Dawna Markova—Living a Loved Life

Real Conversation

This is a multi-layered miraculous conversation. On one level, it is a beautiful conversation with a beautiful woman, Dawna Markova, about how she evolved into the midwife and author we adore. But on another level, it is a conversation with a ghost—Dawna’s illiterate, Russian-Jewish, challah-baking grandmother, who may not have a name. You meet this woman. And find yourself tumbling head over heels into love. Because maybe, just maybe, Dawna’s grandmother is the wisest and holiest guru you’ve ever met.

Real Person

You know Dawna Markova as the author of books that carried you through your yesterdays: I Will Not Die an Unlived Life, Reconcilable Differences, A Spot of Grace, and the Random Acts of Kindness series. In Living A Loved Life, Dawna invites us into 3 major questions we are all wrestling with right now. And then she “answers” them with stories. Stories that open your heart in places you didn’t know were clogged. And then, you realize you are living a life you love.

Real Prayer Action

Dawna Markova’s grandmother is a bottomless well of mystical wisdom. Here are a few highlights:

  • Her grandmother told Dawna to listen through her skin. Try it. Put your hand on someone’s heart or head—or ask them to put their hand on yours—and listen. Through your skin. How is it different from listening through your ears?
  • Dawna’s grandmother could see the gold around the edges of kindred people. Can you? If you don’t see the gold, do you feel it. How do you recognize your kindred?
  • Dawna said questions are ”sacred thresholds.” What sacred thresholds are beckoning you right now? Hold them in your heart. Take a ”sacred pause.” Then ask, ”Am I willing to stay loyal to these questions?”
  • Dawna’s grandmother kissed her fingertips. Kiss your own. Kiss a child’s….
  • Perhaps the most profound sentence in this conversation is, “Life makes a promise to the world the moment you were born.” What promise did life make when you arrived? Or someone you love?
  • Dawna lives by NMW—No Matter What. What’s your life mantra? (I’ll share mine, it’s MLV—Make Love Visible)

Open both gift bags to receive an excerpt from Living a Loved Life and a very special unpublished gift, a love poem by Dawna for her sweetheart Andy Bryner with his music! Then, come to our Praying at the Speed of Love Facebook community and share your insights and experiences with Dawna and her grandmother.

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