hexagons 5.1

a radical, time-looping, 13-dark moon witch mystery school
to remember and be re-membered by the medicines, prayers, and songlines
of 11 mystic witches from the Once Was
who come forward now to prepare you to remember and be re-membered
by the 12th witch—she who has waited for lifetimes in your Not Yet

it is she who is beckoning, she who has been tapping on your heart
she is calling now
come, let us walk our moons together
come, let us sing the songlines of the witches
come, let us remember who we really are

created by prayer artist and mystic witch, Janet Conner
in partnership with

medium, meditation, and intuitive mentor, Suzi von Mensenkampff
shamanic astrologer, numerologist, and plant medicine whisperer, Emma Kupu Mitchell
and infused with the cosmic wisdom and sacred love of
Marcia Wade, Kahu Lahela Johnson, Sabin Bailey, April McMurtry

under the direction and protection of the greatest mystic witch of all time, Jeanne d’Arc
who reminds us that was true for her is true for us:
“I am not afraid; for this I was born”

The Return full painting

What is Songlines? Why now? Why you?

What is Re-membering the Songlines of the Witches?

This is a question with no definitive answer because Songlines is alive. When you take your first steps onto The Mirror of Memory, you activate a living relationship with witches of the past who long to share their sacred medicines, with original ecstatic feminine prayer, with the eternal wisdom of Mother Moon, and with all your sister “Hex Maidens” who are gathering to witness and love one another into being. But first and always, Songlines is a vibrant living relationship with yourself and with the secret self you have carried for lifetimes, waiting for the moment when it is safe to bring her to life. That moment has arrived.

But to attempt to answer this question, Songlines is:

  • a mystery school
  • a sacred remembering and re-membering
  • a radical experience of the bending and folding of time
  • a welcome awakening of pre-patriarchal, Goddess-centric, mystic traditions and knowing
  • an initiation without a test—your commitment, gratitude, and love is the test

We gather for the first time on the Summer Solstice of 2022 and celebrate our initiation under the Summer Solstice sun of 2023.


What does Re-membering the Songlines of the Witches mean?

Each word of this unusual title carries clues to the alchemical transformation that awaits you in this deep mystical exploration and initiation:

Re-membering—Remember is originally a medical term meaning to restore your members (bones, organs) to their pre-injury state of well-being and health. As we look back to remember 11 witches of the past, they look forward to re-member us back into our original soul desire to live a whole and holy life—a life that makes a difference, radiates joy, and closes the doors on the abuse everyone suffers under patriarchy.

Songlines—Songlines hold knowledge that only the initiated know how to access. The Earth is covered in invisible ley lines. Bees navigate along invisible light lines. Our bodies have 108 invisible Marma points. Aboriginal peoples crossed vast landmasses by following invisible songlines, singing songs that held the memory of the land and the people as they walked. We will sing the songlines of 11 witches making memory devices like first peoples used. All in preparation to be initiated into singing our own soul’s most precious and unique songline.

Witches—the etymology of Witch across all languages clearly shows that this word was originally a sacred title honoring our vast feminine sacramental gifts. Patriarchal religions and governments have twisted witch to mean demonic possession, handing power a “legal” excuse to torture and kill. Janet is restoring witch to its sacred essence: a spiritually independent woman who prays in the thresholds between worlds.

What is The Mirror of Memory?


At the same time Songlines was taking shape, NASA deployed the James Webb Space Telescope. Janet took one look at the golden hexagonal mirror segments that peer lightyears back in time and knew she was looking at the perfect image for our mystical time-looping exploration.

A few days later, while soul writing about Eric Wargo’s radical ideas on premonition and precognition in Time Loops, Janet wrote the words: “the mirror of memory.” Instantly a hawk began screaming in the oak tree next door and did not stop until she looked up at him and said aloud “I know. It’s called The Mirror of Memory.” He flew away and Janet did the math: The Mirror of Memory = 108.

In mystical synchronicity, the hexes of the telescope and The Mirror of Memory are the same perfect structural form bees use to build their hives. Each hex holds the seed medicine of one witch from the Once Was. As you travel hex by hex, embodying the medicine of 11 witches, you arrive at the 12th and final hex to meet the mystic witch who has been waiting for you in what Wargo calls the Not Yet. As you step into this full expression of who you came here to be, your whole being will sing in celebration and joy as you become, as the bees call it, Queenright.

