Testimonials for Writing Down Your Soul

Kim-LaPergola_“Today was the last day of reading your book and Thirty-Day Guide. I had to write to say thank you. My journey has confirmed, inspired and re-affirmed my relationship with Spirit. I enjoyed your book. I love your honesty and humor. I felt your real and genuine presence when I read it. Like we were sitting together and holding this conversation in person. Thank you from my Soul for enabling me to see more clearly how Spirit shows up in my life, and that this is a never-ending ROMANCE—the truest and purest romance I will ever have—and it will never end!”

~Kim LaPergola – Mays Landing NJ

Rev_Pat_Williamson_“Janet Conner is an amazing channel for Spirit. She has a gentle, yet a powerful presence and presents a logical and profound method of of connecting to Spirit within. Our congregation loved her and I look forward to a return visit.”

This is practical Spirituality at its best.

~Rev. Pat Williamson, Sr. Minister, Unity Christ Church, Golden Valley MN

Afsaneh_Fuller_I just wanted to say Thank YOU for sharing Writing Down Your Soul. I’ve read and followed The Secret (and many other books and guides) and tried to write down positive things, asking the universe for what I want – but I always felt as though I was “doing it wrong” and supposed that was the reason why my situations were not improving. But your book and method clarified everything for me. It “gave me permission” to complain and be genuine and really open up and listen to my heart with no “strict rules”. Everything has improved just in the short time that I have been writing down my soul. I am amazed at how quickly the Voice spoke to me! Thank you so much for this treasure. Please know that you have made a difference.
Sincerely grateful,

~Afsaneh R. Fuller, West Hills, CA

Lisa-Easler_As I looked around the room tonight at the end of our five weeks of Writing Down Your Soul class, I thought the group looked much more radiant, healthy, & happy than we did on the first night. Soul writing obviously transforms the inner world, and seems to my mind to impact the outer appearance. The Voice is coming at me from all angles. I am loving this connection and being aware of the magic all around us. Thank you for this book, your class, and this practice.

~Lisa Easler, Attorney, St Petersburg FL

Rev_Greg_Barrette_Feeling stuck? Janet Conner and Writing Down Your Soul just might have the answer for you. And it costs nothing–except the commitment you make to your soul. This practical, mystical method of writing will open you up to a new world of answers within you.

~Rev Greg Barrette, Sr Minister, Unity Northwest, DesPlaines, IL

Fay-Hart_When I didn’t want to ‘hear’ what the voice had to say, I got mad and quit writing. So the Universe sent me a giant soft-shell turtle trying to cross a highway. The night after rescuing the HUGE turtle, I dreamed of a hillside full of turtles and I was there, running around panicked, helpless, unable to save them. The next day I looked up turtle in a set of animal totem oracle cards. When I flipped the card with the turtle over, it read ‘Stop trying to make something happen.’ I was floored. That’s exactly what I didn’t want to hear coming through on the page. Retreat is not defeat was the further message. Once you engage ‘the voice’, even if you stop writing, the messages get through. Amazing. This is a phenomenal practice.

~Fay Hart, Poet, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Angie-Holt_On the first night of class, Janet ended with “Welcome to the romance.” After 30 days of spiritual writing and connection I can say the process truly is a romance with the Divine. After years of feeling stuck in negativity and a crippling feeling of unworthiness, I am now overwhelmed with anticipation, excitement and lust for more. I can’t stop thinking about where this new will take me. The best part is I know I will not be let down or jaded by disillusionment. I know this dance with the Divine is just the beginning of a match made in heaven.

~Angela Holt, High school teacher, St. Petersburg, FL

BarbaraWilliams“As a minister, I’ve taken many great classes. I have to tell you that Writing Down Your Soul now ranks up there as one of my all time favorites. What put Writing Down Your Soul over the top for me is how realistic and practical soul writing is — and how authentic Janet is. She doesn’t just talk about it or give us a gimmick. She does this work and she does it every day. You can see the transformation of deep soul writing alive in her and it’s exciting and inspiring. I am so grateful for this practice; I will be writing down my soul for the rest of my life.”

