Your Three Fields in 2019

A unique prayer intensive to create the 3-dimensional energy fields
that will support and sustain you as you bring your sacred medicine to life in 2019

Your Three Fields Prayer Intensive

With Janet Conner & Emma Kupu Mitchell

What is Your Three Fields in 2019?

The sacred 3 energy in the numeric vibration of 2019 is a call from the universe to each one of us to bring our gifts or sacred medicine into the world. Our medicine is needed to nourish and heal us individually and nourish and heal our world.

The issue isn’t knowing what your medicine is. Although you might not have words for it, your unique medicine has been whispering in your ear in large and small ways for some time. On a deep visceral level you know what is being asked of you. And your heart longs to live that way.

The issue is how do you architect a life that sustains your vision, aligns you with the divine vibrations of Love, and provides you with the energy, focus, motivation, and trust you need to bring your sacred medicine to life not once or for a few months, but for the entire year.

In Your Three Fields in 2019, you will architect that life by creating three 3-dimensional energy fields that work in concert to hold you in communion with unconditional divine love as you open space in your life for the sacred gifts that want to be expressed in and through and as you in 2019 and beyond.


What will you experience?

With the guidance of your own your internal divine Voices of Love and the mystical experiences of your guides, Emma Kupu and Janet Conner, you will architect three deeply personal 3-Dimensional cosmic vibratory fields to support and nourish you and your sacred medicine in 2019:

  1. Landscape: you will create a unique 3-part altar that reminds you of who you are in your wholeness, honors and aligns with the energy of your sacred medicine and its gifts, and tracks the emergence of the life that wants to be lived in and through and as you on your 2019 Evidence Mandala
  2. Prayerscape: you will receive three love song prayers: your solar vow renewing your love for your sacred medicine each morning, a restorative chant to be used throughout the day, and a gentle lullaby to complete your day
  3. Bodyscape: you will develop your own full-body anointing practice opening your chakras to receive, integrate, and create the beauty and wisdom of your sacred medicine all year long


Who will benefit?

Your Three Fields in 2019 prayer intensive is ideal for you if you want to:

  • take a deep dive into the numeric vibration and celestial energies for 2019
  • strengthen and sustain your vision for your life
  • stop experiencing peaks and valleys in your attention and energy
  • trust in your ability to create your own mystical prayer practices
  • discover what happens when you structure your day around profound prayer practices
  • learn how to create your own anointing oil in communion with the plants
  • learn how to create your own anointing process in communion with your body
  • elevate the energy in your home and workspace
  • invite angels and divine beings to become your teachers and guides
  • honor your sacred responsibility to be a part of the transformation of our world
  • celebrate the joy of creating your life with an intimate soul community


What will you receive?

  • three 2 ¼ hour live sessions with Janet Conner and Emma Kupu Mitchell culminating in a Ceremony of Your Sacred Medicine
  • several bonus videos
    • How to Communicate with Plant Medicine by Emma Kupu Mitchell
    • 2019 Intuitive Elemental Astrology Forecast by Emma Kupu Mitchell
    • How to Work with the 3 Divine Guides of the Sacred 3 by Janet Conner
    • Seven Steps to Get into Theta bonus video by Janet Conner
  • opportunity to purchase the new Sacred Medicine candle and Your Sacred Medicine essential oil for 2019
  • access to password-protected resource page with
    • recordings of all 3 gatherings in video and audio formats
    • all bonus videos
    • Your Three Fields in 2019 PDF Handbooks
    • PDF Follow Up Notes from each gathering
  • membership in a private Facebook discussion group
  • discount on private intuitive numerology and astrology session with Emma Kupu Mitchell

Our Guides

vertical poet

Janet Conner

Janet Conner is a Prayer Artist, deep soul explorer, field guide in the mystic, and author of Writing Down Your Soul, Soul Vows, Find Your Soul’s Purpose, The Lotus and The Lily, and more. After hosting The Soul-Directed Life radio show for six years, she is creating a new podcast, Praying at the Speed of Love.

Emma Mitchell

Emma Kupu Mitchell

Emma Kupu Mitchell is a Sensory Soul guide, Earth Medicine Artist, intuitive astrologer and numerologist, and a creator of unique sound and plant elixirs. Emma blends ancient wisdom with modern holistic practices to help you re-remember your wholeness.


Saturday, January 12, 19, 26, 2019
2:00-4:15 pm eastern, 1pm central, 12 mountain, 11 pacific, 9 hawaii, 3 atlantic, 7p UK, 8p Europe

Note: you do not have to be live on the gatherings, everything is recorded in both video and audio formats.



$ 138

$ 111 for members of The Lotus and The Lily 2018, and previous prayer intensives

Have questions? Contact Janet at or 727-772-1118 between 1pm and 5pm Eastern