Thank You so Much for supporting They Are All Our Children

My web designer and podcast producer performed a miracle, creating everything to launch this radical love prayer practice in 22 days. The first thing I will do with your contribution is cover their costs. I’d also like to give love offerings to Kahu Lahela and Celeste Yacoboni for bringing Ho‛oponopono and song to this beautiful prayer practice.

After that, all proceeds will be donated to the American Immigration Council, a wonderful organization working to create a more fair and just immigration system, provide legal support for immigrants in detention, and educate Americans about the important role immigrants play in creating a truly prosperous nation.

In gratitude for your donation, I would like to give you a prayer I wrote last year when the Muslim travel ban was withheld. My heart was broken and I wrote “I Care.”  A year later hate, division, racism, and separation has only increased.

The ones suffering the most are the children. We can see the trauma being inflicted on children in internment camps, but children living with parents in America are also suffering. When ICE grabs their parents at work or on the street, they take the parents away without the children even knowing it has happened.

Knowing you are praying with me gives me the fortitude to continue to fight for a justice, mercy, and compassion.

Many of you are gathering circles of friends to pray with you. In gratitude for your donation, I’d be delighted to pray with your circle in a zoom meeting.

If you’d like to arrange that, contact me at