To get an intuitive feel for the adventure ahead, simply gaze at this mystical map. Let the images wash over you without trying to figure anything out. The guides and guardians assisting you throughout this mystical school are hiding in plain sight: time bending and folding, sacred geometry, six elements of depth numerology, mystical knowing of the bees, four personal relationships with the moon, pre-literate memory devices, and a non-local brain that illustrates how the Theatre of the Miraculous works. There is even a secret labyrinth with a surprising path and message that will reveal itself in our opening ceremony.

What Mystical Traditions will we Explore?

We will experience the radical interplay of magic that can happen when an array of ancient and new mystical teachings (rarely, if ever, explored together) weave themselves into an ultra-fertile field of possibility. Some of these wisdom streams include:

  • mystical wisdom of the bees—bees, who are 3 evolutionary cycles ahead of humans, have been singing songlines for eons; their deep knowing is embedded throughout Songlines
  • nonlinear storytelling—we will experience the spell cast in three forms of storytelling: the witch’s human story in the once was, their cosmic story in the forever will be, and the message they want us to receive right now
  • memory devices—we will create memory devices inspired by pre-literate indigenous traditions and explore how these tools hold and release information through touch, movement, song, and art
  • moon astrology—we will uncover many deep mysteries as we explore four mystical relationships with our Mother the Moon
  • mediumship—we will learn to trust our intuition as we commune with and receive messages from those in the Once Was
  • wild prayer—we will dance in the thresholds between worlds as we create magical ancient and new sacred feminine prayers
  • labyrinth—the ancients knew the power of walking a mystical labyrinth and receiving a message in the center; there is a hidden labyrinth in the Mirror of Memory whose path, outline, and message will be revealed in our Opening Ceremony
  • re-membrance anointing—Mary Magdalene gave Emma the recipe and name for a very unusual 3-plant/3-carrier Oracle Elixir anointing oil that nourishes the 11 witch seed medicines in our bodies and transforms the body into a living memory device. The oil will whisper its oracular name when you step into your 12th witch
  • radical gratitude—Jeanne d’Arc is asking us to be her new army, wearing new armor of radical gratitude, and releasing the gold in the lead of the stories and shadows of the witches through the magic of alchemical fire
  • time loops—as the witches of the past and future touch and inform us in the present, the changes we make ripple backward and forward in time, altering the long story of our souls as well as countless others, and unraveling thousands of years of false indoctrination about the linear nature of time
  • sacred language of numbers—we will receive the mystical wisdom of numbers through Tarot, numerology, and sacred geometry

4 Moons

You have 3 personal Moons—Natal, Black Moon Lilith, Progressed—each holds profound insight into the long story of your soul. In bitesize videos by Emma Kupu Mitchell and Marcia Wade, you will explore the treasures held in the sign, element, house, and Chandra for each moon. In addition, when we meet each of the 11 witches, we will explore their dark moon sign, element, and Chandra for clues to their medicine and song.

icons songlines MOM-03


  • most intimate part of you
  • connects you with everything in the universe
  • emotional and intuitive intelligence and response patterns
  • relationship with intimacy, safety, security
icons songlines MOM-02

Black Moon Lilith

  • wild, untamed feminine life force
  • dark chamber of your heart you have been unwilling to see
  • mysterious emerging consciousness
  • furthest point from the Earth in the Moon’s orbit
icons songlines MOM-04

Progressed Moon

  • constantly shifting energy, ever-evolving lunar intelligence and wisdom
  • ripening of cosmic codes received early in life
  • connects you with time loops past and future
  • potent aspect, fine-tuned lens and awareness
icons songlines MOM-01


  • time of culmination and deep transformation
  • sacred pause, deep release, rest, reflection 
  • death, dissolving and renewal 
  • void filled with creative potential

The Mirror of Memory has 11 hexes, one for each witch, all leading to the 12th—yourself. This image of a single hex shows how six explorations for each witch prepare you to fully embody the witch’s sacred seed medicine and receive their songline.

