insights into my long-buried soul purpose. A purpose I now know I’ve carried lifetime after lifetime, holding it deep in my heart as “the original starter”—the spark waiting for a time when it would be both safe and necessary to once again honor the sacred title witch.

As usual, though, there was one more piece. One more thing I need to notice in order to be ready to write this newsletter.

It happened as I was reading the art section of last Sunday’s New York Times. In a section on what museums will be offering this fall, there was a long picture-filled article about an artist in his seventies who is setting up a massive review of his work in a vacant warehouse. A very unusual setting indeed. But he said he loved the hanging wires, exposed pipes, unfinished walls. For him, they evoke and mirror the erratic nature of his art.

It was particularly interesting to me that he said most of the pieces in the exhibition are not new. They are pieces he has revisited over and over again, adding layer upon layer. I stared at the massive paintings. And stared some more.

I’m a writer, not a painter, but as I stared, I realized something. I know as a writer that I’m never finished writing. Left alone, I will revisit and revise anything I’ve written. That’s why writers need and love publishing deadlines. We have to stop!

I know painters who do the same thing. They might have started a painting years ago and are just now feeling called to revisit it. Seeing it again, they find themselves adding things or even painting over much of it, somehow bringing a painting to life that is radically different from their original idea.

Isn’t this how life works? It’s sure how mine does.

My life is not a straight line or even a curved line with one bit, let’s say teaching deaf children, leading to the next, creating the hiring program at CNN, and so on all the way to prayer artist and mystic witch. If I tell my story in a line like that, you’d think I was a total nutcase. But if you look at it as a painting with layer upon layer of paint, slowly evolving into the portrait of who I am today, then it makes perfect sense.

Reading that artist’s words led me to consider two questions.

Questions that upend everything we think we knew. Or rather, everything patriarchal linear thinking has led us to believe is true. You might wish to ponder these questions deeply:

  1. Which comes first your soul’s purpose or your life’s story?
  2. Who is the painter? Am I the painter or am I being painted?

I love these questions! I’ll be taking them into deep soul writing for a long time to come.

If you’d like to hear me talk about one layer of paint on my life’s story—the layer of prayer in a witch’s life, join me and Devorah and an array of women talking about how their soul’s purpose expresses through their life story.

The event is called Soul Story World. It’s available at no cost. But you do have to register. The event opens on May 13, so register now. This is the only newsletter about this event.

I’m intrigued by the women Devorah has invited.

There are women who will be talking about Quantum Sound, the Akashic Records, Mindful Movement, Creativity, and so much more.

Look over the roster and see who calls you.

Soul Story World

to weaving the magic of soul purpose into and through your life's story


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