~Rev Barbara Williams, Sr Minister, Unity Truth Center, Port Richey FL

Espy0305“Janet blends science with metaphysics and literature, stirs in her own jaw-dropping experiences of listening to the Voice within, and tops it off with enthusiasm and eloquence – all the ingredients necessary to set one off on an authentic journey to the center through daily soul writing.”

~ Geri Espy, Clearwater, Florida

ElizabethJenness“Through this class I established a connection with a calm loving Voice. Over and over I heard and wrote: Everything is OK, Nothing is wrong, You are loved, which opened the way in a recent writing session for the Voice to guide me gently into understanding and honoring a care-taking behavior pattern I no longer need, giving thanks for its service, and letting it go in ceremony. I was guided to begin to observe my own feelings for clues to action, communicate those feelings, and live so that joy is my predominate feeling. I have received clarity, understanding and a sense of freedom and peace. I am in a spell of grace I hope lasts the rest of my life.”

~ Elizabeth Jenness, Artist, Tampa, Florida

Zola-Kollock_“Writing Down Your Soul is a truly inspired program that has helped me discover the spiritual guidance and wisdom that is giving new direction to my life. Janet Conner is a gifted teacher, both in class and through her book. I will be using her program for the rest of my life.”

~ Zola Kollock, Musician, St. Petersburg, FL

Lisa-Jacobson-color_I am a recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Master of Applied Psychology Program, a degree that indoctrinates it’s graduates to keep a firm and discerning eye and ear towards positive psychology practices that are supported by empirical evidence. I signed up for the workshop with a critical eye toward the science behind what Janet Conner asserts. I was not disappointed. Conner has done her homework. The combination of her research, both empirical and anecdotal, lends credibility to her approach and methodology. And to my delight, I found that Janet is a dynamic speaker who instantly engages her audience with authenticity and wit. She’s at once unpretentious and brilliant in her delivery. Her mind, heart and soul draw you in and her stories keep you absorbed.

~ Lisa Jacobson, HR and Career Consultant, WorkplaceSoutionsTampa.com

Rondi-sized_for_icontact_“I used to tell people that journaling was an inefficient use of their time. Then I attended Janet’s class and learned more in 9 minutes of writing than I did in a year of therapy. Now I tell everyone that writing down your soul is the single most efficient and effective thing you can do. I don’t let a day go by without writing down my soul.”

~ Rondi Frisch, Efficiency Consultant, Tarpon Springs, Florida

Steve“My subconscious self has been trying for years and years to get to know my conscious self. I should have introduced them to each other much sooner! Who knows, they might even end up liking each other. Through writing down my soul I have a new best friend—me!”

~ Steve Corrado, Artist/Engineer, Tarpon Springs, Florida

Brigitte-Moore_“Janet is an inspiring teacher who presents her material with much humor, compassion, humility, and unsurpassed enthusiasm. Her Thirty-Day Guide to Writing Down Your Soul offers invaluable help as one journeys to get in touch with the voice within. Thirty days are hardly enough to work one’s way through the wealth of material being offered, and I imagine I will continue to work on it long after the class is over. I highly recommend Janet Conner’s classes. Believe me, your life will change.

~ Brigitte Moore, St. Petersburg, Florida

KimenMitchell“I have journaled before, but writing down my soul is something all together different. I have never been so honest on paper or anywhere else. The connection I feel with Oma (my Voice) is so very real and rich. I am finding answers to problems that I have never really shared or worked on before. I had an absolutely mind-rocking, world-shaking revelation involving a life-long problem and I am absolutely sure I could not, would not, have experienced this had I not already been primed with Oma-power. Thank you, Janet, from the bottom of my heart and soul.”