The adventure begins in a full community gathering on or before the dark moon to meet a witch, hear their stories, receive their seed medicine, and learn about their shadow. For the next three weeks, you will explore six activities on your own and with your intimate pod of Hex Maidens. When we reconvene in full community at the ¾ moon, we will share all that has transpired in this cycle and celebrate the witch’s prayers and songlines.

Seed—in the dark moon ceremony, you will receive and embody a witch’s seed medicine, 1/11 of the full blueprint that will prepare you to become the 12th witch you came here to be.

diagram 4

Story—during the dark moon gathering you will hear the witch’s human story encrusted with pain, suffering, silence, and secrets. After the ceremony, you will explore their story to find and heal pieces of your own

Shadow—to prepare you to fully embody the witch’s powerful medicine, you will explore its shadow opposite and how this shadow has affected your current and past lives

Fire—you are now ready to transmute the lead of the witch’s story and shadow into gold in an intimate ceremony with your Hex Maidens that includes a special Hana I Ka Pono designed by Kahu Lahela to cleanse and clear the part of your body and energy field that cradles the seed

Prayer—you are now an open vessel of gold ready to write a prayer for and with the witch—remembering the mystical conundrum: you are not praying, you are being prayed

Songline—as the lunar cycle approaches completion, you will receive a personal message, the witch’s songline, expressed in and through and for you

A Small Taste of 4 of our Witches and their Seed Medicines

When we gather in ceremony to meet each witch, we will experience the spell cast by nonlinear storytelling as we listen to three stories from three different times:

  • human story in the Once Was through their story-bearer
  • cosmic story in the Forever Will Be through Star Sister, Marcia Wade
  • symbolic story in the Possible Now through Seer, Sabin Bailey

We will imbed each seed and its blueprint for life in one of our 12 chakras in a meditation led by Suzi von Menzenkampff that transforms our bodies—physical and etheric—into living memory devices.

Here are four witches who have stepped forward to work with us. Others will emerge in a community mediumship experience guided by Suzi von Mensenkampff.

Ernst von Mensenkampff reached through time to thrust the family history he completed just before he died in 1945 into his granddaughter-in-law’s hands. Ernst asked that Songlines begin with his ancestors, Anneke and Lisbeth Mensenkampff, who were burned alive in Germany in 1632 and mysteriously left their initials on a tree where they were murdered. Ernst was a powerful presence in The Return of the Witches pilgrimage, shouting through Sabin Bailey: “Our story is not history. It is still happening today, right where you all live. Pay attention. There is something you can do now, today. What is your part? What will you do?”

Story-bearer: Suzi von Mensenkampf
Seed medicine: speak now—speak the words that want to be spoken




Mary Turner and her unborn baby were lynched on May 19, 1918 in Valdosta Georgia when she had the audacity to demand justice for the lynching of her husband. One hundred years later, the site of her murder was recognized with a National Historical Marker. Almost immediately her marker was vandalized and had to be removed to a civil rights museum in Atlanta and replaced with a solid steel cross. During the pilgrimage, the Turners insisted they be seen and remembered as a family, an original holy family, carrying the eternal story of mother, father, and child.

Story bearer: Janet Conner
Seed medicine: the holy family is alivein you and in all



Queen Lili‘uokalani, the last reigning monarch of the Hawaii Islands, was forced to abdicate in 1893 by American businessmen. She was placed under house arrest in her palace in a small window-blackened room. Her response was radical, yet in perfect alignment with the core Hawaiian value of forgiveness. Today, Kahu Lahela Johnson carries and passes on the sacred knowledge and prayers of the Queen’s timeless oral tradition. Kahu Lahela will be opening and closing our ceremonies with a new Oli (chant) the Queen has given her to sing for us.

Story-bearer: Kahu Lahela Johnson
Seed medicine: radical forgiveness radically changes




Margaret and Philippa Flowers and their mother Joan, servants at Belvoir Castle, were accused by the 6th Earl of Rutland of killing his young sons in 1619. Joan died on the road to execution; the sisters were hung. History now reveals the man who eliminated the children so he could marry the sole female heir and inherit the estate. During the pilgrimage, Janet was awakened with directions that the Flowers women want to be remembered with a garden of trees at the castle. Last fall, Suzi von Menzenkampff and the 11th Duchess of Rutland ceremonially planted 3 oak trees for them. Next summer, we will complete our year-long mystical adventure with a sacred initiation under those trees.

