Astrology Forecast for 2024: The Dream Fields Come Alive




I gave myself what turned out to be a life-altering astrology reading with George Ward for my 66th birthday in 2014. George, who is now swimming among his beloved stars, asked me to look deeply into my natal chart to get a peek into the future. “Do you see Saturn?” he asked. I found the glyph and nodded. “Do you see Jupiter?” Yes. George then said, “In ten years, you will be doing a level of work that today you cannot even imagine.” Well, here I am with my toes on that ten-year mark. And guess what? I am doing prayer artist and mystic witch work that I once could never have imagined!

I was so enamored of Geoge’s mysterious ability to look deeply into a natal chart, that I asked him to give my whole community a 2015 forecast. I loved it and so did everyone who came. I have hosted an astrology forecast every year since. I am not an astrologer, but luckily two dear friends are. For the past three years, we have been blessed to sit with two radiant women who look deeply into the symbolic languages of the cosmos to bring us insights into what is possible in the year to come. And remind us that we have all the cosmic support we need. 

Emma Kupu Mitchell in Oahu Hawaii brings us a practical understanding of shamanic astrology with an emphasis on the elements, coupled with wisdom honed in deep study of Pythagorean numerology. I consult with Emma every year before my birthday. And every year, without fail, I am awed by how she weaves astrology and numerology together to tell the story of who I have been and who I am becoming. 

One of Emma’s astrology teachers is Marcia Wade in Atlanta Georgia. When Emma first began to study with Marcia, Emma told me to stop what I was doing and subscribe to Marcia’s newsletter, StarSister Astrology. Immediately, I realized Marcia doesn’t sound like any other astrologer. The planets and asteroids and stars come alive in Marcia’s hands. They come alive because they are alive. These cosmic beings are alive with ancient and profound stories and critically important medicines. Exactly the medicines we need right now if we are going to heal the wasteland and create a world we want to live in. 

For 2024, I am once again deeply blessed to offer you a profound, in-depth look at the year to come from both a numerological and astrological viewpoint.

When I asked Marcia what to call the forecast, she said something rather cryptic: “2024 is a transitional year, it’s the year the dream fields come alive.”

Over the course of three recordings, your full 2024 forecast includes:

  • New and Full moons, including solar and lunar eclipses
  • Equinoxes and Cross Quarters
  • Planetary retrogrades
  • Planetary sign changes
  • Major planetary transits
  • Major activation of the Dragons, Goddesses, and Creators of our solar system’s transformational edge
  • Summaries of primary energy dynamics for each month and quarter

The dream fields come alive forecast is BIG, so it is recorded in three parts. 

Part 1—December 2023 through March 2024

  • Numerology of 8, the number of mastery, becoming the true author of your life
  • Massive transition from water or earth elements to air or fire 
  • January to April eclipses and aftermath
  • Big themes for the year
  • The dreaming dragon
  • Aries Equinox

Part 2—April to August 

  • April conjunctions
  • Mars and the North Node in May
  • Venus goes dark in June to prepare to emerge as an Evening Star
  • Saturn squares
  • Mars and Uranus movement in July 
  • Mercury movement in August

Part 3—September to December 

  • September and October Eclipse season
  • Pluto’s dance back into Capricorn—for the last time!
  • Pluto’s final move into Aquarius

Galactic Dragon
In Part 1, Marcia invites us to look closely at an image of the Galactic Center. As I listened to her talk, I stared at the NASA image. And stared. And stared. And suddenly I saw the dragon! I pointed it out to Marcia and Emma and—oh my Goddess—once you know she’s there, you can’t miss her. So I sent the NASA image to Her Sacred Image artist, Cathy Stevens Pratt, and Cathy created the magnificent painting of Galactic Dragon.

Bonus Gifts

Emma Kupu Mitchell has given us an “Energies of 2024 Gift Bundle” that contains invaluable information. The full value is several hundred dollars. Her gift bundle includes:

  • The Vibration of 8 from Jeanne Morris’ out-of-print book Spiritual Light Vibrations PDF
  • The 9 Numbers and their Attributes PDF
  • Numerology Meanings PDF
  • Moons Calendar—portion of Emma’s brand-new Moon and Wheel of the Year Reflections Journal in collaboration with Apollo Moonfire (along with a link to purchase the whole journal)
  • Video of the Energies of 2024 part 1

When to view

Part 1 is ready for viewing.
Part 2 will be recorded in January and available by the end of the month. 
Part 3 will be recorded in the Spring.
Emma’s Gift Bundle will be available starting Tuesday December 5.
In addition to the forecast recordings and gifts, there are links to Emma, Marcia’s and Cathy’s websites.

Because there is so much information and you will want to return and revisit the three recordings as the year unfolds, this 2024 forecast will stay available through December 2024.

How to access

When you purchase the forecast, open the active link on your PayPal receipt to get the URL for the forecast and the password. Once you open the link, bookmark the forecast page so you can return often.