~ Kimen Mitchell, Library Media Specialist, Tarpon Springs, Florida

Dixie-Taylor_I took a Writing Down Your Soul course hoping to reactive my creative juices, connect with the Christ-Voice within, and get reacquainted with my creative writing soul again. Thank you, Janet, for supplying a marvelous method in which I could find my writer’s soul.

~ DixieTaylor, Chaplain, First Unity, St. Petersburg, FL

My therapist praised the results of Writing Down Your Soul today. He said that there are many levels of emotional growth and through my deep soul writing, I have opened myself up to a whole new level. He also confirmed that the theta brain wave state is the ego-less state, above all the pettiness of daily life. I now know that I’m in theta during my higher self conversations on the page and I know that this writing is helping me resolve issues in both past and present relationships. Thank you so much for this soul affirming practice.

~ Joan Schell, Information Specialist, St Petersburg, FL

Jan-Stern_This is proof positive that God works through us. Talk about connected! You can’t scoff away pen on paper. Those words, those thoughts wouldn’t have come from ‘just’ me. Yay! Janet, for showing us the way.

~ Jan Stern

GeriflpThis was the most meaningful writing class I’ve ever taken.

~ Rev. Geri Glinksi (may she rest in sweet sweet peace), Unity Church of Palm Harbor, Palm Harbor, FL

“How will I ever be able to capture the essence of such a powerful and mysterious mystical experience? Janet Conner and the Writing Down Your Soul course just have to be experienced to be appreciated. You will experience a dramatic process that fosters a fresh new creative dialogue with your inner voice. I have to say my life was transformed when it intersected with this profound, yet simple practice.”

~ Judy Clements, Teacher, Brandon, Florida

“The journaling that I have done in the past was much less meaningful and I would stop and start. The idea that Someone is actually listening to me, The Voice, has added the dimension I needed. Tying everything into Spirit has made this practice magical for me.”

~ Nancy Robbin, MD, Dunedin, FL

JenniferAldrich“On the very first night after class I was awakened by voices asking, ‘What do you want? What do you really want?’ I’ve been writing about that ever since. Since I started writing down my soul, I’ve realized that my masters degree is not what I wanted but what I thought I should do. I was not doing it for myself. I’m working out with the Voice what I really want to do. Writing this way has really freed up the writer I always thought I was!”

~ Jennifer Aldrich, Green Bay, Wisconsin

JananTalafer“I am a marketing communications writer, and the last thing I want to do is sit down after hours and pick up a pen to write some more. But I kept feeling called to take Janet’s class. Finally I gave in to the rather persistent voice and signed up. Part of me resisted the idea of writing every day for 30 days, but within a short time, I began to look forward to my ‘appointed hour’ with the divine presence.
“Now, the minute I pick up my pen to write, I feel a surge of loving energy well up inside, reminding me that I am not alone in the universe and all is well. The anxiety that has always had a grip on me has diminished greatly. But it’s not just that I feel more peaceful; I am also getting results. I recently wrote, ‘Okay, you know my desire is financial freedom, so what do you suggest I do about it?’ The immediate message I received with this: ‘Trust me. I may be buried deeply within your midst, but there I am, growing stronger by the minute. Call my name and allow my flame to grow.’ By the way, this week, five new potential job leads have come my way!”

~ Janan Talafer, St. Petersburg, FL

“Thank you, Janet, from the bottom of my heart for opening this door for me. You have given me probably the most powerful resource imaginable. I can’t thank you enough. I love my daily writing and connection with spirit. It is my full intention to continue this practice every day for the rest of my life. This is truly phenomenal.”

~ Sally Flintoff, Perth, Australia

maryn2copyJanet is filled with enthusiasm and knowledge in both the meaning and method of soul writing. Before this class, I struggled to write at all; it just seemed like an exercise in whining on paper, not fun or interesting at all. Now, I am constantly surprised, delighted, and supported by what comes out of my pen!”

~ Mary’n Hallock, Business Manager, St Paul, Minnesota