Story-bearer: Suzi von Mensenkampff and others who planted the trees

Seed medicine: change the narrative, reframe your story, let deeper truth emerge

The planting of the three oak trees


What will you receive?

  • Invitations to all live full community gatherings on the dark and ¾ moon on Zoom
  • Invitations to 3 live mediumship sessions with Suzi von Mensenkampff and medium Ramzi Cheety to discern the names of the witches who wish to be included in Songlines
  • Opportunity to participate live in three “Blind Vision” sessions with Suzi to discover how to find answers, receive gifts, and trust what you are receiving

Access to a password-protected resource page with recordings of full community gatherings, Blind Vision recordings, plus bonus teaching videos, PDFs of deep soul writing and Hex Maiden discussion suggestions for each witch’s story and shadow, and much, much more.

To keep resources easy to find and use, bonuses will be stored on separate pages. Here’s a taste of the depth and breadth of wisdom you will receive:

  • Moon—Emma Kupu and Marcia Wade will offer short teaching videos on how to find and interpret the placement, sign, element, house, and Chandra of your Natal, Black Moon Lilith, and Progressed Moons. Marcia will also offer a deep look at the celestial beings supporting us throughout Songlines. April McMurty will record a special bonus on the Nodes of the Moon and how to track your discoveries on The Moon is My Calendar
  • Intuitive Mystical Practices—Suzi will offer a meditation video at the dark moon for each witch, and a host of support videos to support deep mystical explorations including a 12-chakra activation, and meditations on time travel, letting go of grievances, meeting your guides, deep compassion, the alpha bridge, and more
  • Numerology and Sacred Geometry—Emma will talk about the sacred geometry and numerology aspects of Songlines. Sabin and Janet will record a bonus on how the witch communicates through Tarot
  • Bees—special links and videos with Allison Knox, beekeeper of Nottingham, who we will meet in England at the Summer Solstice 2023, plus beehive music by Wolfgang Buttress, and a special guest conversation with Jaqueline Freeman, author of Song of Increase
  • Anointing and Memory Devices—Janet and Emma will offer videos on the new 108 Marma point anointing and the unusual formula and name for the Oracle Elixir oil as directed by Mary Magdalene. Because our anointing turns our bodies into living memory devices, Janet will also record a video with suggestions on creating a variety of fun, creative memory devices.
  • Prayer—Janet will record videos on how to soul write personal prayers to your 3 moons and how to receive a prayer from each witch. Kahu Lahela will offer a recording on how to chant the Hawaiian Oli Queen Lili‘uokalani has given her. She will also record a bonus on how to incorporate a special version of Hana I Ka Pono into your fire ceremony.
  • Chaplet—Geralyn Camarillo, who makes bespoke rosaries and chaplets, is partnering with Emma Kupu and Janet on creating a 12-bead chaplet with a bee medallion as a memory device. The chaplet will be offered in a set with the special Songlines candle and Oracle Elixir anointing oil and spritzer. Purchasing the set is optional. The link to order will be on our resource page.

Because sharing is such an important element in this Songlines community, membership in a private Facebook discussion group is offered (optional).


Our 13-Dark Moon Schedule

Opening and Closing ceremonies:

  • Songlines opens with a full community online ceremony on Summer Solstice, Tuesday, June 21, 2022 at 2:00 pm eastern conducted by Sabin Bailey, and infused with sacred Hawaiian prayer by Kahu Lahela. Janet will lead a multi-sensory guided meditation to walk The Mirror of Memory, discover the hidden labyrinth path, and receive messages from your 4 moons and 12th
  • Songlines culminates one year later on Summer Solstice June 21, 2023 in an initiation ceremony on sacred witch remembrance ground at Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire England. For those who cannot travel, as much of the festivities as possible will be broadcast and recorded.
  • The entire Songlines community will gather online for a final celebration of radical gratitude with all our teachers and guides (and of course the 11 witches and bees) on Saturday, July 22, 2023 just after the 13th dark moon.

