The Dark Moon in You


What is the Dark Moon in You Mini Prayer Intensive?

 As a woman, you are naturally aligned to the cycles and rhythm of life—the wisdom keeper of the Mysteries of birth, life, death, and rebirth IN your sacred body through your “moon time” or menstrual cycle, and at peri- and post-menopause, and throughout the ever-repeating lunar cycle. Our ancestors knew these Mysteries but, in our modern patriarchal world, we have not been taught how sacred, creative, and wise our feminine body is.

Once you reclaim these innate Mysteries, you can step more into your full power AS the divine feminine and the power-full Creatress you have always been. As we do this individual and collective work of remembering, particularly at the time of the Dark Moon, we become whole, and our world returns to a reverence structure where all beings can thrive.

In the Dark Moon in You, you will learn a powerful three-day ritual coinciding with the three days of the Dark Moon (the day before, of, and after the New Moon) to support you to:

  • RELEASE what is not in harmony with your soul, including old stories and beliefs, and accept the gifts and wisdom of your experiences into your heart
  • REST into the Mystery, connecting with your heart, your intuition, and your soul’s unique creative blueprint
  • RECEIVE and ignite the creative dreams that are uniquely yours to nurture and birth into the world in the coming lunar cycle (and beyond)

To support this process, you will also learn several foundational practices you can use throughout the lunar cycle, as well as during the 3 days of the Dark Moon ritual, to:

  1. Empty your wombscape (no matter your age or whether you have a physical womb or an energetic one), where old wounds and memories are stored and can become “stuck,” preventing you from realizing your full creative potential
  2. Root into Mother Earth so you can stand in and speak from your power, no matter what the external circumstances
  3. Connect to and draw up the powerful energetic force contained beneath your feet—the source of your authentic power and sexual and creative energy as a woman

This ritual is based on the teachings of Dr. Christine Page, author of several books including The Healing Power of the Sacred Woman and the Handbook of Women’s Mysteries.


Who will benefit?

The Dark Moon in You is an ideal prayer intensive for you if you want to:

  • Reclaim the sacredness of your body
  • Become more comfortable with inner reflection and the “dark,” resting in the unknown where true wisdom resides
  • Reawaken a dormant awareness of the deep connection in your body to the phases of the moon
  • Cleanse, release, forgive and heal wounds of the past, clearing the way for new growth and creativity
  • Work with a sacred monthly practice that connects you with your body, your Self and Mother Earth, and continues to deepen over time as you work with it
  • Open to a wellspring of creativity from a direct connection to Source
  • Love and honour yourself as a woman, ending any struggle with your body and making a profound contribution to the creation of a new world.
  • Return to and deepen the practice of the 3-day Dark Moon Ritual which you were introduced to in one or more of Janet’s other prayer intensives (NOTE: you do not need to have taken any other intensives; this is a complete, stand-alone program)

What will you receive?

Three pre-recorded video sessions with Janet Conner and Keren Brown

  • Video 1 – Introduction, foundational practices, and overview of the ritual
  • Video 2 – Day 1 of the ritual, RELEASE
  • Video 3 – Day 2, REST and Day 3, RECEIVE
  • PLUS a downloadable AUDIO guided journey for Day 3, RECEIVE
  • Access to a password-protected page with recordings of all sessions in video and audio formats
  • PDF handbook


Registration - $44

When you register, click on the Download link on your receipt to get access to the mini-intensive.


Goddess Guides

Janet Conner Prayer Artist-80

Janet Conner

Janet Conner is a prayer artist, deep soul explorer, field guide in The Mystic, and author of bestselling books including Writing Down Your Soul. She experienced a 40 day/40 night initiation in December of 2014 during which the Divine Feminine as the “Beloved Vibration of Sophia!” entered her life. On Winter Solstice in 2017, she woke hearing “Sophia’s Voice.” Two months later, the voice returned with “Prayer Artist.” Honoring her call to embody the Divine Feminine and explore the original heart of prayer, she upended her writing and teaching life to create a whole new genre of post-patriarchal prayer and bring prayer to the world in brand new ways including videos, concerts, embodied prayer yoga workshops, retreats, and short, focused prayer intensives. She closed her successful radio show “The Soul-Directed Life” to create a new kind of podcast: “Praying at the Speed of Love.”

Image of Keren Brown

Keren Brown

Keren Brown is a Movement and Mystery Initiation Artist, certified professional coach (CPCC), movement facilitator, and marketing guide for creative entrepreneurs. She supports women through the mystical, initiatory journey of midlife, to dance with their wild and wise Self, uncover their soul gifts, and express them in the outer world. Keren is a certified facilitator of Dr. Christine Page's Women's Mysteries for the Modern Woman, and hosts the quarterly online Awakened Midlife Interview Series.

Have questions? Contact Janet at or 727-772-1118 between 1pm and 5pm Eastern