Prayer Vigil

SUMMER 2020 - Make Love Visible


As a Prayer Artist, I am often called to create prayer experiences to help heal suffering. Last year, I created They Are All Our Children in response to the appalling suffering of children separated from their parents and housed in immigration detention centers.

This summer, I received a call to create a weekly prayer vigil with mystics I love and trust to help heal our suffering world. A new prayer vigil comes out each Friday. I offer these prayer experiences in the hopes that they give you the food and support you need to do your part to create a world that makes love visible for all.

Videos for the summer 2020 Prayer Vigil

New videos will be posted each Friday through June and July 2020.

Prayer Vigil #1 with Lahela Johnson & Ho`oponopono

Prayer Vigil #2 with with Rabbi Tirzah Firestone

Prayer Vigil #3 with Alessandra Belloni

Prayer Vigil #4 with Meghan Don

Prayer Vigil #5 with Janet Conner

Prayer Vigil #6 with Uma Girish

Prayer Vigil #7 with Amy Grossblatt Pessah

Prayer Vigil #8 with Sue Kosharek

Prayer Vigil #9 with Perdita Finn and Clark Strand


©Janet Conner June 3, 2020

May you find strength
May you feel courage
May your skin crackle with the kiss of a blessing wind

Before you, hope
Behind you, sorrow
Beside you, sacred companions in this life and all lives

Above you, moonlight
Below you, earthdark
And in your womb, the seed of our One Mother

May your hands caress and be caressed
May your feet dance once more a dance of joy
Always and forever, may your prayers rise in the smoke

And may you breathe

One breath for yourself
One breath for another
The last breath for life herself (3x)

So it was, so it is, so it ever shall be
World without end, Life without end, Love without end

In Truth