Community and Hex Maiden pod gatherings during each lunar cycle:

  • The full community gathers online in ceremonial space on the Saturday before or on each dark moon from 2:00-4:00 pm eastern to meet a witch, hear their stories, receive their seed, and embed it into the chakra and body part aligned with the sign of their dark moon.
  • Intimate groups of 6 Hex Maidens (who will self-select their pod) will gather at times and locations of their choosing to share their explorations with that witch including an alchemical fire ceremony.
  • The full community regathers on the Saturday before or on the ¾ moon to share prayers, songs, and experiences with that witch. The ¾ moon gatherings are filled with opportunities for maidens to cross-pollinate with one another and experiment with “Time Travel” meditations forward and back in time led by Suzi von Mensenkampff.

Full Songlines Community Gathering Dates:

The dark moon is an ever-changing date, so to keep our schedule predictable, we will gather on the Saturday before or on the dark moon, and reconvene just before or on the ¾ moon.

All full community gatherings are from 2-4pm Eastern, a time that works well for most of the globe.
1p central, 12 mountain, 11a pacific, 8a Hawaii, 3p Atlantic, 7p UK, 8p Europe, and early the following day in the Pacific Rim. The time in your home might shift one hour as parts of the world exit and enter daylight savings time. Use this world clock to find the time in your home.

All Saturday gatherings are recorded and available on a password-protected resource page the following Monday. Our Tuesday opening ceremony will be available on Wednesday.


Tuesday June 21, 2022 Summer SolsticeOnline Opening Ceremony
Dark Moon Saturday
meet witch and receive their seed medicine
¾ Moon Saturday
celebrate witch’s medicine and song
1.      June 25July 16
2.      July 23August 20
3.      August 27September 17
4.      September 24October 15
5.      October 22November 12
6.      November 19December 10
7.      December 17January 14, 2023
8.      January 21February 11
9.      February 18March 11
10.   March 18April 8
11.   April 15May 6
12.   May 13—yourself!June 10
June 21, 2023—Summer SolsticeInitiation at Belvoir Castle
Saturday, July 22, 2023Online Closing celebration


Hyldemoer of Wyrd speaks about Songlines

A note from Janet: On January 14, Suzi and Emma and I were exploring ideas for this event under the working title “witches rising” when Emma suddenly blurted out songlines. Instantly we knew this mysterious word was the key to this radical year-long initiation. Five nights later, Hyldemoer woke me to dictate her wisdom on what this initiation is really all about, and how and why it’s critically important. In short, she gave us the history of patriarchy in 35 lines. I recorded her verbatim so you can hear the cadence and power of her words. Hyldemoer doesn’t speak often, but when she does, there is no doubt that it’s her.


A note from Jeanne

I have called Suzi, Emma, and Janet to gather you to form my new and holy army. I told them this mystery school is your Initiation. You are invited to remember and be re-membered by the truth of who you are and who you came here to be. I am calling 108 maidens. I told Suzi that 108 is the critical mass. This I know is true:

108 maidens have the power to change the world. I changed the world once. I listened to my voices and freed my world from oppression. I ask you now to listen to your voices and free your world. Does this feel daunting? Here are the words that carried me. I give them now to you: Je n’ai pas peur. I am not afraid. For this I was born.


Re-membering the Songlines of the Witches is a one-time mystery school and will NOT be repeated or available on demand

The sacred heart of this unprecedented mystical exploration is to awaken and fully embody your 12th witch—the witch-self you have carried for lifetimes and are at long last ready to acknowledge and birth. As you become her, you alter your life and the lives of all you touch, forward and back across time. This sacred emergence can only happen in a community where you are fully witnessed, supported, and loved by the members of your intimate hex pod and by the whole Songlines community. Your initiation is holy, unique, and deeply personal. It cannot be replicated or given to another. Therefore, Songlines cannot be available on demand. Recordings of the gatherings are only for members and will be available on the password-protected resource page through December 2023.

Registration opens under the Full Moon on May 16, 2022 and closes under the Dark Moon on Tuesday July 28.


A note from Janet about registration

Re-membering the Songlines of the Witches is richer, deeper, and wilder than anything I’ve ever created or seen anyone create. What could possibly be an appropriate investment for such a life-affirming, life-changing experience? I had no idea, so I asked Jeanne d’Arc. She answered: $108 for each of the 11 witches and their medicines. Of course! 108 is the number of the sacred feminine and the number of The Mirror of Memory. In exquisite harmony, 108 also holds the energy of 18—the moon in Tarot—amplified by the cipher, the sacred zero.

$108 x 11 = $1188
The moment I saw that number my whole body shook—a loud involuntary Yes
Yes to 11—the master number of the sacred feminine—our why
Yes to 88—the master number of material reform mastery—our how.

Choose the payment schedule that works best for you. When you register, you will have access to a treasure trove of mystical wisdom available nowhere else and worth well over $3500, so there will be no cancellations or refunds.

Pay once in full                             $1188

Four payments in 4 months*     $297 each

Six payments in 6 months*        $198 each

*If you choose to make 4 payments, make the first now and you will receive a PayPal invoice for $297 on the 1st of July, August, and September. If you choose 6, pay the first now and you will receive a PayPal invoice on the 1st of July through November.

Optional Retreat at Belvoir Castle in Grantham, Leicestershire, England

Our Songlines community is invited to a retreat and initiation ceremony to take place under the Summer Solstice sun on sacred witch remembrance grounds at Belvoir Castle between Monday, June 19—Thursday, June 22, 2023. Traveling to England is optional. For those who wish to come, Suzi von Mensenkampff will post an itinerary with lodging options early next January. Deposits will be required by February and full payment by April. Personal travel arrangements are not included. For those who cannot be in England, portions of the retreat will be recorded.

4 Celtic Witches

Janet Conner

It took me a long time to realize I’m a witch. I thought I was the author of Writing Down Your Soul. But then, deep soul writing is a wildly effective divination device that activates mystical theta, so maybe I should have noticed. When Beloved Sophia landed in my body on December 26, 2014, she opened my eyes to the vicious misogyny encoded into dogma that has been used for millennia to justify controlling and abusing women and their bodies. It is heartbreaking and important to remember that everything done to witches was sanctioned and legal. When prayer artist arrived in 2018, I was frightened but said yes anyway, and immediately began receiving a whole new genre of prayer, offering prayer intensives with female mystics, and redefining prayer altogether. It was only a matter of time till witch arrived. And arrive she did on August 2, 2020 in an endorsement by Rabbi Tirzah Firestone. I knew what to do: say yes, study what patriarchy has done to witches, redefine witch, and offer events that heal our witch wounds and give us the courage to do what must be done to end patriarchy. Oh, and invite Joan of Arc into my heart and my home and follow wherever she leads.

gifts: sacred feminine prayer, full-body anointing, ceremony in the Theatre of the Miraculous, mystical theta, deep soul writing, memory devices, devotion to Joan

Emma Kupu Mitchell —British and Lumerian Witch

Aloha, I’m Emma Kupu Mitchell, a Wayfinder for Women in Midlife transitions. A practitioner of Holistic medicine for 33 years, I weave ancient wisdom teachings into modern life helping you remember how to live in harmony with the cycles of nature and your Soul. As a Spiritual guide and Shamanic astrologer, I integrate the medicine of the earth and sky to help realign and support the mind, body, and spirit in returning to wholeness including a strong emphasis on the Moon, depth numerology, Yoga Nidra, plant medicine, and Sound Healing (to name but a few!) I honor and give gratitude to my ancestors, the lands I have been blessed to call home, Hawaii and England, and many teachers over the years. Two in particular I want to mention here: Marcia Wade Star Sister astrology and April Miller McMurtry founder of The Moon is My Calendar. And we cannot forget Pythagoras.

gifts: Black Moon Lilith, Shamanic astrology, Chandra oracles, depth numerology, sacred geometry, sacred oils, sound baths, bee wisdom, Aboriginal teachings, labyrinth training

Suzi von Mensenkampff — Celtic Witch and Intuitive Mentor

I have grown to trust my intuition and follow it, so when Jeanne d’Arc rode into my meditation on her white horse and gave me a detailed message for Janet, I followed! I always know I am on to something significant when I initially resist, feel uncomfortable and out of my comfort zone. That is how I felt when a woman I didn’t know marched up to me in a crowd and said: “Oh great, you’re here, we Celtic Witches must stick together and help each other.” My name isn’t Irish but I am, and I live in Cork, Ireland. I have always been curious to explore what lies beyond the boundaries of limiting beliefs and cultural conditioning. I want to figure out how we can live in harmony with our natural environment in an expanded state of awareness. Listening to my intuition led me to California ten years ago where I met Dr. Deepak Chopra and discovered my dharma to teach Ayurveda, meditation, and yoga as a Chopra Vedic Educator. I have gone on to develop as a medium with Suzanne Temple in Holland. I feel guided and grateful to be here to support you as you refine your perception and start trusting your intuition. This is a unique opportunity to tune in and hear Jeanne d’Arc’s invitation to all modern mystics who are ready to answer her call.

gifts: intuitive guidance, meditation mentoring, mediumship

Hyldemoer of Wyrd—Ancient Witch of Britannia

note from Janet: Hyldemoer woke me on April 23, 2022 to insist she be included in the Celtic witches and dictated her bio.

“I, Hyldemoer of Wyrd, child of the moon, ancient of days, born in the heart of an Elder Tree in Shropshire and returned to you through the hands of the Grandmother of Creativity, Polly Paton-Brown, have gathered my plaid, my garden, my basket of spells, and my magic distaff, to travel across the ocean to Janet to assist her in becoming the sacred and holy witch she came here to be. I now choose to do the same for all who gather to sing the songlines of the witches. I know the witches. I know the words. I know the chords, the melody, the drum beat. And soon, you will, too. I, Hyldemoer of Wyrd, have spoken.”

More Witch Sisters

Marcia Wade - Star Sister

I've been talking to the stars since I was born, and reading mythology since I was seven. Now they're foundational to the ways I practice the ancient wisdom tradition of astrology—and the way I understand what it means for you, and for me, too, to be part of a living, conscious Universe on a planet in the midst of metamorphosis.

April McMurtry—The Moon is My Calendar

April Miller McMurtry is the founder and creatrix of The Moon is My Calendar. She is a visual artist and creative lunar guide. Her work reflects her passion for nature-based cycles, wellbeing, and creative expression. April supports people on the path to growth and transformation through meditation, creative process, and awakening cyclical wisdom. She is interested in how healing work is connected to our relationship with Earth. Both of April’s grandmothers are first generation born in the United States from England and Ireland and taught her the value of service and staying curious. She is a mother of two children and resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with four generations of her family.

Kahu Lahela Johnson—Keeper of the Oral Hawaiian Shamanic traditions 

Kahu Lāhela, a native Hawaiian spiritual healing guide, lives on the island of Oʻahu in the Sacred valley of Hakipu'u. Her kuleana (duty & responsibility) as a Kahu is to assist people in restoring themselves and their relationships in pono (balance, rightness) and in haʻahaʻa (humility). Following the guidance of her elders and spirit guides, Kahu Lāhela developed a unique practice of Hana I Ka Pono, a compilation of the energy work of Pule (prayer), Lomilomi, Language of Light, and Mana Iho, healing practices that open the channels to create flow and balance between the body, mind, and spirit.

Sabin Bailey - Seer

For decades, Sabin Bailey has facilitated all manner of ceremony/ritual: marriages, baby blessings, house clearings, personal healing rituals, and group ceremony. Thousands of ceremonies, each one carrying some shared aspects, and some that are totally unique. She sees ceremony as a living vessel. When you place your heart in a circle of ritual and focus intention and attention, your consciousness is held in the container of inner knowingness and you access the memories of your timeless soul. You remember who you are in your essence. And once again, as you connect with your soul cohort in shared purpose, The Great Wisdom is revealed.

Have questions? Contact Janet at janetconner@tampabay.rr.com or 727-772-1118 between 1pm and 5pm Eastern